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The WooCommerce discount manager set to zero by Barn2 is a powerful tool designed to extend the functionality of your WooCommerce store. As one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for WordPress, WooCommerce provides a solid foundation for online businesses. However, when it comes to offering discounts and promotions, WooCommerce’s default settings can be limiting. This is where WooCommerce Discount Manager comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution for creating and managing a variety of discounts, promotions and offers.

overview: WooCommerce Discount Manager plugin is a feature-rich extension that enables store owners to create dynamic and enticing discount offers. Whether you’re running a limited-time sale, offering volume discounts, or offering special promotions for loyal customers, this plugin streamlines the process in a simple and efficient way. Let’s explore the key features that make WooCommerce Discount Manager a must-have for WooCommerce store owners.

Features of WooCommerce Discount Manager

1. Flexible discount types

  • The plugin supports various discount types, including percentage discounts, fixed amount discounts, buy one get one free (BOGO), and more. This flexibility allows you to tailor discounts to suit your marketing strategies.

2. Dynamic pricing rules

  • Create dynamic pricing rules based on various conditions such as product categories, specific products, customer roles, purchase history and cart totals. This level of customization ensures discounts are applied exactly where you want them.

3. Quantity discounts

  • Set up volume discounts to encourage customers to purchase more items. For example, offer a 10% discount when customers purchase five or more products from a specific category.

4. Planned discounts

  • Plan your promotions in advance with scheduled discounts. Set start and end dates for discounts to ensure they are automatically applied in the specified time period.

5. BOGO Offers (Buy one, get one)

  • Increase sales and encourage purchases with BOGO offers. Easily configure “Buy one, get one free” or “Buy one, get one for half price” offers.

6. Tiered prices

  • Implement tiered pricing structures where customers receive discounts based on the quantity they purchase. This strategy encourages bulk purchases and increases average order value.

7. Total discounts in the shopping cart

  • Set discounts based on cart total, e.g. B. Offer a 10% discount for orders over $100. This encourages customers to add more items to their cart to reach the threshold.

8. Role-based discounts

  • Create exclusive discounts for specific customer roles such as wholesale customers, members or VIP customers. Reward loyal customers with special prices.

9. Coupon code integration

  • Seamlessly integrate WooCommerce coupon codes to combine discounts for even greater savings. Customers can apply both automatic discounts and coupon codes at checkout.

10. Exclude products or categories

  • If necessary, exclude certain products or categories from discounts. This control ensures that discounts only apply to the intended items.

11. Detailed discount reports

  • Get insights into your discount performance with detailed reports. Track the effectiveness of your promotions and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

12. User-friendly interface

  • The plugin features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up and manage discounts without the need for complex programming.

13. Compatibility with other plugins

  • WooCommerce Discount Manager is designed to seamlessly integrate with other WooCommerce plugins, ensuring compatibility with your existing setup.

14. Dedicated support and updates

  • Barn2, the developers of WooCommerce Discount Manager, provide dedicated support and regular updates to ensure the plugin stays current and compatible with the latest WooCommerce versions.

Conclusion: Expand your WooCommerce store with Discount Manager

In summary, WooCommerce Discount Manager offers a comprehensive solution to improve your WooCommerce store’s discount and promotion strategies. With its wide range of flexible discount types, dynamic pricing rules, volume discounts, scheduled promotions and much more, this plugin puts the power of effective marketing in your hands.

Whether you want to increase sales, reward loyal customers, or clear excess inventory, WooCommerce Discount Manager provides the tools you need to create enticing offers. Its user-friendly interface, compatibility with other plugins, and detailed reports make it a valuable asset for any WooCommerce store owner.

Take control of your discounts and promotions with the WooCommerce Discount Manager by Barn2 free download. With dedicated support, regular updates, and a range of feature-rich features, this plugin is a game-changer in optimizing your WooCommerce store’s marketing efforts.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of WooCommerce Discount Manager today and watch your store attract more customers, increase sales, and strengthen customer loyalty. Enhance your WooCommerce store with dynamic discounts and promotions that you can easily manage with WooCommerce Discount Manager.


1.0.1 – Release date February 28, 2024

  • FIXFree products – subtotal calculation taking into account all products instead of just relevant ones.
  • FIXFree products – incorrect discount amount with taxes enabled.
  • TWEAKUpdated design of certain elements in the admin UI.
  • TWEAKThe default value for the Content Location setting has been changed.


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