Free Download OxyProps (v1.12.0) The Ultimate Page Builder Companion Free Download


OxyProps, the ultimate page builder companion, free download is your solution to maximize your productivity and profitability with Oxygen Builder. OxyProps is designed to streamline your workflow and optimize your website building process. It’s a powerful plugin that helps you save time, increase billable hours, and increase your overall efficiency.

With OxyProps you can easily calculate your return on investment (ROI) by entering your hourly rate and daily hours for website creation. Our intuitive calculator tool gives you valuable insight into how much you can potentially save annually by reducing your workload and increasing efficiency with OxyProps. Whether you are a freelance web designer or a professional agency, OxyProps allows you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your business operations for maximum profitability.

One of the key features of OxyProps is its advanced features and smart context menus that allow you to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. With OxyProps you can streamline your workflow and eliminate repetitive tasks with direct access to powerful tools and shortcuts. From creating custom templates to managing global styles, OxyProps offers a wide range of features to help you create stunning websites with ease.

OxyProps, the ultimate page builder companion, has been deleted also helps you improve the quality of your work and deliver exceptional results to your clients. Our plugin is packed with innovative features and tools that expand your creative possibilities and allow you to build beautiful, responsive websites that stand out from the competition. With OxyProps you can take your web design projects to the next level and exceed your clients’ expectations with ease.

OxyProps free download is designed to seamlessly integrate with Oxygen Builder, the leading WordPress website builder. Our plugin extends the functionality of Oxygen Builder and provides you with additional tools and features that complement its core features. Whether you’re an experienced Oxygen Builder user or just starting out, OxyProps is the perfect companion plugin to help you unlock the full potential of this powerful website building platform.

OxyProps is a groundbreaking plugin that helps you save time, increase billable hours, and increase your overall efficiency with Oxygen Builder. With its intuitive calculator tool, advanced functionality, and seamless integration with Oxygen Builder, OxyProps allows you to take your web design projects to the next level and achieve unprecedented success in your business. Experience the power of OxyProps set to zero and transform your website creation process today!

OxyProps The Ultimate Page Builder Companion Changelog

v1.12.0 (2024-02-09)

link v1.12.0 (2024-02-09)
link Feat
cli: add CLI API to o-props and create license activation and deactivation commands

v1.11.5 (2024-02-02)

link v1.11.5 (2024-02-02)
link Fix
all: fix compatibility with Matthias Altamnn’s Quick Nav Snippet.
link Refactor
dev: dev version

v1.11.4 (2024-01-28)

link v1.11.4 (2024-01-28)
link Fix
all: resolves a bug where some default gutenberg styles were not loaded even with the dequeue gutenberg styles option off
link Refactor
all: Switch to WP_Filesystem
enqueue: replace php functions by wp own functions
standards: changed to Yoda style


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