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Movedo, a responsive multi-purpose device WordPress Theme, has experienced a consistent stream of updates between versions 3.5.7 and 3.6.2. The focus of these updates is to maintain compatibility with popular plugins, fix bugs, and provide some new features.

Maintaining compatibility and security (v3.5.7 – v3.6.2):

  • Plugin Compatibility Updates: A key focus of the updates is ensuring compatibility with the latest versions of WPBakery Page Builder, WooCommerce, Revolution Slider and the Envato Market plugin. This ensures that users have access to the latest features and bug fixes of these plugins while using Movedo.
  • WordPress version compatibility: Updates for WordPress 6.3 and 6.4 compatibility guarantee smooth operation with the latest WordPress core functionalities.
  • PHP version compatibility (v3.6.0): The update to PHP 8.2 compatibility ensures that Movedo stays up to date with the evolving PHP language.

Bug fixes and minor improvements (v3.5.7 – v3.6.2):

  • A focus on troubleshooting: Multiple updates fix minor bugs such as issues with multiselect CSS, WPML compatibility, portfolio slugs, background images, Twitter integration, and shopping cart menu item in WooCommerce.
  • New option for blog carousel (v3.6.0): Introducing a Loop on Blog Carousel element gives users more control over how blog posts appear in the carousel.
  • Updated Font Awesome and Twitter logo (v3.6.0, v3.6.1): The updates ensure access to the latest versions of these popular symbol libraries.

Limited information about specific fixes:

  • Some updates (v3.6.1) mention replacing “Twitter phrases” with “X” in the frontend. The exact nature of this fix is ​​unclear without additional context.

In total, Movedo’s updates demonstrate a commitment to maintaining compatibility, fixing user-reported issues, and providing a theme that works seamlessly with popular plugins. While the focus seems to be on keeping the theme up to date rather than introducing big new features, consistent updates ensure a stable and secure user experience.

Navigating the vast landscape of WordPress themes can sometimes feel like traveling through an endless maze. Each theme has unique features, designs, and capabilities that create a dilemma for users. However, among the multitude, some themes manage to leave a lasting impression and stand out with their exceptional functionality and design. This is such a role model Zeroed Movedo Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme. Movedo is an idea from the brilliant minds at ThemeForest and not just a theme; It’s a paradigm shift in the way we perceive and use WordPress themes.

At its core, Movedo is designed to offer dynamism, flexibility and a user-centered experience. Deeply rooted in understanding the changing needs of digital audiences, Movedo prides itself on offering a user interface that is not only visually appealing but also functionally superior. A quick look at ThemeForest’s site and you’ll immediately be familiar with the philosophy that underlies this theme: “We MOVE your world.” It’s not just a catchy slogan, but a testament to the transformative experience it offers should.


Ultra dynamic parallax effects

One of Movedo’s standout features is its groundbreaking parallax effects. These are not just regular transitions, but dynamic, engaging and attention-grabbing animations that ensure your content is not only seen but also experienced.

Responsive and retina ready

In a time where device diversity is the norm, Movedo ensures your website looks flawless regardless of screen size or resolution. Whether on a smartphone, tablet or desktop – your content is displayed in all its glory and optimized for the device.

Extensive typography options

The importance of typography in web design cannot be overemphasized. Movedo offers a comprehensive range of typography options that allow users to customize the presentation of their content down to the smallest detail.

Multiple grid layouts

At Movedo, customization is key. Choose from a variety of grid layouts to present your content in a way that perfectly matches your vision and brand image.

Smooth animations

The theme offers a variety of smooth, captivating animations that bring your content to life and make user interaction on your website an absolute pleasure.

WooCommerce compatibility

Do you want to set up an online shop? Movedo is there for you. Fully compatible with WooCommerce, setting up a store and managing products becomes a breeze.

Drag and drop page builder

Say goodbye to programming problems. With Movedo’s intuitive drag-and-drop page builder, even those with no coding experience can easily design and customize their website.

SEO optimized

A beautiful website is of little use if it doesn’t rank in search engines. Designed with SEO best practices in mind, Movedo ensures your website has the essential elements to achieve better search engine rankings.

One-click demo import

Movedo Nulled comes with a one-click demo import feature. This means you can quickly set up your website to look exactly like the theme demo and then customize it to suit your needs.

Regular updates

The digital landscape is constantly evolving. To ensure your website stays up to date and trouble-free, Movedo offers regular updates, adds new features and resolves any potential issues.

Premium plugin integration

Movedo integrates seamlessly with a range of premium plugins, extending the functionality of your website at no additional cost.

Dedicated support

No theme is complete without solid support. Movedo’s dedicated team is always available to help users on their journey to creating a spectacular website.

Download Movedo WordPress theme

In the vast world of WordPress themes, many feel overwhelmed by the endless choice. Each theme promises unique features and designs, but only a few, like Movedo, really stand out. Unlike other themes that just present content, Movedo free download transforms ordinary websites into living digital experiences. This theme combines premium design with user-friendly functionality, making it an outstanding choice for today’s web needs.

What sets Movedo apart? It’s not just the impressive range of functions. At its core, Movedo also enables new users to design websites that both reflect their vision and deeply engage their audience. In today’s digital arena where attention spans are short, Movedo’s focus on engagement proves essential.

The ever-changing landscape of digital design requires websites to be more than just information portals. You need to offer dynamic experiences. Movedo understands this. It provides users with a canvas that pushes them to create their online masterpiece. Additionally, Movedo emphasizes user experience, ensuring websites are responsive, SEO friendly, and integrate seamlessly with top plugins. This holistic approach meets the diverse needs of modern web design.

To sum it up: While there are many WordPress themes vying for attention, Movedo aims to be the first choice for those who want the best. Not only does it live up to expectations; it surpasses them. So when you decide on a theme, let Movedo be the driving force that takes your website to new levels.


Version 3.6.2 15 February, 2024

WPBakery Page Builder (v 7.4)
WooCommerce Compatibility
Multiselect CSS issue in options panel

Version 3.6.1 11 January, 2024

WPBakery Page Builder (v 7.3)
Movedo Extension (v 3.6.1)
Revolution Slider (v 6.6.20)
Envato Market plugin (v 2.0.11)
WPML Issue in the portfolio slug
Replace Twitter wordings with X in frontend
Issue with background images and imagesLoaded v5

Version 3.6.0 17 November, 2023

New Option Loop on Blog Carousel element
WPBakery Page Builder (v 7.2)
Movedo Extension (v 3.6.0)
Revolution Slider (v 6.6.18)
Rebase Theme Options framework (Redux v4.4.9)
PHP 8.2 compatibility
WordPress 6.4 compatibility
Awesome Fonts v 6.4.2
Twitter Logo (X)

Version 3.5.9 27 September, 2023

Revolution Slider (v 6.6.16)
WooCommerce Compatibility
Google Fonts
Envato Market plugin (v 2.0.10)

Version 3.5.8 08 August, 2023

WPBakery Page Builder (v 7.0)
Revolution Slider (v 6.6.15)
WooCommerce Compatibility
WordPress 6.3 compatibility

Version 3.5.7 18 June, 2023

WooCommerce Compatibility
Shopping Cart Menu Element issue in WooCommerce (v 7.8)


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