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Wesper, a WordPress Designed for blogs and magazines, the theme has received a number of updates between versions 1.0.9 and 1.1.2. The focus of these updates is to improve customization options, improve user experience, and fix minor bugs.

Increased theme customization (v1.0.9, v1.1.1, v1.1.2):

  • A focus on options: A significant portion of the updates revolve around adding new customization options. This contains:
    • Typography options (v1.1.2): Users can have more control over their website’s typography.
    • Social media integration (v1.1.1, v1.1.2): More social media icons and blog post sharing options are being introduced.
    • Color and Style Options (v1.1.2): Additional color options for individual posts, pages, and the overall theme allow for more personalized designs.
    • Menu customization (v1.1.2): The ability to add custom styles to the Canvas menu provides more control over the appearance of the menu.
    • Logo customization (v1.1.2): Users can now insert a custom link and style for the website logo.
  • Improved visual features (v1.1.2): Adding post title hover underline and square post sharing style adds subtle visual elements to improve user experience.

Improved functionality and user experience (v1.0.9, v1.1.0, v1.1.1, v1.1.2):

  • Search functionality improvements (v1.1.1): A new search layout and Ajax search functionality are introduced, potentially improving search navigation for visitors.
  • Content Management Options (v1.1.0): Post sort order blocking options, single post meta, sticky post enablement, and image blocking options provide more control over how content is displayed.
  • WooCommerce integration (v1.0.9): A WooCommerce attribute changer has been added that may improve product search for WooCommerce stores.
  • Video Popups (v1.0.9): Adding autoplay video popups provides a way to showcase video content.
  • Mega Menu Options (v1.0.9): Users can now choose between full-width or box-width layouts for the mega menu.
  • Translation options (v1.0.9): The ability to translate topic strings allows for easier website localization.
  • Improved backend experience (v1.1.2): Options to hide views in the backend may optimize the content management workflow.
  • Bug fixes (v1.1.1, v1.1.2): Minor bug fixes address issues such as comment counts, Ajax search images, and CSS.

Limited information on previous versions (before v1.0.9):

  • The changelog provided does not contain details of updates prior to version 1.0.9. It is possible that previous updates introduced core features of the theme and fixed initial bugs.

In total, Wesper’s updates demonstrate a commitment to providing bloggers and magazine owners with a design that is both stylish and customizable. Focusing on providing a wide range of design options, improving search functionality, and adding features such as video pop-ups, it is aimed at users who want to create visually appealing and engaging content. By fixing bugs and providing a smoother backend experience, Wesper aims to provide an easy-to-use theme for blog and magazine website management.

In the flood of themes available for WordPress, only a few manage to carve out a niche. Wesper – WordPress theme for blogs and magazines is such a rare gem. Developed with a keen understanding of the needs of bloggers and journalists, Wesper is not just a theme; It is a holistic digital platform that reinvents the way content is presented.

Overview: Where design meets functionality

Wesper brings a unique combination of aesthetics and utility to the table. What sets it apart is its versatility. This is not your standard WordPress theme. It is an all-in-one theme that comes with multiple templates, each with a wealth of exceptional features that you would hardly find in regular themes.

Over and beyond, Wasper set to zero adapts to the evolving digital environment by providing a range of offering variants. Thanks to the smart and flexible list widget, creating visually appealing posts is no longer a tedious process but a fun journey of creative exploration.

Diving into Wesper’s features:

Unlimited layouts

Wesper gives users unprecedented freedom to experiment with design, ensuring every website has its unique touch.

Gutenberg support

Create stunning blog post layouts that highlight flexibility and beauty in any design.

WooCommerce integration

Dare to get started in e-commerce? Wesper is there for you.

Dual mode

Switch between gentle dark mode and classic light mode as desired.

Customize the appearance of the top and bottom of your website with dynamic header and footer builders.

AMP ready

Accelerated Mobile Pages ensures your website loads quickly on mobile devices.

With bbPress Forum and BuddyPress, creating and managing communities is a breeze.

Social interactions

Built-in Social Share and Social Follow options allow you to better engage with your audience.

Cross-browser compatibility

Your website will appear in all browsers, ensuring a consistent experience for all users.

Custom widgets

Improve functionality and design with built-in custom widgets tailored to content presentation.

Live customizer

Real-time changes with WordPress Live Customizer make design changes fun and instant.

Typography and color freedom

With over 800 Google Fonts and an unlimited color palette, your website will be truly unique.

Responsive and optimized for mobile devices

Whether desktop, tablet or mobile, Wesper promises a seamless viewing experience.

Infinite scroll and ajax post

Engage your readers with an endless feed and dynamic content loading.

Different post formats and styles

From videos, audio, galleries to standard posts, Wesper has a style for every content type.

SEO optimized

Stay ahead in the search engine game with Wesper’s built-in SEO features. (Let Yoast SEO Premium be set to zero.)

Conclusion: Wesper – Redefining the Blogging Experience

Wesper is not just another theme in the WordPress repository. It’s a testament to what a well-designed digital platform can offer content creators. Whether you’re an established journalist, an aspiring blogger, or a digital magazine looking to make a name for yourself, Wesper equips you with tools that not only enhance your content but also expand its reach.

Its attention to detail, be it the customizable typography settings or the elegant homepage slider, makes it a powerhouse of features packed into a sleek design. Wesper understands the pulse of modern digital storytelling. It doesn’t just record your content; it increases it.

With Wesper – WordPress theme for blogs and magazines free download, you don’t just choose a topic; You choose a digital partner who will accompany you on your content creation journey and ensure that every story, every article, every post stands out. Embrace Wesper and let your content do the talking!


( Version 1.1.2 ) November 1, 2023 

updated twitter logo to X
Added custom link to logo
Added custom style to canvas menu
Added more options typography
Added share icons to block post
Added more social icons
Added more colors style to single post and page
Added options for hide view on backend
Improved load more query
Improved single post progress bar
Improved Ajax search images
Fixed comment count number

( Version 1.1.1 ) June 17, 2023

Added new search layout
Added Ajax search
Fixed CSS bug

( Version 1.1.0 ) May 12, 2023

Added more block options for post sort order
Added more options for single post meta
Added block options for enable sticky post
Added block options image

( Version 1.0.9 ) March 22, 2023

Added options for translating theme strings
Added WooCommerce attribute switcher
Added autoplay video popup
Added options for mega menu full width and boxed width
Added options for logo text
Added more social links for authors
Added link on author image
Added post title hover underline
Added post share icons
Added post share square style on sidebar
Fixed post review empty value


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