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WPC Product Timer for WooCommerce Premium, a plugin designed to add urgency and conversions to your WooCommerce products with countdown timers, has seen a number of updates focused on maintaining compatibility, optimizing performance, and fixing minor bugs (Versions 5.0.0 – 5.1). 3).

While these updates may not introduce revolutionary new features, they ensure that the plugin continues to work smoothly with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions and provides an accurate countdown experience.

Here’s a breakdown of the key improvements from these updates:

Compatibility and Performance (v5.0.2 – v5.1.3):

  • WordPress and WooCommerce Compatibility: The updates ensure compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress (up to version 6.4) and WooCommerce (up to version 8.5) (v5.1.2 & v5.0.4).
  • Code optimization: A recurring theme in numerous updates (v5.0.1, v5.0.2, v5.0.5, v5.0.6, v5.1.3) is code optimization, which likely contributes to improved plugin performance and resource efficiency.

Bug fixes (v5.0.3 – v5.0.5):

  • Fix for variation prices: Fixed an issue with variation pricing within the product timer functionality (v5.0.5).
  • Minor backend issues: Fixed minor CSS and JavaScript errors in the plugin’s backend interface (v5.0.3 and v5.0.1).

New feature (v5.0.0):

  • Price basis option: This update introduces a “Price Base” option that allows you to set a regular or special offer price promotion (v5.0.0). Although the changelog description is short, it likely provides greater control over how product timers interact with product pricing.

In total, The WPC Product Timer for WooCommerce Premium updates focus on maintaining compatibility, performance, and a bug-free experience for your product countdown timers. While the lack of groundbreaking new features may be disappointing for some users, these updates ensure that the plugin continues to function accurately and seamlessly in your WooCommerce store environment.

In the busy world of e-commerce, creating a sense of urgency is a powerful strategy for driving sales and influencing purchasing decisions. WPC product timer deleted for WooCommerce Premium proves to be a great tool to convey urgency to online shoppers. This post covers the key aspects of the WPC Product Timer, providing an introduction, an overview of its features, a detailed examination of its features, and a final consideration of its importance in the e-commerce landscape.

Overview of WPC Product Timer for WooCommerce Premium

  1. Use the power of the countdown: At its core, WPC Product Timer Nulled allows online retailers to integrate countdown timers into their product listings. These timers dynamically display the remaining time for promotions, discounts or limited-time offers, creating a visual and psychological trigger for customers to make quick purchasing decisions.
  2. Strategic placement: The plugin allows companies to strategically place timers on individual product pages, ensuring urgency is directly linked to specific items. Whether you’re promoting a flash sale, clearance event, or a limited-time discount, WPC Product Timer offers flexibility in choosing where the countdown appears.
  3. Customizable timer styles: WPC Product Timer understands the importance of visual consistency and offers customizable styles for timers. Businesses can customize the appearance of the timer to match their brand’s aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing presentation that enhances the overall shopping experience.
  4. Multi-timer support: For online retailers who manage multiple promotions at the same time, WPC Product Timer stands out with its support for multiple timers. This feature is particularly beneficial for stores that offer different products with different promotional schedules, allowing for a dynamic and tailored approach to urgency.
  5. Automated timer expiration actions: To further streamline the management of time-limited promotions, the plugin includes automatic expiration actions. Online retailers can define specific actions to be taken when a timer reaches zero, such as: B. automatically ending the promotion, updating product prices or displaying alternative messages to inform customers.
  6. Responsive design: In an era where customers shop across different devices, WPC product timer free download prioritizes responsive design. The timers adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and compelling visual presentation whether customers are browsing on desktops, tablets or smartphones.
  7. User-friendly configuration: Implementing urgency in product listings doesn’t have to be complex. The WPC Product Timer features a user-friendly configuration interface that allows online retailers to easily set up and customize timers without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Features that increase WPC product timer for WooCommerce Premium

  1. Countdown adjustment: Companies can customize countdown timers to match their brand identity. Customization options include choosing the color, size, and overall visual style of the timer to seamlessly integrate it into the store’s design.
  2. Strategic messages: The plugin supports adding custom messages alongside timers. This offers online retailers the opportunity to submit specific information related to the promotion, such as: E.g. limited stock availability, exclusive offers or upcoming price changes.
  3. Time zone compatibility: WPC Product Timer takes into account the global nature of e-commerce and takes into account different time zones. This ensures that timers accurately reflect the remaining time for promotions, serving an international customer base.
  4. Dynamic timer labels: Online retailers can dynamically tag timers to match the type of promotion. Whether the countdown is to the end of a sale, a product launch, or a special event, the ability to customize timer labels improves communication of urgency.

Finally, WPC Product Timer for WooCommerce Premium Free Download is becoming a dynamic tool for online retailers looking to add urgency to their product promotions. Strategic use of countdown timers has proven to be a compelling strategy that leverages the psychological impact of limited time frames to drive customer actions.

The plugin’s flexibility in placement, customizable styles, support for multiple timers, and automated expiration actions add to its versatility in adapting various advertising strategies. Whether you’re orchestrating flash sales, clearances, or time-sensitive discounts, WPC Product Timer provides the essential features needed to run effective, urgent campaigns.

The responsive design ensures that the urgency created by countdown timers seamlessly transfers across different devices, improving the user experience for customers browsing across different platforms.

In a competitive eCommerce landscape where capturing customer attention is paramount, adding WPC Product Timer to a WooCommerce store’s toolkit represents a strategic investment. By embracing the psychology of urgency Taking advantage of this, online retailers can foster a sense of exclusivity and increase customer loyalty, ultimately leading to higher conversions and sales.


Updated: Optimized the code
Updated: Compatible with WP 6.4 & Woo 8.5
Updated: Optimized the code
Added: Action’s name (for management use only)
Updated: Optimized the code
Fixed: Variation’s price
Updated: Compatible with WP 6.3 & Woo 8.0
Fixed: Minor CSS/JS issues in the backend
Updated: Optimized the code
Fixed: Minor JS issue in the backend
Updated: Optimized the code
Added: “Price base” for set regular/sale price action


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