Free Download (v1.0.50) Complete for Create a Quote in Frontend + Backend Pro Free Download (PrestaShop v1.6-v1.7-v8x)


Complete the free download “Create a quote in Frontend + Backend Pro”. to create a quote in Frontend + Backend Pro is comprehensive Prestashop Module to improve the offer management process for dealers and customers. With its wide range of features and capabilities, this module simplifies the process of creating, sending and managing offers, ultimately improving the overall customer experience and streamlining the sales workflow.

One of the main features of Complete for Create a Quote in Frontend + Backend Pro is the ability to allow customers to request quotes directly from the frontend of the website. This feature allows customers to easily communicate their product preferences and price expectations to merchants, facilitating the quoting process and reducing friction in the sales process.

Additionally, the module offers merchants the ability to create and edit offers on both the frontend and backend of the website. This flexibility allows merchants to quickly respond to customer requests and tailor offers to specific customer needs, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales conversion rates.

Fill out for create offer in Frontend + Backend Pro Nulled offers robust management features that enable merchants to efficiently manage and track offers throughout the sales cycle. Merchants can send offers to customers via email, track offer status, and easily convert offers into orders when customers are ready to purchase. This streamlined workflow helps merchants stay organized and ensures timely follow-up with customers.

Another important feature of the module is the ability to export offers PDF And CSV Formats. This functionality allows dealers to easily share offers with customers and internal stakeholders, facilitating communication and collaboration throughout the sales process. Additionally, merchants can send offers directly to customers via email from within the module, further enhancing customer experience and improving communication.

Complete the free “Create a Quote” download allows merchants to convert a shopping cart into an offer, providing customers a seamless transition from searching for products to requesting a quote. This feature simplifies the quoting process for customers and encourages them to take the next step toward purchasing.

The module offers advanced configuration options that allow retailers to specify which customer groups can use the offers module. This flexibility allows merchants to tailor the quoting process to the needs of their target customer segments, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience for each customer group.

Fill out for zero offer is a powerful one Prestashop Module that improves the offer management process for merchants and customers. With its comprehensive features and capabilities, this module streamlines the quoting process, improves communication and ultimately helps merchants increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Complete for “Create offer in frontend + backend pro changelog”.

Version 1.0.52 - 1/11/2024

PrestaShop compatibility: - 8.1.4
fix security from Agathe Aumont email
fix security from Tools:getValue function

Version 1.0.51 - 11/17/2023

PrestaShop compatibility: - 8.1.4
fix Security in customernewquote controller: check Admin Cookie
update mpdf to 8.1.1 for php 7.4+, 8.x+

Version 1.0.50 - 2/17/2023

PrestaShop compatibility: - 8.0.5
fix [phone] token in email
compatible to prestashop 8.x+
change Tools::jsonEncode to json_encode, Tools::jsonDecode to json_decod


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