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Bricks Theme with Builder (versions 1.9.4 – appears to be a powerful and feature-rich theme with a visual builder designed for creating modern websites. This review analyzes the provided changelog to understand the key updates.

Focus on new features and improvements (multiple versions):

  • Bricks regularly introduces new features in various updates:
    • v1.9.7: Code execution with security measures (disabled by default, code signing, code verification).
    • v1.9.6: No results query loop option to render a section template. SVG element with dynamic data and inline code support. Organize element classes with drag and drop functionality.
    • v1.9.5: Global class manager for easier class-based styling with bulk actions. Run JavaScript functions after interactions. Advanced menu properties for the navigation menu item. Improved accessibility features for comments and form elements. Performance optimizations.
    • v1.9.4: Maintenance mode for easy website maintenance. Unlimited remote template URLs for design flexibility. AJAX-based popup rendering with breakpoint settings and direct template tag creation. Improved gradient options and image size filters. Disable scroll snap option. Automatic language code display for WPML and Polylang. Custom login page with redirect URL support. Functional improvements for query loops and WPML/Template element translations.

Bug fixes and performance improvements (multiple versions):

  • The changelog highlights the commitment to fixing bugs and improving performance:
    • v1.9.7.1: Fixed adding/updating postmeta for users without builder access.
    • v1.9.7: Multiple bug fixes related to settings, post comments, builder elements (code, color palette, form, query loop, WooCommerce, etc.).
    • v1.9.6.1: Improved placeholder for query loop results.
    • v1.9.5: Critical bug fixes in Coming Soon mode, Infinite Scroll, WooCommerce elements, and more. Stability improvements with Vue.js and other packages.

Other considerations:

  • The frequent updates with new features, bug fixes and performance improvements suggest active development.
  • Consider user reviews and explore official documentation to get a more detailed understanding of the theme’s functionalities, pricing (there may be free or premium versions), and the learning curve associated with a visual builder.

The world of WordPress themes and builders has always been dynamic. As the digital landscape evolves, the demand for more flexible, intuitive and powerful tools also increases. The task is to face this challenge Bricks theme set to zero with builder – a unique blend of design aesthetics and advanced functionality that promises to revolutionize the way we build WordPress websites.

Bricks Theme with Builder is an innovative solution for anyone who wants to create customized websites on WordPress without much effort. As a theme, Bricks presents a clean and modern design that is ideal for different niches. But its real strength lies in the built-in builder, which allows users to create customized layouts and designs without touching a line of code.


  1. Visual drag and drop editor: The heart of Bricks is the visual editor. This drag-and-drop interface makes web design as easy as moving elements around the screen. Whether you are an experienced developer or a beginner, the ease of use is unmatched.
  2. Live frontend editing: Say goodbye to backend editing and constant previews. With Bricks you edit directly on the front end, see changes in real time and thus ensure a fluid and efficient design process.
  3. Dynamic data: Fetch data dynamically from your WordPress site. From recent posts to user data, Bricks lets you seamlessly display live data in your designs.
  4. Template library: For those who prefer a head start, Bricks offers an extensive library of pre-built templates. These professionally created designs can be imported and modified, giving users a quick start to their web design journey.
  5. Global styling: Consistency is crucial in design. The global styling feature lets you set your fonts, colors, and other design elements once and have them reflected throughout your website.
  6. Advanced custom field integration: For websites that require custom meta fields, Bricks seamlessly integrates with Advanced Custom Fields. This ensures that your unique data is beautifully presented in your designs.
  7. Ready for WooCommerce: Online shops don’t have to feel excluded. Bricks is fully compatible with WooCommerce, making creating an eCommerce website a breeze.
  8. Responsive design controls: Today’s digital landscape is diverse and users access websites across different devices. Bricks offers comprehensive responsive design controls that ensure your website looks perfect on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
  9. Custom CSS and JS: For tech-savvy individuals who want additional personalization, Bricks allows you to add custom CSS and JS, so there are no limits to customization.
  10. SEO friendly: Beyond aesthetics, Bricks understands the importance of SEO. With its clean code structure and built-in SEO tools, your website is prepared to rank well in search engines.
  11. Developer API: For those looking to expand Bricks’ capabilities, the robust developer API provides hooks and filters that open up endless possibilities for customization and extensions.
  12. Multilingual and RTL support: Aimed at a global audience, Bricks is translation ready and even supports right-to-left languages ​​to ensure your message is conveyed effectively no matter the language or region.

The Bricks Theme with Builder Free Download is not just another addition to the saturated market of WordPress themes and builders. It is a holistic tool that combines the simplicity desired by beginners with the power demanded by professionals. Every aspect of Bricks, from the intuitive interface to the numerous features, reflects a commitment to user-centered design and functionality.

