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The Perfex CRM SaaS module underwent numerous updates between January and February 2024 (v0.1.7 – v0.2.3), transforming it into a more robust and feature-rich solution for companies seeking a multi-tenant CRM platform based on Perfex CRM. Here’s a breakdown of the key improvements:

Advanced multi-tenancy features (v0.1.7 – v0.2.3):

  • Optimized package management:
    • Ability to hide specific tabs (Settings, Projects, Customer Profiles) within packages to provide a more focused user experience (v0.2.3).
    • Offer additional billing items or services as marketplace options with monthly and one-time payment flexibility (v0.2.3).
    • Control quota cards for package customization via easy-to-access links (v0.2.0).
    • Option to automatically remove inactive instances based on advanced package settings (v0.2.0).
    • Reset billing cycle options for package limits and resources (v0.2.0).
  • Improved tenant management:
    • Improved magic authentication for new tenants with cPanel/Plesk, with URL path usage for initial setup (v0.2.3).
    • An alternative base host configuration in the SaaS settings allows for more flexible domain structures (v0.2.3).
    • Improved tenant seeding process (v0.2.0).
  • Increased security:
    • Fixed issue where DSN connection details might be exposed to clients (v0.2.2).

Integration and Compatibility (v0.1.8 – v0.2.3):

  • Compatibility with third party modules: Improved handling of third-party modules and extension installation (v0.2.0, v0.1.8).
  • cPanel/Plesk integration improvements: Optimized cPanel testing and improved add-on domain management (v0.2.2).
  • Perfex CRM compatibility:
    • Automatic migration of the Perfex core database during Perfex updates (v0.2.0).
    • Fixed client menu issues in Perfex v3.1.2 (v0.2.1, v0.2.2).

Additional features and bug fixes (v0.1.7 – v0.2.3):

  • Mobile responsiveness improvements for better usability across all devices (v0.2.3).
  • Referral tracking for web-to-lead conversions within the affiliate module (v0.2.3).
  • Option to disable automatic launch of new instances (v0.1.8).
  • Customizable trial across pages for added flexibility (v0.1.8).
  • Optional module to disable the customer area for specific tenants (v0.1.8).
  • Masking of common settings on different module settings pages (v0.1.7).
  • Plesk integration for server management (v0.1.7).
  • MySQL root integration allows separate connections for Perfex and tenant setup (v0.1.7).
  • Unlimited storage option for packages (v0.1.7).
  • Bug fixes to address translation issues, module downloads, cron job functionality and more (v0.1.7 – v0.2.3).

In total, The updates to the Perfex CRM SaaS module demonstrate the commitment to building a powerful and adaptable multi-tenant CRM solution. The focus on improved package management, improved tenant management, higher security and better compatibility with Perfex CRM and third-party modules makes it an attractive option for companies looking to scale their customer relationship management.

The digital business environment is a labyrinth of endless possibilities. To navigate this effectively, especially in CRM landscapes, you need a tool that is not only efficient but also scalable. Input Perfex CRM SaaS module set to zero – a revolution in multi-tenant solutions that allow you to effortlessly transform your Perfex CRM installation into a robust multi-client platform.

The core of the Perfex CRM SaaS module is simplification – removing the complexity of managing multiple tenants and providing a platform that meets all customer-specific requirements. It is a paradise for digital marketers, accounting agencies and any business visionary who wants to launch a CRM SaaS solution with Perfex CRM.

Features that set it apart

  • Simple multi-tenancy: Easily move to a multi-tenant platform. Manage different customers or departments within one Perfex CRM instance, ensuring data security and isolation.
  • Forget the wild cards: Eliminate the stress and costs associated with wildcard SSL certificates. Work on any server now, including shared hosting and Cpanel, and expand as your business grows.
  • Custom domains and subdomains: With its seamless domain implementation, the module is aimed at both beginners and professionals, coupled with detailed instructions on how to set up free, unlimited wildcard SSL.
  • Complete tenant management: From onboarding to configuring settings, manage every aspect of your tenant experience and ensure a tailored journey for everyone.
  • Granular module access control: Decide who accesses what. Assign module availability based on tenant subscription for unprecedented control over your platform.
  • Resource limitations: Set quotas for important resources such as leads, projects or invoices for optimal control and organization.
  • Sharing and masking configurations: Distribute Perfex CRM configurations such as SMTP settings across multiple instances. Additionally, mask sensitive data to ensure security and privacy.
  • Flexible database options: Whether you’re interested in sharding, single database setups, or multi-tenancy, Perfex’s module is for you.
  • Cloud database integration: Sync with giants like Amazon RDS or Google Cloud SQL and leverage their reliability and scalability to manage tenant data.
  • Tenant data retention options: Give tenants the freedom to host data on their servers to ensure compliance with their policies.
  • Maximized Perfex core utilization: The module leverages Perfex’s core resources for tasks such as invoice management, ensuring smooth integration with existing tools.
  • Rigorous testing framework: Modify or customize the module according to your needs and use the built-in testing mechanism to ensure top-notch performance.

