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Foodyman Multi-Restaurant Food, a solution for managing online food ordering systems for multiple restaurants, underwent a series of updates between September 2023 (v2023-13) and February 2024 (v2024-19). These updates focus on improving efficiency, streamlining processes, introducing new features, fixing bugs, and optimizing code.

Increased efficiency and optimized processes (v2023-13, v2023-14, v2023-15, v2023-16):

  • Supplier and driver management (v2023-14): A provider and driver app registration system streamlines onboarding with approval/rejection workflows and resubmission options.
  • Improved product management (v2023-14, v2023-15, v2023-16): Vendors can now create their own categories, add-ons and extras to further customize their menus. Resubmitting rejected products makes corrections and re-approval easier. Subcategory support allows for better product organization.
  • Order management improvements (v2023-14, v2023-15): Printing invoices, managing food orders, and fixing bonus/product errors in stores improve overall order processing.
  • Subscription limits (v2023-14): The ability to set order and product limits for subscriptions allows for more granular control over offers.
  • Backend code optimization (v2023-13, v2023-14, v2023-15, v2023-16): Consistent optimization efforts during these updates are likely to improve overall system performance and stability.

New features and functions (v2023-13, v2023-14):

  • Revised extras and add-ons (v2023-13): This update can streamline the process of managing product add-ons and extras for vendors.
  • Phone Verification (v2023-13): Adding phone verification potentially increases user security and trust.
  • Automatic approval options (v2023-14): The ability to configure automatic approval for stores, categories and products reduces the manual workload for administrators.
  • Notification sounds (v2023-14): Notification sounds increase user attention to new orders or other events in the system.
  • Enabling Package Mode (v2023-14): The option to enable/disable parcel mode may provide flexibility in managing delivery and pickup options.
  • QR Code Order (v2023-13): QR code-based ordering represents a potentially contactless and convenient ordering method for customers.
  • New reservation features (v2023-13): The changelog mentions new features added to the reservation table, but does not provide details.
  • Interval unit (v2023-13): Introducing an interval unit (e.g. hourly, daily) provides more flexibility when planning or managing functionality.
  • Klarna Payment Gateway (v2024-19): The integration of the Klarna payment gateway expands payment options for customers.

Focus on bug fixes and code optimization:

  • Regular bug fixes (v2023-13 – v2024-19): Bug fixes are mentioned in each update, indicating ongoing efforts to improve system stability and resolve user issues.
  • Code optimization (v2023-13, v2023-14, v2023-15, v2023-16, v2024-19): Consistent code optimization efforts are likely to contribute to better performance and possible future feature development.

Limited information about specific updates:

  • The changelogs do not contain detailed descriptions for every bug fix, new feature, or code optimization implemented.

In total, Foodyman Multi-Restaurant Food demonstrates its commitment to continuous development and improvement. The updates provide a range of new features, streamline processes for providers and administrators, and prioritize bug fixes and code optimization. By increasing efficiency and offering features such as QR code ordering and vendor customization, Foodyman strives to create a robust and easy-to-use multi-restaurant food ordering system.

Foodyman Multi-Restaurant Food Free Download is evolving into a versatile platform that is reshaping the food and grocery ordering landscape. Foodyman consists of two distinct ecosystems and is specifically tailored to different business needs. In this exploration, we’ll look at the first platform – the Foodyman Multi-Restaurant Food and Grocery Ordering and Delivery Marketplace (Foodyman Marketplace). This innovative solution represents a comprehensive and powerful tool for companies in the food and grocery industry, revolutionizing the way they connect with customers and optimize their operations.

1. Multi Restaurant Features:

The Foodyman Marketplace is designed to accommodate multiple restaurants on a single platform. This multi-restaurant capability is particularly beneficial for businesses operating in a shared marketplace, as customers can explore and order from different restaurants through a centralized platform.

2. Food and Grocery Ordering:

Unlike traditional food delivery platforms, Foodyman Marketplace expands its capabilities to include food ordering. This dual functionality allows businesses to address a broader range of customer needs and offer both restaurant-prepared meals and essential grocery items through a unified and seamless ordering experience.

3. Seamless Ordering and Delivery:

Foodyman multi-restaurant food set to zero attaches great importance to a smooth ordering and delivery process. Customers can browse diverse menus, place orders effortlessly, and track the status of their deliveries in real-time. This streamlined experience increases customer satisfaction and contributes to a positive and efficient transaction journey.

