Free Download (v1.0.5) Image Optimizer Premium and Webp converter (PrestaShop v1.6 – v1.7 – v8x) Free Download


The “Image Optimizer Premium and Webp Converter Free Download” module for Presta shop is a versatile tool for improving the quality and performance of images in your online store. With this module you can improve the quality of your images, increase their sharpness, reduce their size and convert them to “Webp” format, a popular image format preferred by many people Google for its smaller file size and improved loading times.

One of the main features of the Image Optimizer Premium and Webp Converter module is its ability to improve the quality of your images. By optimizing images, you can improve their clarity, sharpness, and overall visual appeal, creating a more appealing and professional online store. Whether you’re showcasing product photos, banners, or promotional images, optimized images can significantly improve the visual experience for your customers and lead to higher conversions and sales.

The module allows you to reduce the size of your images without compromising on quality. By compressing images, you can significantly reduce their file size, resulting in faster loading times for your web pages. This is critical to improving user experience as faster loading times can lead to lower bounce rates, higher engagement, and better search engine rankings. With the “Image Optimizer Premium and Webp Converter set to zeroWith the module you can ensure that your online shop loads quickly and efficiently, even on slow internet connections and mobile devices.

In addition to optimizing images in terms of quality and size, the module allows you to convert images to the “Webp” format. Webp is a modern image format developed by Google that offers better compression and smaller file sizes compared to traditional image formats such as JPEG and PNG. By converting images to Webp, you can further reduce their size and improve loading times, resulting in a faster and more responsive online store.

One of the main benefits of using Webp Images is their compatibility with Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights and other performance optimization tools. Google prioritizes websites that load quickly and efficiently, and using Webp images can help improve your website’s performance score and search engine ranking. By harnessing the power of Webp images, you can ensure your online store is optimized for maximum performance and search engine visibility.

The “Image Optimizer Premium Free Download” module for Presta shop is easy to use and highly customizable. You can configure various settings such as image quality, compression level, and Webp conversion options according to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this module gives you the flexibility and control to effectively optimize your images and achieve the best possible results for your online store.

The “Image Optimizer Premium has been deleted” module for Presta shop is a powerful tool to improve the quality and performance of images in your online store. By optimizing images, reducing their size, and converting them to Webp format, you can create a more engaging and responsive user experience, increase your website’s performance, and improve its visibility in search engines. Whether you want to increase conversions, improve user experience, or boost search engine rankings, this module is an essential addition to your Prestashop store.

Image Optimizer Premium and Webp Converter Changelog

Version 1.0.5 - 8/4/2023

PrestaShop compatibility: - 8.1.4
Prestashop 8 Compatibility
Better integration with product import modules

Version 1.0.4 - 11/11/2022

PrestaShop compatibility: -
Optimizations made in the module

Version 1.0.3 - 4/30/2021

PrestaShop compatibility: -
We add the Override libraries for each version
Changes requested by the validator and modification in the library installation override
Update in languages


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