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WP Smush Pro, a popular one WordPress The plugin for optimizing and compressing your website’s images underwent a series of updates in the first quarter of 2024 (versions 3.14.1 – 3.16). These updates bring significant improvements in image optimization, compatibility, and user experience, making WP Smush Pro a compelling choice for image management.

Here’s a breakdown of the key improvements from these updates:

Key new features (v3.16):

  • Seamless local WebP deployment: WP Smush Pro now serves locally generated WebP images directly without the need to rewrite rules, simplifying setup and potentially improving performance.
  • Advanced CDN and local WebP support: The update expands support for inline style tags, multiple background images, relative links, and the WordPress REST API. This ensures wider compatibility and smoother integration with various themes and plugins.
  • WooCommerce integration boost: CDN and Local WebP images are now served in WooCommerce REST API responses, potentially improving image serving for your online store.
  • Advanced Compatibility: WP Smush Pro now offers compatibility with Windows IIS servers, Bedrock installations, popular caching plugins like Litespeed and Cloudways hosting environments.
  • Lazy loading for background images: This new feature can further optimize page load times by delaying the loading of background images until they are needed.

Bug fixes and improvements (v3.14.1 – v3.16):

  • Local WebP refinements: Fixes addressing issues with special characters in image names, folder creation in the free version, and compatibility with various server environments.
  • General improvements: CDN location updates, minor UI adjustments, code stability improvements, and a fix for a frequently executed query that could impact the performance of some websites have all been implemented.
  • Compatibility focus: The updates address compatibility issues with WP Offload Media and possible issues with deleting thumbnails during resizing.
  • Increased image size limit (Pro): The maximum image size for optimization in the Pro version has been increased to handle larger images.
  • Scanning the media library: A fix ensures that the media library scan does not get stuck on certain websites.

In total, The updates to WP Smush Pro in the first quarter of 2024 demonstrate the plugin’s commitment to innovation and user experience. The introduction of seamless local WebP deployment, improved CDN and local WebP support, and wider compatibility with various server setups and plugins make WP Smush Pro a powerful tool for optimizing your website’s images. Bug fixes, performance improvements, and a higher image size limit in the Pro version further solidify WP Smush Pro’s position as a comprehensive image optimization solution for WordPress websites.

The digital realm is becoming more and more visual. From websites to social media platforms, images play a crucial role in grabbing attention and conveying messages. However, large image files can impact website performance, resulting in slower loading times and a poorer user experience. Input WP Smush Pro set to zeroa groundbreaking solution for image optimization without sacrificing quality.

WP Smush Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that targets a common problem faced by website administrators: slow loading websites due to heavy images. With the advent of high-resolution displays, there is a temptation to use high-quality images, often at the expense of website speed. WP Smush Pro bridges this gap by providing a seamless way to compress these images, ensuring websites remain clutter-free while maintaining visual fidelity.


Lossless image compression

The plugin prides itself on its ability to compress images without losing quality. Through its advanced algorithms, it reduces file size while ensuring that the image retains its original clarity and brilliance.

Mass smush

Do you have a website with hundreds or even thousands of images? No problem. The Bulk Smush feature allows users to optimize up to 50 images with a single click. This is a huge time saver, especially for larger websites.

Auto smush

Forget manual processes. Once activated, WP Smush Pro will automatically compress your images when uploading them. This ensures that all your new content is optimized from the start.

Rotten load

Images can be set to not load until they become visible to the user. This significantly improves page load times, especially for web pages with a large number of images.

WebP conversion

WebP is a modern image format that offers better compression than PNG or JPEG. WP Smush Pro can automatically convert your images in WebP format and serve them to compatible browsers, ensuring faster loading times and lower bandwidth usage.

Change image size

Sometimes images need to be a certain size to fit into a design or layout. The plugin offers a built-in tool to resize images directly in the WordPress dashboard.

Incorrect size detection

Uploading very large images and then resizing them can be resource intensive. WP Smush Pro detects when you have added an image that is too large and recommends the correct dimensions for better performance.

Directory Smush

Not all images used on a WordPress site are stored in the media library. The plugin extends its compression capabilities to other directories, ensuring comprehensive site optimization.

Gutenberg block integration

For those who use the Gutenberg editor in WordPress, WP Smush Pro integrates perfectly. This ensures that every image added via Gutenberg benefits from the plugin’s optimization features.

CDN integration

A content delivery network (CDN) can significantly increase website speed by delivering content from the server closest to the user. This plugin integrates with popular CDNs to serve your images even faster.

Multisite compatibility

Are you running a WordPress multisite network? Smush Pro is fully compatible so you can easily manage image optimization across multiple websites.

Download WP Smush Pro plugin

WP Smush Pro free download is more than just an image optimization plugin; It is a comprehensive solution that addresses multiple facets of image-related performance issues on websites. From lossless compression techniques to automatic features, it ensures websites load quickly without compromising image quality. As the web continues to evolve, the need for efficient and powerful websites also increases. With tools like WP Smush Pro, webmasters can ensure their visitors enjoy a seamless browsing experience. In the age of visuals, where images dominate the content landscape, effectively optimizing them is not just a preference, but a necessity. Smush Pro is the tool of choice for this purpose and is therefore a must for any serious WordPress user.


March 6, 2024 - version 3.16

New: Directly serve Local Webp images, no rewrite rules required!
New: Support for inline style tags in CDN and Local WebP modules
New: Support for multiple background images in CDN and Local WebP modules
New: Better support for relative links in CDN and Local WebP modules
New: Better REST API support in CDN and Local WebP modules
New: CDN and Local WebP images served in WooCommerce REST API responses
New: Local WebP compatibility with Windows IIS servers
New: Local WebP compatibility with bedrock
New: Local WebP compatibility with Litespeed
New: Local WebP compatibility with Cloudways
New: Lazy loading of background images
Fix: Local WebP redirection doesn't work for images with special characters
Fix: Free version of Smush creating smush-webp folder when activated
Fix: Extra slash added to image URLs during optimization
Fix: WP 6.3 compatibility - Skip lazyload for high priority images

February 6, 2024 - version 3.15.5

Improvement: Update the number of CDN locations
Improvement: Minor copy and UI adjustments

January 23, 2024 - version 3.15.4

Fix: Media library scan gets stuck on some websites
Improvement: Minor copy and UI changes

December 20, 2023 - version 3.15.3

Improvement: Code stability improvements

December 6, 2023 - version 3.15.2

Fix: Compatibility issues with WP Offload Media integration
Fix: Resize module deletes thumbnail when there is a naming conflict

November 15, 2023 - version 3.15.1

Improvement: Code stability improvements

November 2, 2023 - version 3.15

Improvement: Image size limit increased for pro version
Fix: Query running frequently and causing performance issues on some sites

August 23, 2023 - version 3.14.2

Fix: Media library scanner not identifying some MariaDB versions correctly
Improvement: Code improvements

July 24, 2023 - version 3.14.1

Improvement: Minor code improvements and fixes


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