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DWT Listing Directory & Listing WordPress Theme provides a comprehensive solution for creating directories and listing websites. This review examines updates to versions 3.2.3 through 3.2.8 and highlights new features, bug fixes, and compatibility improvements.

New features and functions:

  • Extended appointment system (v3.2.4): A robust appointment system allows property owners to set time slots and manage bookings. Users can schedule appointments and receive approval/rejection emails.
  • Event ticketing system (v3.2.5): Authors can sell tickets to events, with commission options for administrators. Users can purchase tickets through a well-known WooCommerce based payment system.
  • Event improvements (v3.2.3, v3.2.7): Support for adding event speakers (v3.2.7), hourly booking schedules (v3.2.3), FAQs and calendar integration (v3.3.3) enriches the event management experience.
  • Improved user management (v3.2.5): Users can now reactivate expired entries and view sent appointment requests in their dashboards.
  • Chat functionality (v3.2.8): The built-in SB Chat plugin adds a chat option on listing detail pages, potentially facilitating communication between users and listing owners.
  • Additional features (v3.2.3, v3.2.8): “Sell for me” option for listings (v3.2.3), “View listing/event?” confirmation popup (v3.2.3), and “Remaining package plan” details for users (v3.2.7)

Bug fixes and compatibility updates:

  • Compatibility focus (v3.2.6 – v3.2.8): The updates ensure compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress (up to 6.1.1) and WooCommerce (version 8.2.2), as well as popular plugins such as WPBakery (version 7.5).
  • Bug fix (v3.2.7, v3.2.8): Fixes billing issues, checkout errors, product adding issues, payout issues, appointment editing, and various display inconsistencies.

Focus on user experience:

  • Improved User Interface: Features like chat functionality and confirmation pop-ups provide a more user-friendly experience.
  • Advanced management features: Appointment management, event ticketing and user management tools support both listing owners and administrators.

Limited information about specific updates:

  • The changelogs do not contain detailed descriptions for every bug fix or minor improvement.

In total, DWT Listing Directory & Listing WordPress Theme offers a feature-rich solution with active development. Recent updates demonstrate commitment to improving functionality, user experience and compatibility. Whether you’re creating a directory for appointments, events, or general listings, this theme provides a solid foundation and focuses on meeting user needs.

Navigating the digital space can often feel like crossing an endless sea of ​​information. In such a landscape, directories act as beacons that guide users to their desired destinations. Input DWT listing directory and listing WordPress theme set to zeroa comprehensive solution to easily and elegantly create, manage and monetize any directory site.

The search for a robust and versatile directory theme ends with DWT Listing. This WordPress theme has been carefully designed to serve a wide range of directory and listing websites, from local business directories and service directories to event guides and everything in between. It combines functionality with aesthetics, ensuring that the directory not only serves its purpose but also provides an engaging user experience.


DWT Listing Directory & Listing WordPress Theme proves to be a beacon in the field of directory themes. It is aimed at entrepreneurs, business owners, and web developers who want to create a user-friendly, SEO-optimized, and customizable directory website without having to deal with complex coding. The theme’s flexibility and extensive feature set make it suitable for various niches and business models.


  1. Advanced search function: The heart of every directory is its search function. DWT entry deleted has advanced search features, including filters and location-based search, to ensure users find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  2. Submission and management of entries: Users can effortlessly submit and manage their listings through a front-end interface, making adding and updating listings simple and intuitive.
  3. Customizable offer templates: The theme offers a number of pre-built listing templates that can be customized to suit the specific requirements and branding of the directory.
  4. Monetization options: DWT Listing includes various monetization options such as: B. paid listings, subscription packages and advertising space, and offers website owners multiple sources of income.
  5. Interactive map integration: With integrated mapping services such as Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, the theme enables interactive maps that make it easier for users to geographically locate businesses and services.
  6. User dashboard: Registered users have access to a personal dashboard where they can manage their entries, bookmarks and profile details, improving user experience and engagement.
  7. Responsive and mobile-friendly design: DWT Listing understands the importance of mobile traffic and is fully responsive so the listing looks and works great on all devices.
  8. Booking and reservation system: For directories that list services or events, the theme includes a built-in booking and reservation system that streamlines the process of making appointments or reservations directly from the listing page.
  9. SEO optimized: Designed with SEO best practices in mind, the theme helps directory sites rank higher in search engine results and attract more organic traffic.
  10. Social media integration: DWT Listing enables easy integration with social media platforms, making it easier to share and promote listings on various networks.
  11. Multilingual and RTL support: The theme is aimed at a global audience, supports multiple languages ​​and is RTL (right to left) ready, making it accessible to users from different language backgrounds.
  12. Regular updates and support: The theme developers provide regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and provide dedicated support to help users with questions and issues.

