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The Besa Elementor Marketplace WooCommerce Theme (versions 2.2.13 – 2.2.21) appears to be a theme designed for creating online marketplaces using Elementor and WooCommerce. This review will analyze the provided changelog to understand the latest updates.

Focus on compatibility (multiple versions):

  • A significant portion of the changelog entries highlight updates to ensure compatibility with the latest versions:
    • Elementor (versions 3.13.x to 3.20.x).
    • WooCommerce (versions 7.7.x to 8.6.x).
    • WordPress (version 6.2.x).
  • Compatibility with HUSKY – Product Filter for WooCommerce Professional version is mentioned in version 2.2.17.

Bug fixes and minor improvements (multiple versions):

  • The changelog contains details of various bug fixes to address issues with:
    • Login popup (v2.2.14).
    • Search results show “No products found” (v2.2.17).
    • Image and title duplication in product editing (v2.2.20).
    • Zoom Interior Image option (v2.2.19).
    • Outdated theme files (v2.2.15, v2.2.16).
    • Translation of the text “Buy now” (v2.2.16).
    • Tree view menu functionality (v2.2.13).
  • Additionally, in version 2.2.19, the “TB Add-Ons Elementor” section is removed due to the use of “Element Manager” in the new Elementor version (3.18.0). Version 2.2.19 also adds styles for the Cart page and Checkout blocks.

In total, Besa appears to be a well-maintained theme with a focus on compatibility and fixing user-reported issues. Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The changelog highlights bug fixes, but it is recommended to read user reviews to understand the stability of the theme and possible ongoing issues.
  • Compatibility with various plugins can be beneficial for building your marketplace. However, make sure that specific versions mentioned in the changelog work seamlessly with your desired plugins.
  • Consider the documentation and available demos to assess the theme’s design aesthetics and functionalities (there may be free or premium versions).

In today’s e-commerce boom, online marketplaces play a crucial role in connecting sellers and buyers. The Besa topic set to zeroThe program developed for WordPress aims to simplify the creation of such platforms. It harnesses the power of the Elementor page builder and WooCommerce, providing a seamless, visually appealing solution for aspiring marketplace owners.

Key Features

  1. Drag and Drop Page Builder: Integrated with Elementor, Besa allows users to create unique layouts without diving into the code, making customization a breeze.
  2. Marketplace optimized: Designed specifically for multi-vendor platforms, Besa ensures that every seller can effectively showcase their products while maintaining a consistent, cohesive website design.
  3. Responsive and mobile optimized: Besa understands the ubiquity of mobile shopping and guarantees a seamless user experience across all devices, from desktop to smartphone.
  4. SEO friendly: To ensure marketplaces reach their potential audience, Besa follows SEO best practices. This ensures better visibility in search engines.
  5. Advanced search and filter options: Besa is essential for any marketplace and is likely to offer powerful tools to help buyers quickly find what they are looking for.
  6. Integrated rating and rating system: Trust is crucial when shopping online. An integrated system where buyers can leave reviews and ratings for products and sellers can increase credibility.
  7. Quick view and wish list functionality: These user-centric features ensure a convenient shopping experience and increase the chances of sales and repeat visits.
  8. Demo import with one click: For those who want quick setup, Besa set to zero likely offers demo content that can be imported with a single click and provides an instantly customizable template.

Extensions and plugins compatibility Given the versatility required for marketplaces, Besa’s compatibility with major WooCommerce extensions and other WordPress plugins can significantly expand functionality. This may include compatibility with popular multi-vendor plugins, payment gateways, and more.

Performance and speed A sluggish marketplace can deter users. Besa should ideally prioritize performance and ensure fast loading times and smooth interactions.

Support and documentation A comprehensive theme like Besa requires solid support. Detailed documentation, video tutorials, and a responsive support team can make the setup and customization process much smoother for users.

Pricing Although specific pricing is not mentioned here, potential users should weigh the cost of the theme against the variety of features it offers, the frequency of updates, and the support structure in place.

The Besa Elementor Marketplace WooCommerce Theme Free Download seems to offer a holistic solution for those venturing into the world of online marketplaces. Its integration with trusted tools like Elementor and WooCommerce, as well as its suite of features tailored for multi-vendor platforms, make it a potentially top choice for aspiring eCommerce moguls. However, as always, trying out a live demo, checking user reviews, and comparing it to other competitors can give potential users a comprehensive overview.


Version 2.2.21 - March 14, 2024

Compatible with Elementor 3.20.x
[FIX] Fix the 'Besa Site Logo' error with the missing link

Version 2.2.20 - February 21, 2024

Compatible with Elementor 3.19.x
Compatible with WooCommerce 8.6.x
[FIX] Fix the error of the image and title duplicated in the editor editing section of the product item the Elementor

Version 2.2.19 - December 06, 2023

Compatible with Elementor 3.18.x
[REMOVE] Remove the section 'TB Add-Ons Elementor' on the theme option for using 'Element Manager' new version of the plugin Elementor 3.18.0
[FIX] Fix the 'Zoom inner image' option in theme options not working
[ADD NEW] Add styles to the Cart and Checkout Blocks page to the theme style

Version 2.2.18 - November 23, 2023

Compatible with Elementor 3.17.x
Compatible with WooCommerce 8.3.x
[FIX] Fix the error of not receiving a slick gallery on the single product

Version 2.2.17 - September 03, 2023

Compatible with Elementor 3.15.x
Compatible with WooCommerce 8.0.x
Compatible with HUSKY – Products Filter for WooCommerce Professional Version
[FIX] Fix page the search 'No products were found matching your selection'

Version 2.2.16 - July 18, 2023

Compatible with Elementor 3.14.x
Compatible with WooCommerce 7.9.x
[FIX] Fix Out Of Date the file "besa\woocommerce\cart\cart.php"
[FIX] Fix Out Of Date the file "besa\woocommerce\cart\mini-cart.php"
[FIX] Fix the error don't translating the text 'Buy Now'

Version 2.2.15 - June 14 , 2023

Compatible with WooCommerce 7.8.x
[FIX] Fix Out Of Date the file "besa\woocommerce\cart\cart.php"
[FIX] Fix Out Of Date the file "besa\woocommerce\cart\mini-cart.php"
[FIX] Fix Out Of Date the file "besa\woocommerce\single-product\product-image.php"

Version 2.2.14 - May 29, 2023

Compatible with WordPress 6.2.x
Compatible with WooCommerce 7.7.x
Compatible with Elementor 3.13.x
[FIX] Fix 'Login Popup' bug

Version 2.2.13 - March 15, 2023

Compatible with PHP 8.1
[FIX] Fix jquery the Treeview menu bug


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