4. Comprehensive supplier management:

For businesses that manage multiple restaurants and suppliers, Foodyman Marketplace offers a comprehensive supplier management system. This includes tools for restaurant onboarding, menu management, order fulfillment and performance tracking. The platform enables providers to effectively present their offerings and manage their operations seamlessly.

Promoting Business Through Foodyman Marketplace:

1. Increased visibility and reach:

The Foodyman Marketplace offers companies more visibility and reach in the digital landscape. By consolidating multiple restaurants and grocers onto one platform, businesses can tap into a broader customer base. This greater reach increases brand visibility and attracts a diverse audience seeking both restaurants and grocery stores.

2. Revenue Generation:

The platform serves as a sales engine for participating restaurants and grocers. The Foodyman Marketplace provides companies with a central space to showcase their products and services and attract customers with different preferences. This diversity contributes to increased sales and revenue opportunities for all participating providers.

3. Increased Customer Retention:

Foodyman free download Marketplace drives customer loyalty through its user-friendly interface, efficient ordering process and the convenience of accessing groceries and grocery options in one place. Companies can build lasting relationships with their customers by providing a seamless and satisfying experience and encouraging repeat orders and brand loyalty.

4. Operational Efficiency:

For restaurant and food businesses, operational efficiency is an important consideration. Foodyman Marketplace streamlines operations by providing menu management, order processing, and delivery tracking tools. This efficiency is crucial for companies that want to optimize their processes and provide consistent and reliable service to their customers.

Technology and Innovation:

1. Advanced Technology Stack:

Foodyman Marketplace leverages an advanced technology stack to ensure optimal performance and scalability. The platform includes robust order processing technologies, payment gateways and real-time tracking, providing a state-of-the-art solution for businesses in the food and grocery industry.

2. User-friendly interface:

Foodyman Marketplace’s user-friendly interface is designed for both customers and suppliers. Intuitive navigation, visually appealing menus and uncomplicated ordering processes contribute to a positive user experience. The platform’s design aims to effectively engage users and encourage them to explore diverse offerings.

Future expansion and adaptability:

1. Scalability for Growth:

Foodyman Marketplace is designed for scalability, giving businesses the flexibility to expand their offerings, onboard new vendors and reach additional markets. This adaptability positions the platform as a long-term solution for companies with dynamic growth trajectories.

2. Continuous Innovation:

Foodyman set to zero is committed to continuous innovation and ensuring the platform remains at the forefront of industry trends and customer expectations. Regular updates, feature enhancements and technological advancements contribute to the Foodyman Marketplace’s continued relevance and competitiveness in the ever-changing landscape of food and grocery ordering.

Foodyman Marketplace is a revolutionary platform that seamlessly combines food and grocery ordering into a multi-restaurant marketplace. Its innovative approach enables companies to reach a broader audience, streamline operations and increase customer satisfaction. Through its advanced technology stack, user-friendly interface and commitment to continuous innovation, Foodyman Marketplace is proving to be a transformative solution for companies pushing the digital frontiers of the food and grocery industry. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Foodyman Marketplace is setting the stage for the future of immersive and customer-centric food and grocery ordering experiences.


Change Log-

25 February 2024 ( v. 2024 -19)

Minor improvements and bug fixes
Klarna payment gateway integrated.
Delete user issue fixed
Change Log-

17 February 2024 ( v. 2024 -18)

Minor improvements and bug fixes
Change Log-

13 February 2024 ( v. 2024 -17)

Important Improvement a source code and fix bugs
Change Log-

11 December 2023 ( v. 2023 -16)

Bug fixes & code optimization.
Change Log-

16 November 2023 ( v. 2023 -15)

Bug fixes & code optimization.
Change Log-

09 October 2023 ( v. 2023 -14)

Vendor app registration request/approval/reject/resubmit.
Driver app registration request/approval/reject/resubmit.
Print Invoice.
Each vendor can create their own category/add-ons/extras.
Added Notification sound.
Active/inactive Parcel mode.
Dine orders for seller.
Shop/Product bonus bug fixed.
Subscriptions Limit Order/product.
Added created by Admin/seller.
Edit/replace Order products from admin.
Bug fixes & code optimization.
Backend code optimized.
Change Log-

06 September 2023 ( v. 2023 -13)

Revised extras and addons to increase efficiency
A resubmit products feature for the product that were rejected by marketplace owner
A child category for products
Auto approve shop/category/ product
Phone verification
Export import error fixed
Backend code optimized
New features added to the reservation table
Interval unit
QR code based ordering
+ Bug fixes & code optimization


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