DWT listing directory and listing WordPress theme free download is considered an exemplary tool for creating directory websites that are not only functional, but also visually appealing and user-friendly. It allows website owners to create comprehensive directories tailored to specific niches and markets while providing a platform for businesses and services to gain visibility.

In an online world full of information, DWT Listing excels, providing a streamlined and effective way to connect users with the services, businesses and events they are looking for. It’s not just one topic; It is a complete directory solution that combines performance, flexibility and ease of use.

For anyone looking to start a directory website, DWT Listing Directory & Listing WordPress Theme is a smart choice. It is a theme that not only meets the current needs of the digital landscape, but also paves the way for future growth and success. Whether for a local community directory, a niche services listing, or a comprehensive business guide, DWT Listing is the guide.

Updates: v 3.2.8 —- March 1st, 2024

1- Updated compatibility with WooCommerce version 8.2.2
2- Updated compatibility with WPBakery version 7.5
3- All other plugins updated
1- Invoice issue ( orders not shown )
2- Fixed invoice price ( shown product price instead of listing price )
3- Fixed checkout errors
4- Fixed product not added to cart.
5- Fixed payout issue (when user create payout amount in points removed)
6- Fixed Edit appoinments ( disabled dates not highlighted)
1- We've added the SB Chat plugin to our theme.​​
2- ​While applying for a payout, you must add a payout message.​
3- Added a new field for table reservation duration i.e. reserve for 30 minutes.​​
4- Showing Time slot to the user on listing according to reservation duration set by the listing owner.​
5- When the Reservation is done, it should not redirect to checkout (redirect only if the listing owner approves the request)​​
6- We've configured the SB Chat plugin in the theme. We've added a chat option on the listing detail page.​
7- Chat option enabled disabled using theme option.​​

Updates: v 3.2.7 —- March 7th, 2023

Added Event Speakers feature.
1) Added an option for the Remaining package plan. Users can check details about the number of remaining listings on their dashboard.
2) Resolved the pricing issue of the appointment system.
3) Resolved Styling issues of the appointment system.
4) Resolved issues related to the tickets system.
5) Listing Expiry Email not sending issue resolved.
6) Rearrange Images issue fixed.
7) Compatible with WordPress 6.1.1.
8 ) Compatible with updated plugins.
9) Minor CSS fixes.
10) Minor JS fixes.

Updates: v 3.2.6 —- November 18th, 2022

1: Fixed the issue of not redirecting to the dashboard.
2: Updated with the latest plugins.
3: Compatible with WordPress 6.1.1.

Updates: v 3.2.5 —- November 11th, 2022

1: Compatible with updated WordPress.
2: Compatible with updated plugins.
3: InBuild Event Ticketing System added.
4: Authors can sell tickets to events.
5: Users can purchase tickets for events.
6: Option is available for admin commission on ticket price.
7: The payment system is based on the WooCommerce payment system.
8: Now users can reactive all expired listings.
9: Author assignment issue fixed
10: Minor CSS fixes.
11: Minor JS fixes.

Updates: v 3.2.4 —- July 18th, 2022

1: We have added an appointment system on listings.
2: You can add appointments on given dates with a desired time slot.
3: An admin of the listing can approve or reject the appointment.
4: Each user can see the appointment sent by them in the sent appointment tab of their dashboard.
5: The listing author can receive/reject the listing appointments.
6: The author will send approval/rejection emails to users that have made appointments against their listings.
7: Event Attendees have been added to the events.
8: Admin can restrict specific days from booking, from the backend. For Example holidays or occasional days can be prevented from booking (like 23rd March or 14 August).

Updates: v 3.2.3 —- May 11th, 2022

1: Admin can now add hourly bookings/booking schedules to events.
2: Admin can now add Frequently Asked Questions related to events.
3: Schedule description can also be added as a dropdown.
4: Events can be added to calendars according to their dates and time to google calendar, outlook calendar, and Yahoo calendar.
While Creating a listing SELL FOR ME option is added which will open a form of sell for me.
On creating new events or listings a pop-up will be shown that will ask to show a listing/event? or keep it on the current page.

Updates: v 3.2.2 —- Feb 15th, 2022

1: WordPress 5.9 compatibility
2: Break Feature is added with Break with open close.
3: Redux framework update.
4: The styling issue is fixed.
Category search page issue fixed.
Widgets give an error, the issue resolved
User profile description shows HTML tags on the user detail sidebar, Resolved
User was able to go to the profile page without login, fixed
If not login show a login popup instead of directing to the checkout page when clicking on the plane button


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