Free Download Craft Portfolio (v1.3.2) Architecture & Design Free Download


Craft portfolio architecture & design free download is a carefully crafted one WordPress Theme specifically designed for architecture, design and interior design portfolio websites. With its stunning design, advanced features and seamless functionality, Craft Portfolio offers architects, designers and interior designers a powerful platform to showcase their work and attract potential clients.

Key Features:

  1. Fully Responsive Design: Craft Portfolio features a fully responsive design, ensuring your website looks great and functions flawlessly on all devices and screen sizes. Whether your visitors view your portfolio on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, they will enjoy a seamless browsing experience.
  2. Retina Ready: Craft Portfolio is optimized for high-resolution displays, so your portfolio images appear crisp, clear, and visually stunning on devices with Retina screens. With retina-ready graphics, your portfolio will leave a lasting impression on your visitors and present your work in the best possible light.
  3. Easy Customization: Craft Portfolio has an easy-to-use customization interface that makes it easy to customize every aspect of your website to suit your branding and design preferences. With intuitive design options and flexible customization settings, you can easily personalize your portfolio website.
  4. Portfolio showcase: Architecture and design craft portfolio set to zero offers a range of portfolio presentation options to help you present your projects in a visually appealing and organized manner. Choose from different layout styles, grid options, and portfolio formats to best present your work.
  5. Project Detail Pages: Craft Portfolio includes dedicated project detail pages where you can provide detailed information about each project in your portfolio. Add project descriptions, images, videos, customer testimonials, and more to give your visitors a comprehensive overview of your work.
  6. Filterable Portfolio: Craft Portfolio has a filterable portfolio feature that allows visitors to easily browse and filter your projects based on categories, tags, or other custom criteria. This makes it easy for potential clients to find the specific type of projects they are interested in viewing.
  7. Contact Forms: Craft Portfolio includes built-in contact forms that make it easy for visitors to contact you directly from your portfolio website. Customize contact forms to collect specific information from your visitors and optimize your communication process.
  8. SEO friendly: Craft portfolio free download Designed with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in mind, it ensures your portfolio website ranks well in search engine results and attracts organic traffic. With clean code, fast loading times, and SEO-friendly design elements, Craft Portfolio helps you improve your online visibility and reach a wider audience.

Craft portfolio set to zero is versatile and feature-rich WordPress Theme that offers architects, designers and interior designers everything they need to create an impressive portfolio website. With its responsive design, retina-ready graphics, easy customization options, and powerful portfolio presentation features, Craft Portfolio is the perfect choice to showcase your creative work and attract potential clients.

Craft Portfolio, Architecture and Design, Changelog

Version 1.3.2 - 27 August 23

    - Improved WooCommerce compatibility

Version 1.3.1 - 31 March 23

    - Fixed WP 6.2 issue

Version 1.3.0 - 26 February 23

    - Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2.9 - 3 February 23

    - Import plugin update

Version 1.2.8 - 13 April 22

    - Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2.7 - 19 May 21

    - Fixed color picker opacity

Version 1.2.6 - 14 May 21

    - Fixed post author name and URL

Version 1.2.5 - 4 April 21

    - Added support for Lightweight Sidebar Manager plugin


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