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SUMO Subscriptions, a popular plugin for managing recurring payments and subscriptions on your WooCommerce store, has been regularly updated with improvements and bug fixes (versions 14.7.0 – 15.3.0). Let’s take a look at these updates and how they improve your subscription management experience.

Improved user experience (v15.2.0, v15.3.0):

  • Improved checkout: SUMO Subscriptions introduces optimizations to the checkout process for a smoother user experience (v15.3.0).
  • Clearer billing information: Billing and shipping addresses are now displayed on the View Subscription page for better transparency (v15.3.0).
  • Compatibility guaranteed: The plugin has been thoroughly tested with the latest versions of WooCommerce (up to 8.6.1) and WordPress (up to 6.4.3) to ensure seamless integration (v15.3.0).

Flexibility and Control (v14.7.0, v15.2.0):

  • Developer friendly: New developer features and APIs enable expanded customization options (v15.2.0). For example, developers may be able to increase the number of rates offered in subscriptions.
  • Granular control: A new product-level option allows you to disable order emails for specific subscriptions (v15.2.0).

Fix recurring issues (v14.7.0, v14.9.0, v15.1.0, v15.2.0):

  • The updates address various reported issues that could impact subscriptions, including:
    • Recurring discounts are not applied correctly (v14.9.0, v15.2.0)
    • Issues with variation messages on the shop page (v14.9.0)
    • Subscription end date inconsistencies (v14.9.0)
    • Price updates don’t appear on re-subscriptions (v14.9.0)
    • Order subscription function malfunction (v14.9.0)
    • Reminder emails not working as intended (v14.7.0)
    • Renewal fee miscalculations for recurring coupons (v14.7.0)
    • WPML backend text translation issues (v14.7.0)

Technical improvements (v14.8.0, v15.0.0):

  • Compatibility focus: SUMO subscriptions ensure compatibility with the latest WooCommerce (up to version 8.0.0) and WordPress (v14.8.0, v15.1.0) versions.
  • Payment processing: The plugin fixes a double charge issue in automatic payments with Stripe (v15.0.0).
  • Performance optimization: As updates progress, code improvements will be implemented that may result in improved plugin performance (v14.8.0, v15.2.0).
  • Advanced functionality: The ability to calculate subscription minimum order amounts based on cart totals or subtotals provides greater flexibility (v14.8.0).
  • Developer integration: Additional developer hooks are being introduced for further customization options (v14.8.0).

In total, SUMO Subscriptions’ commitment to regular updates ensures a reliable and feature-rich plugin for managing subscriptions in your WooCommerce store. By addressing user experience, providing granular control, addressing recurring issues, and maintaining technical compatibility, SUMO Subscriptions allows you to provide your customers with a seamless subscription experience.

The world of e-commerce has seen a significant shift towards subscription models in recent years. Whether it’s monthly beauty boxes, weekly meal kits, or annual software licenses, the subscription model offers businesses predictable revenue and customers the convenience of automated deliveries or renewals. For WooCommerce store owners, managing these subscriptions effectively and seamlessly is crucial, and that’s the point SUMO subscriptions deleted enters the scene.

SUMO Subscriptions is a comprehensive WooCommerce subscription system that makes integrating and managing subscriptions on your WooCommerce platform as effortless as possible. SUMO Subscriptions recognizes the complexities and nuances of subscription-based businesses and is tailored to provide flexibility, ease of use and a wide range of features to meet diverse subscription needs.


  • Simple and variable subscriptions: Whether you offer a simple monthly subscription or multiple options with different benefits, SUMO subscriptions have you covered.
  • Synchronized Renewals: All subscriptions can be set to renew on a specific day of the week, month or year to ensure consistency in your operations and clarity for your subscribers.
  • Multiple subscription in single checkout: This unique feature allows customers to add multiple subscriptions to their cart and complete a single checkout.
  • Subscription pause and resumption: Because customers value flexibility, this feature allows subscribers to pause and resume their subscriptions at a later date.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: From PayPal to Stripe, SUMO Subscriptions supports a variety of payment gateways, ensuring your customers have a variety of payment options available.
  • Manual extensions: If automatic renewals are not possible or desired, customers can issue invoices manually, giving them control over the payment processes.
  • Email notifications for subscribers: Keeping subscribers informed is crucial. Automated emails can be sent for various actions, such as: B. Renewal reminders, successful payments and subscription cancellations.
  • Flexible billing options: Whether it’s setting up a free trial, charging a sign-up fee, or setting the length of the billing cycle, SUMO Subscriptions offers a variety of options to customize billing.
  • Subscription Upgrade/Downgrade: Subscribers can easily switch between subscription plans, ensuring they always have access to the plan that best suits their needs.
  • Integrations: The plugin integrates seamlessly with other SUMO plugins, extending its features and providing a cohesive experience.
  • Ready for translation: Reach a global audience with the plugin’s translation readiness.

Why choose SUMO subscriptions?

While there are several subscription plugins available for WooCommerce, SUMO Subscriptions stands out for its comprehensive feature set, customizability, and user-centric approach. It recognizes the challenges of managing subscription products and provides store owners with a toolkit that is both robust and intuitive.

For companies, it offers tools that can lead to higher sales, better customer loyalty and optimized processes. For subscribers, it ensures a seamless, flexible and transparent subscription experience. Additionally, with world-class support and continuous updates, store owners can rest assured that they have a future-proof tool that evolves with their needs.

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Version 15.3.0 on 08 March 2024

Tweak: Checkout improvements
Tweak: WooCommerce Cart and Checkout Blocks display improvements
Tweak: Billing and Shipping address displayed in View subscription page
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce 8.6.1
Tweak: Tested with WordPress 6.4.3

Version 15.2.0 on 30 November 2023

Tweak: Product level option to disable order emails
Tweak: Code improvements
Tweak: Added developer API
Fix: Recurring Discount not applying if expiry date is set in the coupon
Fix: Variation message not working in shop page

Version 15.1.0 on 02 October 2023

Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce 8.1.1
Tweak: Tested with WordPress 6.3.1
Tweak: Added developer support to increase number of installments
Fix: Recurring discount not working

Version 15.0.0 on 10 August 2023

Tweak: Compatibility with PHP 8.2.x
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce 8.0.0
Fix: Double charging issue during automatic payments using Stripe - Credit Card payment method

Version 14.9.0 on 31 July 2023

Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce 7.9.0
Fix: Order Subscription not working properly when frequency is chosen by user
Fix: Subscription end date set incorrectly while switching the subscription with 1 instalment
Fix: New price update feature not working when user Resubscribe the subscription

Version 14.8.0 on 29 June 2023

New: Minimum amount for order subscription can be calculated from Cart Total or Cart Subtotal
Tweak: Compatible with High Performance Order Storage[HPOS]
Tweak: Developer hook added Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce 7.8.1
Fix: Passing wrong amount to PayPal when Inclusive Tax is set
Fix: Identical variation switcher not working in some cases

Version 14.7.0 on 23 May 2023

New: Added option to restrict purchasing multiple subscription products in single checkout
Tweak: Update subscription end date based on scheduled cancel date
Tweak: Code improvements
Tweak: Hooks added for developers
Tweak: Tested with WordPress 6.2.2
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce 7.7.0
Fix: Product level reminder email option not working properly
Fix: Renewal fee displayed incorrectly when using recurring coupon in order subscription
Fix: WPML Backend text translations not working


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