Other functions

  • Memory control: Limit tenant storage related to file upload, database backups and media.
  • Effortless navigation: Seamless transitions from the SaaS customer portal to the respective applications.
  • Module Marketplace: An additional source of income: Sell premium add-ons to your tenants.
  • Flexible pricing: Choose between package plans or opt for a usage-based pricing model.
  • Integrated function management: Disable built-in Perfex CRM modules at either the package or tenant level as needed.

…and the list goes on.

Harness the power of the Perfex CRM SaaS module

In today’s highly competitive customer relationship management (CRM) space, it’s clear that companies need agile solutions to stand out from the crowd. Enter that Perfex CRM SaaS module free download. More than just a tool, this game-changer significantly streamlines operations and paves the way for exponential growth.

In addition, Perfex stands out for its unique offerings. Gone are the days of having to deal with wildcard SSL issues. Instead, companies can now easily leverage advanced tenant tools. In fact, every feature is a testament to Perfex’s unwavering commitment to providing world-class service.

Furthermore, in a time when data security is paramount, Perfex does not falter. It strikes the right balance between strong security and user-centered customization. While tenants have the freedom to protect their data, administrators benefit from the ability to hide sensitive data. This means that both privacy and security are retained without restriction.

But beyond its core features, Perfex represents a broader vision. It is tailored to those who dare to innovate and imagine a better future. With its versatile cloud options and a huge module marketplace, companies are not only equipped for the present, but also prepared for the future.

In summary, Perfex’s module is not just another CRM tool; It’s the next big leap in CRM evolution. Its robust features and adaptability ensure that businesses can move forward with confidence.


version 0.2.3 – patch 26/02/2024

Fix alternative host issue where main domain might not accessible.
Add referral tracking of web to lead for affiliate module.
Fix affiliate menu not showing in SaaS My Account menu when using single portal mode

version 0.2.3 23/02/2024

Added tabs visibility control to package settings, enabling the hiding of tabs such as settings, projects, and customer profiles.
Streamlined menu titles for enhanced design.
Improved package customization with the addition of extra invoice items or services marketplace, offering both monthly and one-time payment options.
Enhanced magic authentication for new tenant when using cPanel/Plesk. Tenants will now utilize URL paths for the initial 20 minutes until SSL is ready when subdomain/alias domain option is enabled.
Implemented an alternative base host in SaaS settings. This allows installation at while tenants use as subdomains, instead of or entirely different domains.

Resolved mobile responsiveness issues for improved usability.
Other minor improvements

version 0.2.2 18/02/2024

Fix Updating DSN and preventing the revelation of DSN connection to clients.
Improved cPanel testing for addon domain, now handled as a separate process.
Enhanced translation in middleware pages.
Improved reliability of page masking hook.
Resolved client menu issues in Perfex v3.1.2.

version 0.2.1 15/02/2024

Fix admin and client menu issue in new version of Perfex v3.1.2

version 0.2.0 12/01/2024

Added 4 new free extensions
Added Misc settings to exclude certain clients/customers from SaaS feature
Added easily accessible link to quota card for package customization
Removed perfex_saas_tenant_id column from master and tenants table in old pre v0.0.7 installations.
Fixed error when running cron using CLI
Added auto removal of instance feature due to inactivity – through package advance settings
Added billing cycle reset option to package limit/resources. Resources may now be configured to reset on every billing cycle
Improved third-party module management and extension installation
Improved matching for registration page
Auto migration of core Perfex database upgrade during new Perfex update
Improved tenant seeding process
General minor improvements

version 0.1.9 06/01/2024

Added v3.1.0 migration seed for new tenants
Improve SaaS extension loading
Fix issue downloading ‘Disable customer panel’ module

version 0.1.8 05/01/2024

Fix issue with cpanel integration
Add option to disable autolaunch of instance.
Add option for custom trial over page
Improved support for third party modules compatibility
Added a optional module to disable customer area: mainly for tenants

version 0.1.7 03/01/2024

Fix default module translation issue on package card.
Add option to mask shared settings on other pages other than settings page. This allow you to mask shared setting on module settings pages e.t.c
Add Plesk integration
Add Mysql root integration interface and you can now use different connection for Perfex and setting up tenants
Add unlimited option for storage limit


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