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Link Whisper, a powerful plugin that automates internal linking suggestions and simplifies your SEO workflow. Here’s a breakdown of the exciting new features and improvements in both the free and pro versions (as of February 2024) to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your needs.

Link Whisper Pro (v2.4.0):

  • Enhanced Related Posts: Gain more control over your related posts with new sorting options (newest to oldest, random, etc.) and the ability to prioritize linking to orphaned posts.
  • Smarter Link Insertion: Improved shortcode handling and image format recognition ensure links are inserted only where intended.
  • Mobile-Friendly Related Posts: A dedicated mobile styling system allows you to customize the appearance of your related posts on smaller screens.
  • Conditional Related Posts Widget: Choose to hide the widget entirely when no related posts are available, or display a custom “No Related Posts Found” message.
  • Default Settings Adjustments: The default Related Posts settings have been adjusted for a cleaner look and better user experience. Thumbnails are now disabled by default in the “Column” display mode, and the widget now includes some top and bottom margin spacing.
  • Compatibility & Performance: Fixes for caching issues and data handling ensure smoother operation, especially when dealing with Elementor content. Link Whisper Pro now also offers the ability to clear out data from failed link insertions for improved efficiency.
  • Improved Customization: Additional attributes have been added to the Related Posts shortcode for more control over its appearance.
  • Streamlined User Interface: The “Widget Settings” tab has been renamed to “Related Post Settings” for better clarity.

Link Whisper Free (v0.6.8):

  • Gutenberg Block Support: The free version now offers an option to control if Link Whisper updates link stats for posts containing Gutenberg Reusable Blocks. This can be helpful for larger sites where frequent updates might be resource-intensive.
  • Performance Enhancements: Experience faster loading times with lazy-loaded dropdowns in the Internal Links Report and improved URL tracing functionality.
  • Improved Reporting & Data Management: Export CSV reports now come with unique IDs for better privacy, and permission checks ensure only authorized users can access them. Old reports are automatically cleared when new ones are generated.
  • Compatibility & Efficiency: Link Whisper now supports Rank Math HTML Sitemap pages for link scanning, and the link checking process during post saves has been optimized for better performance.
  • Bug Fixes: Several bugs have been squashed, including undefined index errors and inaccurate link count displays in the report.

Link Whisper (both free and pro versions) offers a valuable suite of features to streamline your internal linking strategy and improve your website’s SEO. With its focus on automation, customization options, and mobile-friendliness, Link Whisper can be a game-changer for bloggers, content creators, and web developers alike.

Considering Link Whisper?

If you’re looking to strengthen your internal linking structure and save time managing your WordPress website, Link Whisper is a great option to explore. The free version provides a solid foundation for basic link suggestions and reporting, while the pro version offers a wealth of additional features for enhanced control and customization. Consider checking out their website to see a more detailed breakdown of features and pricing options to determine which version best suits your needs.

Every content creator knows the essence of internal linking, but not everyone comprehends the complexity or the time it demands. It’s like building a web, where each thread strengthens the structure. Enter Link Whisper Pro Nulled, an innovative tool transforming the world of internal linking. This post offers a dive into what makes Link Whisper Pro an indispensable ally for bloggers and webmasters.

Link Whisper Pro emerges from the fundamental understanding that efficient internal linking doesn’t just enhance user navigation but also boosts SEO. But with growing content and pages, manually managing these links becomes a Sisyphean task. Link Whisper swoops in as the solution, optimizing your internal link structure with finesse and precision, saving both time and effort.


While writing or editing a post, Link Whisper Pro offers relevant internal link suggestions. This proactive approach ensures content interconnectivity without the manual hassle.

Dive into detailed reports of your website’s internal links. Understand which posts have the most or least links, offering insights into potential areas of improvement.

3. Easy-to-use Dashboard

Navigating through Link Whisper is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive dashboard. It showcases broken links, orphaned posts, and redirects, ensuring you’re always in the know.

4. Quick Edits

Adjust anchor texts or remove links directly from the suggestions box. It gives you granular control over every link without the need to visit each post separately.

5. Advanced URL Changer

Changing URLs? The plugin ensures your internal links update automatically, minimizing the chances of broken links.

