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The WordPress Automatic Plugin is a versatile and powerful tool for optimizing content management WordPress Websites through automated processes. With recent updates, the plugin continues to evolve, offering users new features, expanded functionality, and important bug fixes. Let’s look at the key changes introduced in the latest versions:

Version 3.93.0 (released March 12, 2024):

  • Corrections: The Facebook module has been updated to reflect recent changes and ensure smooth operation.
  • Corrections: The keyword field now supports double quotes in keywords, increasing search flexibility.
  • New function: Introduces a new tag, [item_reviews]allowing users to dynamically view reviews.

Version 3.92.1 (released February 27, 2024):

  • Corrections: Significant changes have been made to the plugin, prompting users to immediately update to this version to improve performance and stability.
  • Corrections: The automatic detection method for feeds/multi-scrapers now works accurately for non-Latin languages, improving compatibility.
  • Corrections: Amazon image extraction and mobile view price extraction have been restored following recent changes to ensure consistent functionality.

Version 3.92.0 (released February 23, 2024):

  • To update: The GPT 3.5 turbo model has been updated to the latest version to improve performance and efficiency.
  • New function: Adds a Careejet option to set a custom locale code, providing users with deeper customization options.

Version 3.91.0 (released February 13, 2024):

  • New function: Introduces three new options for resizing OpenAI parameters, increasing flexibility.
  • New function: Provides an option to remove trailing br tags from content, improving content formatting.
  • Corrections: Fixes various issues, including whether AliExpress affiliate link generation and YouTube hyperlink inline link generation work correctly.

Version 3.90.0 (released January 28, 2024):

  • New function: Adds new OpenAI models, expanding AI capabilities.
  • New function: Google offers a new option to set the search language, improving search accuracy.
  • Corrections: Ensures the proper functioning of Facebook imports from groups and the correct translation of tags.

Version 3.89.0 (released January 27, 2024):

  • New function: Introduces a new campaign type to import Google Maps locations/businesses and expands content sources.
  • New function: Provides YouTube options to shorten the transcript and import only short films, allowing greater control over the content.
  • Corrections: Fixes various issues including cookie support in APIFY and updated list of languages ​​supported by Deepl.

The automatic WordPress plugin continues to be a valuable asset for WordPress users and offers a wide range of features to effectively automate content management tasks. With each update, the plugin improves its functionality, fixes bugs and introduces new features to ensure users can create and manage their plugins WordPress Design websites efficiently. Whether it’s importing content from various sources, optimizing content formatting, or leveraging AI features, the WordPress Automatic Plugin remains a reliable and essential tool for WordPress website owners.

Unlike others who claim to offer something they don’t, that is Automatic WordPress plugin set to zero lives up to its name. If you’ve been looking for a useful tool to help you automate your WordPress blog, you’ve come to the right place.

I came across a thread in the BHW forum (4 years ago) under Downloads that introduced me and others to the automatic WordPress plugin. The more I read the thread, the more I wanted to start downloading and installing straight away because I really wanted to put what I had read into practice.

And guess what? I finally decided, downloaded the package from the link provided, extracted the contents, uploaded the automatic WordPress plugin, activated it and was ready to test. To be honest, it’s pretty easy to get this working on your website as it only takes a few minutes, maybe one or two.

I’m sure you felt the same way as I did. But don’t worry, I’ll get straight to what I found out about this amazing WordPress website automation tool.

What is an automatic WordPress plugin?

I won’t take up too much of your time. The name itself speaks for itself. This is a tool that puts your website content on autopilot. You just do what needs to be done, then sit and wait while everything runs on autopilot. Furthermore, since positive results are expected, your only concern will most likely be how you use the winnings.

WP Automatic seamlessly integrates your blogs

Free download of the WP Automatic plugin is one of the most recommended auto-blogging plugins due to its extensive list of import options.

Creating an automatic post or product on your website is the ideal solution for new bloggers who have just launched their own website to simplify website management. Additionally, its powerful APIs search for the best and highest quality content based on the keywords you specify. Isn’t it incredible?

