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Eduma, a popular educational WordPress theme, has released version 5.4.4 with a focus on bug fixes. While it doesn’t introduce any groundbreaking new features, this update provides a smoother user experience and addresses potential display issues.

Here is a breakdown of the fixes in version 5.4.4 (released March 9, 2024):

  • Image size of the desired course: The size of the image displayed in the course wish list has been adjusted for better display.
  • Registration email image translation: The image used in registration email messages can now be translated to match your website’s language.
  • Default archive layout options: Fixed default archive layout options to ensure consistent display across different archive pages.
  • Minor CSS fixes: The update fixes some minor CSS errors that may have caused visual inconsistencies.

Previous updates (v5.4.0 – v5.4.3):

While version 5.4.4 focuses on bug fixes, it is worth noting the improvements introduced in previous updates in this release series (January – February 2024):

  • New Back to Top button options: You can now customize the layout of the back-to-top button in the customizer settings.
  • Curriculum changes: The Curriculum section may have seen minor improvements, although the changelog does not provide specific details.
  • LearnPress Razorpay add-on support: This update increases compatibility with the LearnPress Razorpay add-on, expanding your payment gateway options.
  • Blog layout configuration: New options have been introduced to configure the default layout of your blog posts.
  • Improved translation: The update fixes issues where some text elements could not be translated correctly.
  • Paid Memberships Pro Compatibility: Fixed an outdated file related to the Paid Memberships Pro plugin.
  • Course category widget fix: A bug that caused subcategories to be duplicated in the course category widget has been fixed.

In total, Eduma version 5.4.4 shows the theme’s commitment to providing a stable and well-maintained platform for educational websites. While new features are always welcome, bug fixes are essential for a smooth user experience. If you are using Eduma, updating to the latest version is recommended.

The digital age has significantly changed the education sector and brought with it the rise of online learning platforms and e-learning tools. As institutions and educators strive to provide the best online education experience, choosing the right WordPress theme is crucial. Eduma was set to zeroa dedicated WordPress theme for education, proves to be a beacon in the field, combining aesthetics with functionality to provide unparalleled e-learning environments.

Eduma pushes the traditional boundaries of educational topics by offering a mix of versatility, ease of use and innovation. It has been carefully developed with educators, students and institutions in mind and covers various educational needs, from schools and colleges to online course platforms. What really sets Eduma apart is its comprehensive approach – it doesn’t just provide one design; It offers an e-learning solution.


LearnPress integration

Eduma integrates seamlessly with LearnPress, one of the best WordPress LMS plugins. This allows you to create, manage and even sell courses, turning your website into an eLearning powerhouse.

Multiple demo variations

With numerous pre-built demos, institutions can choose a design that best suits their ethos and brand, ensuring a unique online presence.

Event management

Easily organize, manage and promote events, whether it’s a campus festival, seminar or webinar.

Visual page builder

The drag-and-drop page builder makes creating and customizing pages an effortless endeavor that requires no coding knowledge.

WooCommerce support

Whether it’s course sales, bookstores, or merchandise, Eduma’s integration with WooCommerce ensures smooth eCommerce operations.

Mobile optimization

Given the increasing trend of mobile learning, Eduma theme free download is fully responsive, ensuring a seamless learning experience across all devices.

Quiz management

Engage students with quizzes, an integral aspect of learning. With Eduma, educators can efficiently create, manage and evaluate quizzes.

One-click demo import

The one-click demo importer makes switching between demo styles or setting up the theme a breeze.

Multilingual and RTL ready

Education knows no linguistic boundaries. Eduma supports multiple languages, including right-to-left languages, to ensure inclusivity.

An intuitive navigation system is crucial for educational sites with rich content. Mega Menu helps organize content effectively and improves user experience.

Premium plugins included

Expand the theme’s features with bundled premium WordPress plugins and add more tools and features without incurring additional costs.

Parallax and CSS animation

Modern design elements such as parallax effects and CSS animations make the website visually appealing and appealing.

Certificates and badges

Recognize and reward your students’ achievements with customizable certificates and badges to promote motivation.

Grade book

Educators can track and evaluate student performance with an integrated gradebook, streamlining the assessment process.

Interactive course builder

Creating courses is intuitive with Eduma. With tools and layouts designed for teachers, course creation becomes a creative process.

Student and faculty profiles

Personalized profiles for students and teachers improve a sense of community and promote better interactions and engagement.

Detailed reporting and analysis

Understand student performance, course popularity, and more with detailed reports and analytics.

SEO optimized

The beauty of a subject is not just superficial. Eduma is optimized for search engines, ensuring educational content reaches a wider audience.


Eduma is a testament to what a dedicated education WordPress theme can do. It combines the best of design, functionality and user experience, meeting the diverse needs of the education sector. With its robust features and intuitive interface, Eduma simplifies the daunting task of creating and managing an education platform. It’s more than just an issue; It is a commitment to improving the global e-learning landscape. For institutions, educators and even students, Eduma provides a platform where education meets innovation and fosters environments that promote growth, interaction and excellence.

Version 5.4.4 – 03/09/2024


  • Update: Resize image in Wishlist course
  • Added: Translate image for message email when you register
  • Fixed: Default archive layout options
  • Fixed: some minor CSS errors

Version 5.4.3 – February 16, 2024


  • Added: New options for Backtotop configuration layout in Customizer -> General -> Extra Features
  • Optimization: Curriculum
  • Fixed: some minor CSS errors

Version 5.4.2 – January 27, 2024


  • Fixed: Random call logo and sticky logo when scrolling
  • Fixed: some minor CSS errors

Version 5.4.1 – 12/01/2024


  • Added support for Learnpress Razorpay add-on for LearnPress
  • Added: New blog configuration layout options
  • Fixed: Some texts cannot be translated
  • Fixed: Outdated file of Paid Memberships Pro plugin
  • Fixed: Duplicate subcategory course in Course Categories widget
  • Fixed: some minor CSS errors

Version 5.4.0 – January 5, 2024


  • Fixed: some minor CSS errors

Version 5.3.9 – 12/25/2023


  • Add new demo eCommerce
  • Fixed: some minor CSS errors


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