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Admin Columns Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that streamlines and improves your content management experience. If you’ve ever struggled to find specific content on your growing WordPress site or wanted faster ways to edit and manage posts, users, and custom fields, then Admin Columns Pro could be just the solution you’ve been looking for. In this comprehensive overview, we’ll cover the features that make Admin Columns Pro an essential tool for WordPress administrators.

overview: Managing a WordPress website can become cumbersome as your content grows. Searching for specific posts, editing multiple items at once, and organizing information efficiently can be time-consuming tasks. Admin Columns Pro aims to simplify these processes with its versatile features and make content management a breeze.


Intelligent filtering finds your content

The more content you add, the harder it becomes to find what you’re looking for. Admin Columns Pro’s smart filtering feature allows you to narrow search results and show only the content you need to see. Whether it’s posts, users, or custom fields, filtering helps you find and manage your content efficiently.

Edit your content quickly

Edit posts, users or custom post types directly from the list table with Admin Columns Pro’s quick edit feature. Make changes, e.g. Such as updating the featured image, adding tags, or changing custom field values ​​- all with just one click. This inline editing feature speeds up your workflow and saves you valuable time.

Edit multiple items at once in bulk

Need to update the same information across multiple posts or users? Admin Columns Pro’s bulk editing feature is your solution. Easily update specific posts, pages, or users using smart filters to target them, then apply the changes to all selected items at once.

Sort by any column in the list table

Admin Columns Pro allows you to sort any column in any WordPress list table. Whether it’s text, dates, numbers, or a combination thereof, you can organize your content into a meaningful order. This sorting feature ensures that your results are exactly what you expect.

Export as CSV

Create custom exports of your WordPress content in CSV format with Admin Columns Pro’s export feature. Filter and sort your content to create custom selections, then export it for use in external applications or for data backup purposes.

Switch context with column sets

Do you need different information on the same overview for different tasks? Admin Columns Pro introduces Column Sets, allowing you to create sets of columns tailored to specific tasks or contexts. Easily switch between sets of columns in the list table to display the information most relevant to your current focus.

Show custom field data

WordPress custom fields provide valuable metadata for your posts, and Admin Columns Pro allows you to display this data in the post list table. Having all the information you need in a single view increases the efficiency of your content management.

Admin Columns Pro integrates seamlessly with a number of popular plugins, extending its functionality even further:

  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF): View, bulk edit, filter and search ACF fields directly from the list table.
  • WooCommerce: The WooCommerce add-on adds additional columns to your product, order, and coupon overview pages for complete control over your online store.
  • Meta box: Manage and display meta box fields effectively with the Admin Columns Pro integration.
  • Jet engine: Transform JetEngine metabooks into editable, searchable, sortable and exportable columns.
  • Pods: Admin Columns Pro works seamlessly with Pods and allows for effective management of all your Pods creations.
  • Toolset types: Effectively manage custom types and fields with type integration.
  • Gravity forms: Integrate Gravity Forms with Admin Columns Pro for viewing, inline and bulk editing, exporting, intelligent filtering and sorting of entries.
  • Yoast SEO: Save time by editing keywords, SEO titles, and descriptions with the Yoast SEO integration.
  • The events calendar: Easily manage events, venues and organizers using Admin Columns Pro’s integration with the events calendar.
  • BuddyPress: The BuddyPress integration adds additional columns for managing BuddyPress users, including friends, activity, and user profiles.

Conclusion: Improve your WordPress content management with Admin Columns Pro

In the ever-growing world of WordPress content management, efficiency and organization are of utmost importance. Admin Columns Pro Free Download stands out as a powerful tool that simplifies and improves the management of your website content. With smart filtering, fast editing, bulk operations, and compatibility with popular plugins, Admin Columns Pro allows you to take full control of your WordPress site.

Gone are the days of endlessly searching for specific posts or struggling to make mass updates to your content. Admin Columns Pro streamlines these tasks so you can focus more on creating and refining your website’s content. Whether you are a solo blogger, a growing business, or an established business, the plugin offers a versatile set of features to suit your needs.

Admin Columns Pro allows you to efficiently find and filter your content, easily edit posts inline, update multiple items at once, and create custom exports in CSV format. The ability to switch between sets of columns for different tasks adds versatility that improves your workflow.

Additionally, Admin Columns Pro’s compatibility with plugins like Advanced Custom Fields, WooCommerce, Meta Box, and others expands its functionality even further. You can seamlessly integrate additional features and optimize your website management experience.

So if you’re ready to step up your WordPress content management game, look no further than Admin Columns Pro. Experience the efficiency, organization and flexibility this plugin offers. Upgrade your WordPress website today and discover a whole new level of control and productivity.


March 4, 2024 – 6.4.6Firmly

  • Force the new table view ID when copying table views based on templates
  • Fixed search comparison MimeType
  • Javascript error when selecting month selection in Smart Filtering
  • Setting the Custom Field column gave an error when using the text field hook
  • The Inline Editing toggle was not always visible


  • Filtering on the Published Date column no longer forces you to filter only published posts


  • Admin Columns Core to version 4.7.4


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