In a field where building custom websites often comes with a steep learning curve or high developer fees, Bricks breaks the norm. It gives the power of creation back to the user, ensuring that any vision, no matter how complicated or large, can be brought to life precisely and easily.

As the digital space continues to grow, tools like Bricks theme set to zero with Builder will define the future of web design. They embody the ideal of democratizing web creation and making high-quality, custom website design accessible to everyone. With Bricks, the future of WordPress design looks not only bright, but excitingly limitless.



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Full changelog
Quick hotfix release as Bricks 1.9.7 caused an issue with adding/updating the postmeta for users without builder access. This was caused by one of the new security additions in 1.9.7.
Full changelog
Fix add/update postmeta for user without builder access issue
Bricks settings: Lost password options show incorrect page title
Post comments: Allow to select multiple fields

v1.9.7 Full changelog

Code execution: Disabled by defaultNEW
Code signaturesNEW
Code reviewNEW
Filter: Radio & Checkbox indentation prefix & gap settingNEW
Filter: Checkbox, Radio & Select: New setting “Label: All terms”NEW
Post comments: New “Fields” setting & Support WP filter comment_form_default_fieldsNEW
Always show “Enable auto-updates” link for Bricks (Appearance > Themes)NEW
Disable Autoptimize plugin in builderIMPROVE
Remove empty array in global classes before save to databaseIMPROVE
splide.min.js not minifiedIMPROVE
Image Gallery: Use real images (instead of background images)IMPROVE
Bricks settings: Rename and move “Add element ID as needed” setting from “Performance” to “General” tabIMPROVE
Posts element: Use real images (instead of background images)IMPROV
Related Posts element: Use real images (instead of background images)IMPROVE
Builder: Background control (popup) color tooltip not showingFIX
Code element: Not rendered on frontend if global element or inside templateFIX
Color palette: Color changes when changing transparencyFIX
Form: Save submission with non-latin characters (page slug)FIX
Query loop: HTML comment as query result placeholder not working looping tr tagFIX
Query loop: PHP error with term includesFIX
Query filter: Index table missing (creation error MariaDB)FIX
WooCommere: Notices not styleable in WooCommerce 8.6FIX
WooCommerce: Sale badge percentage error if set by plugin or hookFIX
Builder: 1st loop item value not rendered correctlyFIX
Code element: All backslashes removed if saved by Edit Content userFIX
Image element: border-radius not applied (link, figure)FIX
Builder: Allow ‘Edit content’ user to sort/DnD element items (Accordion, Slider, Image gallery, Carousel, etc.)FIX
Query loop: No results text causing overflowFIX
Lightbox script (Photoswipe) enqueued with just lightboxId setFIX
Icon font enqueue not workingFIX
Bricks settings: Custom auth dropdowns not showing all pages with WPML/PolylangFIX


Query loop result: Use HTML comment as placeholder (instead of div node)FIX


Other highlights of this release include:
Query loop: The “No results” setting now supports choosing a section template to render if the query returns no results. Previously, you could only add a basic No-results text string.
SVG element: Support Dynamic data (field type: image, file) & inline code (requires “Code execution” capability)
Order element classes: Order global classes on an element via drag & drop
Plus 30 more improvements and bug fixes that you can explore below …

Bricks 1.9.5

January 12, 2024
Bricks 1.9.5 introduces significant updates for website development. The highlight is the new global class manager, making it easier to handle class-based styling with options for renaming or duplicating classes in bulk. This feature is accessible via the builder toolbar or a keyboard shortcut (CMD/CTRL + .), and can be disabled in the settings if not needed.
Additionally, a new interaction allows running JavaScript functions after triggering an interaction, with detailed documentation available online. The Nav Menu element now supports advanced menu properties, and the Template Manager has improved memory for template sources and settings.
Focus on accessibility is evident with enhanced label association in the Comments element and better accessibility for radio and checkbox fields in the Form element. Performance optimizations include faster Builder operations and reduced search lag in the Elements panel.
Critical bug fixes address issues in Coming Soon mode, Infinite scroll, WooCommerce elements, and more. The update also includes stability improvements with the latest Vue.js version and other package updates.

Bricks 1.9.4

December 7, 2023
The Bricks 1.9.4 update brings new features and improvements to enhance user experience. Notable additions include Maintenance Mode, enabling site maintenance with ease, and the ability to use unlimited Remote Template URLs for more design flexibility. The AJAX-based Popup render offers more dynamic popup displays, now with settings for specific breakpoints and direct template tag creation in the builder.
There are also enhanced gradient options for conic and radial gradients and a new filter for customizing image size options. An ‘unset’ option for scroll snap allows for breakpoint-specific deactivation. Language codes for WMPL & Polylang are now automatically displayed, and the Custom Login Page includes ‘redirect_to’ URL parameter support.
Functionality improvements include hiding the ‘Load More’ button in the Query loop when no results are found and better WPML and Template element translations.


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