Free Download WooCommerce Order Tracker (v2.2.0 Free Download) Custom Order Status, Tracking Templates and Order Email Notifications


WooCommerce Order Tracker, a plugin to improve your WooCommerce The store’s order tracking feature has recently undergone a series of updates (versions 2.1.4 – 2.2.0). This review looks at these updates and examines how they benefit both you and your customers.

Improved order tracking visibility (v2.2.0):

  • The latest update (v2.2.0) introduces a new feature that displays the shipping price directly in the order tracking notification. This provides customers with clearer and more comprehensive order information.

Maintaining compatibility (v2.1.4 – v2.2.0):

  • WooCommerce Order Tracker places great emphasis on compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. Updates ensure seamless integration with WordPress versions up to 6.4.3 and WooCommerce versions up to 8.6.1 (v2.2.0).

Extended functionality (v2.1.5 – v2.1.9):

  • Export options: The plugin introduces new features that allow users to export order information, which is useful for recording and analysis (v2.1.6). This feature is aimed at both logged in users and guests (v2.1.6).
  • Email with payment link: For orders with pending payment status, WooCommerce Order Tracker can now automatically send an email with a payment link, potentially improving payment completion rates (v2.1.6).
  • Support for toilet trolley and cash block: The plugin now supports the latest WC Cart and Checkout blocks, ensuring compatibility with modern WooCommerce storefronts (v2.1.9).
  • Filter options: The export function receives filter options and thus enables more targeted data extraction (v2.1.5).
  • Status symbols: Order status is now represented by icons instead of text badges in the Orders section, potentially providing a more visually appealing interface (version 2.1.5).

Compatibility with third-party plugins (v2.1.7, v2.1.8):

  • WooCommerce Order Tracker is now compatible with HPOS (High Performance Order Storage), potentially improving the performance of stores with high order volume (v2.1.7).

Fix potential issues (v2.1.8):

  • An update fixes an undefined issue that could occur with order status changes, ensuring smooth functionality (v2.1.8).

In total, WooCommerce Order Tracker’s recent updates show the developer’s commitment to providing a feature-rich and user-friendly plugin. By introducing new functionalities such as displaying shipping prices and export options, the plugin increases order tracking transparency for you and your customers. Additionally, maintaining compatibility with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions, supporting WC Cart and Checkout blocks, and fixing potential issues solidify WooCommerce Order Tracker as a reliable solution for your order tracking needs.

WooCommerce Order Tracker set to zero is an essential plugin for eCommerce websites using the WooCommerce platform. It offers a comprehensive solution for tracking orders, a crucial part of the customer’s shopping experience. This plugin increases customer satisfaction and trust by allowing them to track the progress of their purchases from the moment of order to delivery.

The digital shopping experience is significantly improved through efficient order tracking systems. WooCommerce Order Tracker addresses this need, providing both store owners and customers a seamless way to keep track of orders. By integrating this plugin, WooCommerce store owners can significantly improve their service quality, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

WooCommerce Order Tracker integrates smoothly with the WooCommerce platform and provides a user-friendly interface for both store managers and customers. This plugin aims to simplify the order management process and provide real-time updates on order status. Its flexibility and ease of use make it a must-have for any WooCommerce-based eCommerce site, large or small.

Key Features

  1. Real-time order tracking: Customers can check the status of their orders in real time, reducing the need for customer service inquiries and increasing customer confidence.
  2. Customizable order statuses: The plugin allows store owners to create and manage custom order statuses and provides more detailed and specific tracking information.
  3. Automatic email notifications: Customers automatically receive updates via email when the status of their order changes, keeping them informed throughout the shipping process.
  4. Integration with major shipping companies: WooCommerce Order Tracker integrates with major shipping providers and provides accurate and up-to-date shipping information directly from the carriers.
  5. Order tracking widget and shortcode: The plugin includes a widget and shortcode that can be added to any page, allowing customers to track their orders directly from the website.
  6. User-friendly control panel: Both the admin panel and customer-facing aspects of the plugin are designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate.
  7. Customizable tracking information: Store owners can customize the information displayed on the tracking page and add personal details such as brand logos or specific messages.

User experience

WooCommerce Order Tracker greatly improves the user experience for both store owners and customers. For store owners, the plugin simplifies order management, allowing for better organization and communication. Customers benefit from a transparent and uncomplicated tracking process that increases trust and satisfaction. This level of transparency and ease of use is crucial to building long-term customer relationships.

Download WooCommerce Order Tracker plugin

WooCommerce Order Tracker Free Download is an invaluable addition to any WooCommerce store. Its numerous features combined with ease of use make it an ideal solution to improve the order management process. By providing real-time tracking information and automated updates, it not only improves customer experience but also reduces the workload of customer service teams. This plugin is a smart investment for eCommerce businesses looking to increase their efficiency, customer satisfaction, and ultimately their bottom line. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce and major shipping providers makes it a versatile and practical tool for businesses of all sizes.


06-03-2024: Ver 2.2.0

New : Shipping price in the OT notification
Support : compatibility with latest WP[6.4.3] and WC.[8.6.1]

28-11-2023: Ver 2.1.9

Support: Latest WP[6.4.1.] and WC[8.3.1].
Support: Compatibility With WC Cart and Checkout Block

09-11-2023: Ver 2.1.8

Fixes: Undefined issue on order status change.
Support: Compatibility with latest WP[6.4] and WC[8.2.1]

12-10-2023: Ver 2.1.7

New: Compatibility with latest WP(6.3.1) and WC(8.1.1)
New: HPOS Compatibility

29-03-2023: ver 2.1.6

New: Export order for logged-in user
New: Export order for guest user
New: Send email with pay link on pending payment order status
New: Compatible with latest WP(6.1.1) and WC(7.5.1)

08-02-2023: ver 2.1.5

New: Filtering options to the export
New: Use status icons instead of text badges in the “Orders”
New: Compatible with latest WP and WC

21-12-2022: ver 2.1.4

New: Compatible with latest WP and WC


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