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WP Staging Pro offers a robust solution for creating staging sites, backups, and migrations, empowering you to test changes and manage your website effectively. This recent update (v5.4.1) brings a wave of bug fixes and improvements to ensure your website’s stability and your workflow remains smooth.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s new in WP Staging Pro v5.4.1:

  • Enhanced Security: The developers addressed a potential security issue and improved sanitization for backup titles, ensuring your data stays protected.
  • Bug Squashing: Several bugs have been squashed, including issues with accidentally loaded CSS files, log file encoding, and standalone installer functionality.

Beyond v5.4.1, WP Staging Pro boasts a feature-rich arsenal to streamline your WordPress workflow:

  • Effortless Staging Site Creation: Create isolated staging environments with just a few clicks, allowing you to test website changes without affecting your live site.
  • Seamless Backups & Restoration: Schedule automatic backups or create them manually, and restore your website to a previous state with ease in case of any issues.
  • Multisite and Support: WP Staging Pro offers backup and restore functionalities for WordPress multisite networks and even sites hosted on
  • Advanced Features: A plethora of advanced features cater to developers and agencies, including database search replace, custom table exclusion, and command-line backup creation.
  • FTP & Cloud Storage Integration: Backup your website to various destinations like FTP, Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Dropbox for added security and redundancy.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive and user-friendly interface makes WP Staging Pro accessible for users of all technical backgrounds.

Key Improvements and Updates (Since January 2024):

  • New in v5.4.0 (March 2024):
    • Option to create a new admin user during staging site creation.
    • Non-blocking process for uploading to FTP storage.
    • Advanced excludes option for WP CLI backup creation.
    • Delete option for cloud provider configurations.
    • Search and replace functionality for URLs in content of network subsites.
    • Option to test database connection on edit staging site page.
    • Improved UI elements and informative system information.
    • Support for excluding symlinked folders from disk space calculations.
  • New in v5.3.X (January 2024):
    • Backup and restore support for hosted sites.
    • Backup URL input form for migrating backups to other sites.
    • Re-authentication during staging site creation, backups, and push processes.
    • Backup and compression functionalities (in development).
    • A range of bug fixes and performance enhancements.

WP Staging Pro is a comprehensive WordPress plugin that empowers you to create staging sites, backups, and manage your website effectively. With its ongoing development, user-friendly interface, and robust feature set, it’s a valuable tool for anyone who wants to safeguard their WordPress website and streamline their workflow.

Is WP Staging Pro right for you?

If you take website security and maintenance seriously, then WP Staging Pro is a strong contender. It offers a user-friendly solution for both basic and advanced website management needs. Consider checking out their website for a more detailed breakdown of features, pricing options, and compatibility information to see if it aligns with your needs!

In the dynamic realm of website development and management, it’s crucial to have a robust tool that allows you to experiment, test, and make significant changes without jeopardizing your live website. This is where WP Staging Pro Nulled comes into play. WP Staging Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to simplify the process of creating staging environments for your WordPress websites. In this post, we will explore its features, benefits, and how it can revolutionize your WordPress site management.

WP Staging Pro is a game-changer for WordPress website owners, administrators, and developers. It offers a secure and efficient way to create a staging or development copy of your WordPress website. This staging environment is essentially a clone of your live site, allowing you to make changes, test updates, experiment with new themes or plugins, and debug without any risk to your primary website.


Let’s delve into the key features that make WP Staging Pro a must-have tool for WordPress professionals and enthusiasts:

1. Easy Staging

  • Creating a staging site has never been easier. The plugin provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows you to generate a staging site with just a few clicks. No technical expertise is required.

2. No Downtime

  • One of the standout features of WP Staging Pro is that your staging site operates independently of your live website. This means that any changes or experiments you perform on the staging site won’t affect your live website until you decide to push those changes.

3. Selective Deployment

  • The plugin provides granular control over what you want to push from the staging site to the live site. You can choose to deploy specific changes or updates, ensuring that only the desired modifications go live.

4. Database and File Copy

  • The plugin takes care of both your website’s database and its files, ensuring that your staging environment is an exact replica of your live site.

5. Push and Migrate

  • Easily push the changes you’ve made on your staging site to your live site when you’re ready to go live. Additionally, you can migrate your staging site to a different domain or server effortlessly.

6. Multisite Support

7. Security

  • Staging sites are often password-protected by default, ensuring that only authorized users can access and make changes in the staging environment.


Now that we’ve explored the features, let’s discuss the numerous benefits of using WP Staging Pro:

1. Safe Testing

  • WP Staging Pro provides a secure environment for testing updates, changes, or new features. You can experiment without risking the integrity of your live website.

2. Efficiency

  • Developers can work more efficiently with this plugin. It offers a dedicated environment for coding and testing, streamlining the development process.

3. Backup

  • Staging sites serve as a backup in case anything goes wrong during the testing phase. You can always revert to the previous state of your live website.