6. Redirect Manager

Managing 301 redirects is simpler with Link Whisper. Whether you’re changing URLs or deleting posts, it helps ensure visitors and search engines find the right page.

7. Multi-Language Support

Catering to a global audience? Link Whisper supports multiple languages, ensuring that non-English websites can also benefit from its capabilities.

8. SEO Boost

By streamlining your internal link structure, This plugin indirectly enhances your website’s SEO. It increases page views, reduces bounce rates, and can even improve rankings.

9. Compatibility

Link Whisper Pro isn’t picky. Whether you’re using the classic editor, Gutenberg, or page builders like Elementor, it seamlessly integrates, ensuring maximum efficiency.

10. Continuous Updates

The digital world evolves rapidly. This plugin stays apace, with regular updates ensuring you always have access to the latest features and optimizations.

The beauty of Link Whisper Pro Free Download lies not just in its innovative approach but also in its profound understanding of a content creator’s challenges. It doesn’t merely act as a tool but serves as a partner, ensuring that your website’s internal linking is not just an afterthought, but a strategic asset.

Many tools promise efficiency, but Link Whisper Pro delivers. It amalgamates the power of automation with the precision of manual control, offering a solution that’s both time-efficient and effective. As content grows, so does the intricacy of managing its interlinking. Yet, with Link Whisper Pro, this task, which once seemed daunting, becomes almost effortless.

For bloggers and webmasters striving to create a seamless user experience while also reaping the SEO benefits of a robust internal link structure, This plugin is a beacon. It offers not just a solution, but a transformation – one that reshapes how we perceive and manage internal links.

In the vast expanse of digital tools, This plugin stands out, not merely for its functionality, but for its commitment to making the lives of content creators easier. If there’s one investment that promises substantial returns in the realm of internal linking, it’s undoubtedly Link Whisper Pro. Dive into its world, and let your content’s connectivity soar to new heights.

2.4.0 February 7, 2024

  • [NEW SETTING] Creating new setting to allow Related Posts to be sorted! (Now you can choose to have the links listed from newest to oldest, oldest to newest, selected randomly from the pool of available posts, or use your site’s default sort method. By default, the setting uses the “random” option to reduce repeated Related Post link lists.)
  • [NEW SETTING] Creating an option to prioritize creating Related Post links to orphaned posts!
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Creating feature to make extra sure that links aren’t inserted into Shortcode attribute texts by mistake.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding .webp as an image type that can be ignored with the “Ignore Image URLs” setting.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing bug that would keep the manual Related Post selections from saving.

2.3.9 January 27, 2024

  • [NEW FEATURE] Creating mobile styling system for the Related Posts widget! (You can configure the mobile styles from the “Related Post Widget Styling” section by opening the settings, and clicking on the “Show Mobile Only Styling” toggle. If a mobile style is not set, the widget will use the equivalent main style as the default.)
  • [NEW SETTING] Creating setting to hide the Related Posts widget when there are no related posts to display. (The setting is “on” by default, and makes the empty Related Posts widget only visible to admins. Turning it off will have the widget display a “No Related Posts Found” message. The message is customizable from the Related Posts Settings.)
  • [ADJUSTMENT] Setting the Related Posts “Row” display options to use a thumbnail by default, and setting the “Column” display to not use one by default. (Thumbnails can be manually turned on/off for either display mode, and this change doesn’t affect existing Related Post widgets)
  • [ADJUSTMENT] Adjusting the default size of the Related Posts thumbnails to be 150 pixels, down from 200.
  • [ADJUSTMENT] Adding some default margin to the top and bottom of the Related Post widget so that it’s not right up next to the content. (Doesn’t affect manually adjusted top and bottom margins)
  • [COMPATIBILITY] Fixing caching issue that could cause the Autolinking to only insert one link per processing run when dealing with Elementor content.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Creating feature to clear out data from failed link inserts when the Link Scan is activated. (Old data could sometimes cause unexpected issues when inserting links, or make the “Links Inserted” popup randomly show up in the post edit screen)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved the data handling for the link insertion so that data that fails to decode or unserialize won’t be processed.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding “cols”, “rows” and “max_links” attributes to the Related Posts shortcode!
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improving the Site Interlinking’s URL validation methods.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Encoding the URLs used in the Site Interlinking to ensure that Link Whisper processes them unchanged from how they were entered.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adjusting the Related Posts template so that styles are generated internally and then injected into the template. (To help cut down on missing index notices in custom templates)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Setting the Related Posts widget to display in a full-width single-column when viewed on a mobile screen. (Doesn’t remove thumbnails if present)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improving the data validation in the “Custom Link” functionality.
  • [UX/UI] Updating the “Widget Settings” tab to now be called the “Related Post Settings”.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing empty setting notices in the Related Posts template.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing bug that could cause unexpected HTML to be displayed in the suggestion panel when searching for an external link with the “Custom Link” functionality.

