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WooCommerce Authorize.Net, a plugin that enables secure credit card processing via Authorize.Net for WooCommerce stores, has received updates between versions 3.9.5 and 3.10.2. The focus of these updates is to maintain compatibility with the latest WooCommerce versions, improve user experience, and ensure secure transactions.

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Improved compatibility and security (v3.10.0 – v3.10.2):

  • PHP 8.2 Compatibility: Ensures the plugin works smoothly with the latest PHP version for better server performance and security (v3.10.2).
  • SkyVerge framework update: Integrates the updated SkyVerge Plugin Framework (v5.12.1), potentially including bug fixes and security improvements to overall plugin functionality (v3.10.2).
  • Safe handling of payment tokens: Addresses a potential issue where a missing payment token could cause a PHP error. This update throws an exception instead, allowing for smoother error handling (v3.10.0).

Improved user experience (v3.9.5 – v3.10.1):

  • WooCommerce Checkout Block Support: The plugin can now be seamlessly integrated into the WooCommerce Checkout Block, ensuring a modern and optimized checkout experience for your customers (v3.10.0).
  • Correct credit card logos: Ensures that credit card logos are displayed correctly during checkout, even when using WooCommerce 8.5 or later (v3.10.1).
  • eCheck order processing: Fixes an issue that prevented eCheck orders from being placed if the merchant name contained spaces (v3.10.0).
  • Localization improvements: Improves localization of the plugin for different languages, providing a more user-friendly experience for a wider audience (v3.9.5).
  • Back to the shortcode note: An admin notice will now appear instructing merchants to revert to the checkout shortcode if they encounter issues with the checkout block (v3.9.5).

In total, WooCommerce Authorize.Net’s updates demonstrate its commitment to providing a secure and easy-to-use payment processing solution. By ensuring compatibility with the latest technologies, fixing bugs and improving user experience, the plugin enables online stores to accept payments seamlessly.

Please note that this review summarizes a limited changelog and may not reflect all features of WooCommerce Authorize.Net. For a complete understanding of the plugin’s features, it is recommended to explore the official WooCommerce Authorize.Net documentation or website.

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Version 3.10.2 RELEASED ON 2024.03.13

Improve compatibility with PHP 8.2+
Update SkyVerge Plugin Framework to 5.12.1

Version 3.10.1 RELEASED ON 2024.01.15

Ensure that the credit card image logos are displayed correctly on the Checkout block when using WooCommerce 8.5+

Version 3.10.0 RELEASED ON 2023.12.14

Add support for the WooCommerce Checkout Block
Ensure that eCheck orders can be placed also if the merchant name (website name) contains spaces
Throw an exception instead of triggering a PHP error when a payment token is not found for an order that contains a payment token ID

Version 3.9.5 RELEASED ON 2023.11.16

Add admin notice to help merchants reverting to the checkout shortcode if the checkout block is used
Improve the plugin localization of components that are part of the underlying framework dependency


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