4. Confidence

  • The plugin gives you the confidence to make significant changes to your website. You can be sure that everything works flawlessly before deploying updates.

Premium Version

While there is a free version of WP Staging available, WP Staging Pro offers additional features and support. The premium version typically includes faster data copying, more control over what to copy, and priority support. Investing in the pro version can be particularly valuable for those managing complex websites and requiring advanced features.

Download WP Staging Pro WordPress Plugin

In conclusion, WP Staging Pro free download is a game-changing plugin that empowers WordPress users to manage their websites with confidence. With its intuitive interface, robust features, and secure staging environment, it simplifies the process of testing, updating, and experimenting with your WordPress site. Whether you’re a developer, designer, or website owner, this is a valuable tool that ensures your WordPress website remains flawless and up-to-date without any disruption to your live site. If you’re serious about WordPress website management, WP Staging Pro GPL is a must-have addition to your toolkit.


5.4.1 Release March 08, 2024

  • Enh: Remove files that were false-positive detected as malicious. #3184
  • Fix: Remove two css files accidentially loaded on the frontpage. #3208
  • Fix: Remove standalone installer – Not ready yet. #3218
  • Fix: Make sure to not encode single and double quotes while downloading log files. #3168

5.4.0 Release March 06, 2024

  • New: Add option to create a new admin user account for your staging site during it’s creation. #3087
  • New: Add option to use non-blocking process for uploading to FTP storage when using FTP extension to upload. #3103
  • New: Add advanced excludes option at WP CLI backup-create command. #3114
  • New: Add ‘Delete Settings’ button within the storage provider interface to facilitate the removal of the cloud provider configuration. #3108
  • New: Add support for Search Replace of urls in content of network subsites. #2960
  • New: Add option on edit staging site page for testing database connection. #3106
  • New: If uploads folder is symlinked exclude it from disk space calculation before creating a staging site. #3092
  • Enh: Update look and feel of backup scheduling modal. #3090
  • Enh: Add page loader for each page of the user interface. #3142
  • Enh: Add new upgrade buttons to header and license page. #3135
  • Enh: Add more information like database name to system information. #3125
  • Enh: Avoid scanning of excluded directories during the push process. #3049
  • Fix: Fatal error on old WordPress 4.4.32 due to using of get_current_network_id(). #3174
  • Fix: Base prefix wrongly replaced for users and usermeta tables in views when creating backup of views in multisite subsite. #3128
  • Fix: Prevent error while directory listing protection due to open_basedir restriction. #3180
  • Fix: Update free version plugin meta description to “Required by WP Staging Pro”. #3171
  • Fix: Remove redundant admin notices for invalid license keys during activation. #3139
  • Security: Fix a potential security error and add better sanitizing for backup title. #3152
  • Fix: Make sure EDD license checks are triggered only once. #3179
  • Fix: Google drive authentication not working properly under all circumstances. #3156
  • Fix: Selected custom tables on a staging site that had a different prefix than the prefix in the wp-config.php could not be pushed anymore. #3170
  • Fix: Prefix for user capabilities was not replaced when creating a backup of network subsite. #3129
  • Fix: The “Prefix” field was empty for listed staging sites if they were created in an external database and the prefix was not specified. #3166
  • Fix: The optimizer setting was shown as disabled, even if it was still active. #3151
  • Fix: Add loading icon beside ‘Refresh License Status’ button and adjusted loading bars on licensing page. #3185
  • Fix: Super (network) admins were not able to login with when network subsite backup was restored on a single site. #3191
  • Fix: Reference Error wpstgPro is not defined during staging site creation on FREE version. #3136
  • Fix: Make sure that backup plugin notice doesn’t overlap Create Staging Site button in UI. #3148
  • Fix: List of active plugins in system info is misleading. #2996
  • Fix: Make sure that mail setting page looks good on all screen resolutions. #3094
  • Fix: Incorrect process modal title for preserving data task. #3130
  • Fix: DRY properties in BackupMetadata and remove error message “trying to hydrate dto errors BackupMetadata::setCurrentNetworkId()” #3199
  • Dev: Update DI52 library to latest version for small performance gain. #3146
  • Dev: Fix missing adminer host on wpstg command. #3120
  • Dev: Load Basic or Pro service provider once other dependencies are loaded. #3160
  • Dev: Populate dev hosts from env variables to add to hosts file. #3122
  • Dev: Add adminer to dev tools for database management. #3112
  • Dev: Fast test fails on GitHub due to the missing of ‘wpstgBackupHeader.txt’ file, checksum needed to be updated each time. #3110
  • Dev: Update Github actions to latest version that uses Node 20 to avoid deprecation message Github CI. #3200