2.3.8 January 18, 2024

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Creating an option to force the Related Posts shortcode to render on pages, even if the Related Posts widget has been turned off from the post edit screen. (Useful for forcing the Related Posts to only display where you want them. To use the force option, please enter this shortcode where you want the widget to display: [link-whisper-related-posts force_display="true"])
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Setting the Related Posts Active checkbox in the post edit screen to update when posts are updated/saved.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Setting the Related Posts widget to not display on category or tag archive pages.
  • [UX/UI] Updating Related Post post type setting tooltip.

Changelog Free Version


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Creating setting to control if Link Whisper updates link stats for posts with Gutenberg Reusable blocks when the block’s content changes. (Off by default since the process can be intensive for large sites)
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing error when saving posts with Gutenberg Reusable blocks.


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Lazyloading the dropdowns in the Internal Links Report so that the report will load much faster!
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improving the URL-to-post tracing functionality so it runs much faster!
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Making sure not to suggest links for pre-formatted text.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Creating unique id for each exported CSV report for added privacy.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding permission permission check to the CSV exporting.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Clearing out old CSV reports when new ones are created.
  • [UX/UI] Updating the date and time displays so they use the site’s localization settings. (EX: UK sites using the D/M/Y format will see the report dates formatted that way, while US sites will have the M/D/Y format.)
  • [COMPATIBILITY] Adding link scanning support for Rank Math HTML Sitemap pages!
  • [EFFICIENCY] Making the link checking during post saves more efficient so that the process runs faster.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing undefined index bug when generating suggestions.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing bug that would make the “Refresh Link Count” page miss some internal links and show a lower than action number of Inbound Internal links.


  • [NEW FEATURE] Creating “Resume Link Scan” button that will allow Link Scans to be reactivated if they are stopped or cancelled!
  • [NEW SETTING] Creating option to use “Ugly” permalinks in the Report page! (Generating the “Pretty” permalinks for the Report can take a considerable amount of time on large sites. By using “Ugly” permalinks, we can skip all of this processing time and load the Report faster. Using the ugly permalinks for the Report doesn’t change the site’s permalink structure or make Link Whisper’s suggestions use the ugly links.)
  • [NEW SETTING] Creating option to ignore shortcodes by name.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding link scanning support for Gutenberg reusable blocks!
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Setting the suggestions to prioritize links to Piller/Cornerstone content.
  • [COMPATIBILITY] Reworking data storage systems to make the data smaller and to fix incompatibilities with post cloning plugins.
  • [COMPATIBILITY] Improving temp data storage so it works more reliably with caching.
  • [COMPATIBILITY] Improving the Muffin content scanning to pick up more text.
  • [COMPATIBILITY] Updating the Themify content getting.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improving cache handling to avoid accidentally using old data during scans.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improving the link stat tracking so it more accurately tracks link changes during post updates.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improving the ACF content queries so they are run faster.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Speeding up the URL following so target posts are identified much faster.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improving the sentence-size calculation to avoid cases where the suggestion is longer than 10 words.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improving the processing for shortcode-based content so really long shorcodes will be processable.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improving the link detection for really long posts.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Accounting for abbreviations like “Dr.” and “Prof.” in the suggestions.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Making the suggested anchors more concise where possible.
  • [EFFICIENCY] Caching queried ACF content to make processing faster.
  • [UX/UI] Adding tooltips to the Inbound, Outbound and External link columns to describe what the links mean.
  • [UX/UI] Adding “Pillar Content” icons in the Report that will say when a post is marked as pillar content.
  • [SECURITY] Fixing security issue in the Links Report.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing bug that would scan image “alt” text when generating suggestions.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing offset bug in suggestion process.


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