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ACF Frontend PRO, a plugin designed to extend the functionality of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) by enabling user-friendly front-end form submissions, has undergone a number of updates between versions 3.17.2 and 3.18.8. The focus of these updates is to introduce new features, improve user experience, fix bugs, and refine existing features.

New functions for optimized form management (v3.18.5, v3.18.6):

  • Selection fields for country and city (v3.18.6): A new Pro feature allows the creation of drop-down menus with predefined countries and cities, potentially making location data collection easier.
  • Changes to submission records (v3.18.6): While this feature is still under development, the update aims to optimize submission records by only saving updated or new data. This can improve performance, but may require code snippet adjustments for users who rely on access to existing data in submissions.
  • Edit indicators and post-to-edit updates (v3.18.5): New features highlight edited fields in submissions and update the browser state when the Publish for Editing field is changed, potentially improving the user experience when managing and reviewing submissions.
  • File upload validation (v3.18.4): Adding file upload validation ensures that users submit files that meet certain criteria.

Improved user experience and bug fixes (v3.17.2 – v3.18.8):

  • Improved submission tracking (v3.18.5): New features display changes within submissions and may provide a clearer overview of changes made by users.
  • Frontend block editor fixes (v3.18.4, v3.18.0): Updates fix issues with the frontend block editor not loading and uploaded images not displaying.
  • Email Verification Bug Fix (v3.18.3): An important bug fix ensures emails are verified when users click verification links.
  • Other bug fixes (v3.18.3, v3.18.2, v3.17.2): A number of bug fixes address issues such as submission limit errors, default allowed file types, image uploads with admin approval, relationship fields, and widget display.

Transparency regarding code snippet adjustments (v3.18.6):

  • The update, which introduces optimized delivery records, takes into account the potential impact on code fragments that rely on access to existing data. This transparency allows developers to plan possible adjustments.

In total, The updates to ACF Frontend PRO demonstrate a commitment to improving the user experience for both form creators and form submitters. The introduction of new features such as country and city selection fields and editing indicators streamlines data collection and management. By fixing bugs and refining functionalities, the plugin aims to be a reliable tool for creating user-friendly front-end forms with ACF.

Acf Frontend PRO, an advanced and versatile plugin for WordPress, stands out as a powerful tool for website developers and content managers. It bridges the gap between backend and frontend development, making the process of managing custom fields and forms more streamlined and user-friendly.

At the core, Acf Frontend PRO set to zero is based on Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), a popular WordPress plugin that allows users to add custom fields to their website. Acf Frontend PRO’s unique selling point is its ability to bring these custom fields to the frontend, allowing site administrators and users to edit content directly from the webpage without having to navigate to the WordPress dashboard. This functionality significantly improves user experience and efficiency.


Multi-step forms

This feature allows the creation of forms divided into multiple steps, improving the user experience, especially for complex forms such as applications or detailed surveys.

Conditional logic

Forms in Acf Frontend PRO can be designed with conditional logic, meaning fields can be shown or hidden based on user responses. This makes forms more interactive and tailored to user input.

File uploads

Users can upload files directly via frontend forms. This is particularly useful for websites that require document submission, such as: E.g. job portals or user profile pages.

Email notifications

The plugin can be configured to send email notifications when the form is submitted. This feature is critical for administrators and users to stay abreast of form activity.

Integration with payment gateways

For e-commerce websites, Acf Frontend PRO can be integrated with popular payment gateways, enabling front-end payment processing and order management.

Google Maps integration

The plugin supports Google Maps integration and allows users to enter and view location data effortlessly.

Support for custom post types

It supports custom post types, allowing users to create and manage different types of content beyond standard posts and pages.

WooCommerce integration

Acf Frontend PRO works well with WooCommerce, provides custom fields for products and allows frontend management of product lists.

Ajax submission and validation

The plugin supports Ajax for form submission and validation, ensuring a smoother user experience without the need to reload pages.

Reusable templates

Users can create templates for forms that can be reused in different parts of the website to ensure consistency and save time on form creation.

Customizable style options

The appearance of forms can be customized to match the website design, including colors, fonts, and layouts.

Local JSON

This feature allows developers to save field groups as JSON to simplify version control and deployment across different environments.

Improved usability and flexibility

These features overall improve the usability and flexibility of Acf Frontend PRO, making it an invaluable tool for WordPress developers and website owners. Its comprehensive feature set ensures that a wide range of needs are met, from simple content updates to complex e-commerce integrations. With Acf Frontend PRO, the options for efficient and effective frontend content management are significantly expanded.

Download Acf Frontend PRO plugin

Acf Frontend PRO stands out as a versatile and powerful WordPress plugin. It revolutionizes website development and management by offering a wide range of features. This plugin simplifies frontend editing and goes above and beyond by meeting various website needs.

The multi-step forms, conditional logic, and file upload features make the plugin ideal for interactive websites. It also integrates with email notifications and payment gateways, improving e-commerce websites and interactive platforms.

By integrating Google Maps, supporting custom post types, and collaborating with WooCommerce products, Acf Frontend offers location-based services and online retail. The Ajax submission and validation feature ensures a smooth user experience, which is essential in today’s digital world.

Form appearance customization options and local JSON support for field groups demonstrate a deep understanding of developer and user needs. These features ensure visual coherence with the site’s design and provide practical deployment and version control benefits.

The plugin’s focus on user role restrictions and security is crucial in today’s digital landscape. It allows granular control over content viewing and editing, ensuring websites remain secure and functional.

In total, Acf Frontend PRO free download is a comprehensive solution to web development challenges. It is suitable for different website types, from small blogs to large corporate sites. It provides tools to create efficient, user-friendly and secure online experiences. Acf Frontend PRO is an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve the functionality and user engagement of their WordPress site.

3.18.8 – 28-02-2024

Fixed Upload Files field and made public
Reverted submission records to hold all data due to the change ruining code snippets that use the submission record.
(In the future, we will add this kind of change as an experiment)

3.18.7 – 20-02-2024

Fixed Submissions not displaying new objects’ values

3.18.6 – 18-02-2024

New pro feature: countries and cities select fields
Tweeked submission records to only hold updated or new data.
If you need to access existing data inside of a code snippet, use WordPress functions like get_post_field
Fixed Try Pro message not disappearing when clicked

3.18.5 – 09-02-2024

New feature: indications of edits within submissions
New feature: “Post to Edit” field updates browser state when changed

3.18.4 – 19-01-2024

Added validation to file uploads
Fixed frontend block editor field not loading

3.18.3 – 06-12-2023

Fixed emails not being verified when link clicked
Fixed submit limits error
Added default list of allowed files types to basic uploader

3.18.2 – 20-08-2023

Fixed uploaded images not showing

3.18.0 – 17-08-2023

Fixed bug with frontend block editor
Fixed issue with invisble image uploads when admin approval is required
Fixed issue with “Add and Edit Posts” in relationship field

3.17.2 – 11-07-2023

Fixed delete buttons not redirecting properly
Fixed Elementor widget “ACF Fields” showing red button


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