5.3.3 Release February 05, 2024

  • New: Support for WordPress 6.4.3
  • New: Add filter wpstg.push_excluded_directories to exclude specific folders during push. #3050
  • New: Add ‘Do review link’ to backup success modal after staging site and backup creation. #3085
  • Enh: Reduce number of API calls to for version number checking. #3091
  • Enh: Add option to use APPEND Mode for uploading backup using FTP from settings UI. #3044
  • Enh: Add loading icon during activation of the free version. #3041
  • Enh: Improve the message when backup has been created with older version of WP Staging. #3033
  • Enh: Make sure the checkbox icon appears at centre on all system. #2920
  • Enh: Make sure that font size and view layout is consistent in staging and reset modal. #3104
  • Fix: Can not update email address for sending error reports. #3109
  • Fix: Deprecation message about dynamic properties thrown by Google Drive Api Model class. Show exact error message when unable to get resume URI for Google Drive backup upload. #3076
  • Fix: Make sure to not check external DB credentials in free version while creating staging site. #3054
  • Fix: Editing the backup schedule sometime re-creates the schedule cron at a wrong time. #3101
  • Fix: Add filter to hide primary key changes message and include primary key details in the system information. #2972
  • Fix: Not all files are sometimes pushed under certain situation. #3082
  • Fix: Scheduled Backups unable to run when a manually created backup exists. #3089
  • Fix: The backup retention number of Google Drive backups isn’t honored. #3063
  • Fix: Handle issues when unable to fetch information for external database during cloning requirements. #3029
  • Fix: Show correct version of WP Staging in backup and staging log files. #3010
  • Fix: Type error when passing multiple parameters using hooks methods. #3064
  • Fix: Reduce height of the delete staging site modal. #3058
  • Tweak: Keep only wp-staging* plugins active during database renaming process on backup restore to avoid conflict. #3095
  • Tweak: Deprecate Filter ‘wpstg.ftpclient.forceUseFtpExtension’ as we already provide alternate option in FTP settings UI. #3053
  • Tweak: Improve success message after push about clearing site and theme cache, which may be required if the front page appears different than expected. #3003
  • Dev: Add initial level logic to support Backup Compression and Restore of Compressed Backups. #2555
  • Dev: Reduce number of manual e2e dispatch call by adding wp cli and cloud storages e2e in full PRO e2e suite and run them in parallel. #3073

5.3.2 Release January 18, 2024

  • Fix: Catch type errors on properties hydration for Backup Metadata and other backup related tasks. #3072

5.3.1 Release January 15, 2024

  • Fix: Handle warnings when unable to unserialize serialized data during cloning. #3004
  • Fix: Don’t logout when restoring backup site on last step when database was not restored. #3031
  • Fix: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError when using Litespeed server. #3060

5.3.0 Release January 14, 2024

  • New: Add backup and restore support for sites hosted on #2433
  • New: Add input form for backup URL directly migrate a backup to another site. #2752
  • Enh: Allow to re-authenticate if current session expires during creating staging site, backup or push process. #2285
  • Enh: Show all network site host-names in system info. #2953
  • Enh: During PUSH, use temp directory outside of plugins and themes directories to avoid plugin duplication and conflicts in case of a failure. #1595
  • Enh: Refactor and DRY backup cache class. #2991
  • Enh: Show admin message if user has another backup plugin installed and tell how amazing the WP Staging feature is:-) #2966
  • Enh: Add dev filter activation. #2976
  • Enh: Don’t reload all staging sites after creating staging site for smooth user experience. #2940
  • Enh: Show better error message when cloning process stops due to memory exhaustion. #2935
  • Fix: Although all tables were renamed correctly during backup restore, the backup restore log sometimes show incorrect number of tables restored. #2974
  • Fix: Can’t serialize unserialized data that has an instance of a class in the object. Relevant for backup and backup restore. #2981
  • Fix: Make sure to execute backup performance javascript only when creating a backup. #3019
  • Fix: Installing the required free version when installing the pro version might disable all network active plugins on a multisite network. #2997
  • Fix: Improve cleaning up of cache files after pushing and backup. #3021
  • Fix: If only one file is selected for pushing, that file is not copied. #3011
  • Fix: Under rare circumstances a push could miss to copy the last file of a queue. #2901
  • Fix: On Bitnami Hosted WordPress Sites, Plugins and Themes are not replaced during PUSH due to symlinked wp-content folder. #2692
  • Fix: Undefined index of databaseSsl #2995
  • Fix: Notice “Free version required” may show up on network admin page while backup free version is not network activated. #2949
  • Fix: Don’t show “Customized uploads folder notice” when host is flywheel. #2970
  • Fix: Make sure javascript events are only registered when the corresponding element is loaded in the DOM. #3039
  • Dev: Fix reauthentication e2e when creating backup. #3006
  • Dev: Add a windows based docker setup to run all backup and staging e2e and unit tests on a real Windows environment. #2699
  • Dev: Update nodejs docker image for building and compiling assets.#3016


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