Never miss a post in the feed again and manage it the way you want!

Everything from all social media sites is automatically posted to your feeds via our automatic WordPress plugin. In addition, you can easily manage your posts according to your needs, such as: E.g.:

  • Reduce long content
  • Only certain parts of the post are retrieved and posted.
  • Change the post order
  • With a single click you can search and replace.
  • Skip the post under certain conditions
  • WooCommerce offers support for product posts from e-commerce websites like Amazon.
  • And there are many more…

Publish anything automatically from anywhere

The WP Automatic Plugin offers the ability to upload content in any format, e.g. B. Text, image or video from other websites to be published on your WP website according to your preferences. You can easily manage the content’s other attributes or specify a specific content type to post.

This automatic WordPress plugin not only posts but also allows you to translate your content from any language to any other before publishing using Google Translate, Microsoft Translate, Yandex and DeepL. Additionally, you can make your duplicate content unique by using a built-in content spinner like LiveSpinner, WordAi, TheBestSpinner or SpinRewriter.

Automatic WordPress plugin download set to zero

This WordPress plugin worked perfectly on a client’s website. I would definitely advise you as a reader to use it Free Download Automatic WordPress Plugin to automate your website.


Version 3.93.0 (12 Mar 2024)

Fix: Facebook module updated to cope with new changes
Fix: The keyword box now allows double quotes in keywords
New: Places new tag [item_reviews] to return the reviews

Version 3.92.1 (27 February 2024)

Fix: Essential changes made to the plugin, please upgrade to this version ASAP
Fix: Feeds/multi-scraper auto-detect method now works for non-latin languages
Fix: Amazon image extraction back to work for mobile view after recent changes
Fix: Amazon Price extraction now works for mobile view after recent changes

Version 3.92.0 (23 February 2024)

Update: GPT 3.5 turbo model updated to the latest version gpt-3.5-turbo-0125
NEW: Careejet option to set custom locale code

Version 3.91.0 (13 February 2024)

NEW: Dalle 3 new option to set size under modify OpenAI parameters
NEW: Option to remove consequent br tags from the content
Fix: AliExpress affiliate link generation now works correctly, a new cookie is now required
Fix: custom fields tag  now works when using the FIFU plugin
Fix: YouTube hyperlink inline links now consider utf8 characters
Fix: Deepl translate the source language for English now back to work
Fix: Feeds/multi-scraper extract original meta description now works for Rank Math SEO plugin

Version 3.90.0 (28 January 2024)

NEW: new OpenAI models added gpt-4-0125-preview
NEW: Google places a new option to set the language of the search
Fix: Facebook imports events from groups back to work after recent changes
Fix: Removed as a supported source, site shutdown
Fix: Translation of tags now works correctly

Version 3.89.0 (27 January 2024)

NEW: New campaign type to import from Google Maps places/business 
NEW: YouTube option to truncate the transcript to the desired length 
NEW: APIFY now supports cookies for simulating logged-in and importing from protected sites with login
NEW: Updated Deepl-supported languages list

Version 3.88.0 (6 January 2024)

NEW: Dalle 3 support, now you can generate featured images using OpenAI Dalle 3
NEW: YouTube option to skip shorts 
NEW: YouTube option to only import shorts
NEW: Option to disable fixing NoScript lazyloading images
Fix: TikTok is stuck when posting from a specific user when a gallery is found sorted

Version 3.78.0 (28 December 2023)

Fix: Updated TikTok module to work again after recent changes
NEW: custom fields tags [post_title] and [post_content]
NEW: tag [inline_link] to return the inline link found in the content
NEW: A new tutorial on how to increase the number of OpenAI articles added to the tutorials section
Fix: Amazon excerpt now removes Price and as of the date
Fix: {} can now be used in the post template, previously it was removed

Version 3.77.7 (19 December 2023)

NEW: option to show private post types on the campaign page
Fix: Facebook broken links when the post is shared now sorted


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