Free Download (v5.1.0) Prestashop Custom Product Options – Add Extra Fields to Product Free Download


The Custom Prestashop Product Options – Add additional fields to the product, free download for PrestashopYou can easily add additional fields to your products so customers can personalize their purchases and create unique products tailored to their preferences. Whether you sell clothing, accessories or custom gifts, Prestashop Custom Product Options – Add additional fields to the product Offers a wide range of field types to meet various customization needs, including text, text area, radio button, checkbox, dropdown, image file, date, time, and date and time. Additionally, you can set impact pricing for each option, allowing you to increase order value by offering product customizations.

Key Features of Custom Product Options:

  1. Text and text area fields: Allow customers to enter text or longer descriptions for personalized messages, names, or other customizations.
  2. Radio and checkbox fields: Offer your customers options to choose from predefined options such as: B. Colors, sizes or styles.
  3. Dropdown fields: Offer customers a drop-down menu with a list of options to choose from to simplify the selection process.
  4. Image file fields: Allow customers to upload images for custom designs, monograms, or personalization.
  5. Date and time fields: Allow customers to select specific dates and times for deliveries, events or appointments.
  6. Impact Prize: Set additional fees for certain customizations, such as: B. high-quality materials, individual designs or personalized engravings to increase order value and sales.

Benefits of using custom product options:

  1. Improved customer experience: By offering customizable products, you offer your customers a personalized shopping experience, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.
  2. Increased order value: Customizable options allow you to upsell premium features or personalized upgrades, resulting in higher order values ​​and sales.
  3. Competitive advantage: Stand out from the competition by offering a wider range of customization options to attract customers who value personalized products.
  4. Flexibility and versatility: With a variety of field types available, you can accommodate different product types and customization needs, ensuring compatibility with your product catalog.
  5. Optimized ordering process: Customers can easily select their preferred customizations during the ordering process, reducing the need for follow-up communication and streamlining order fulfillment.
  6. Improved product differentiation: Customizable options allow you to differentiate your products from standard offerings and serve niche markets or specific customer preferences.

The Custom product options free download for Prestashop offers a powerful solution to improve product customization and personalization. With a variety of field types available, including text, text area, radio button, checkbox, dropdown, image file, date, time, and date and time, you can meet various customization needs and give customers the opportunity to create unique products tailored to their preferences. Additionally, by setting impact pricing for customizations, you can increase order value and sales while providing your customers with an improved shopping experience. Invest in Custom product options set to zero Unlock the full potential of product customization and grow your eCommerce business today.

Prestashop custom product options changelog

Version 5.1.0 - 7/11/2023

PrestaShop compatibility: - 8.1.4
Provided new options type Date, Time, and DateTime.
Apply product options combination wise.
Apply product options to selected category products.
Assign product options to multiple combinations at once.
Display options in popup or normal view.
Set character limit for text and textarea options.
Placeholder for text and Textarea added.
Display options in Admin cart page.
Fixed validations issues.
Fixed UI and some other minor issues.

Version 5.0.0 - 2/16/2023

PrestaShop compatibility: - 8.0.4
Made compatible with PrestaShop version 8
Option to set different impact prices on different values of a product options
Display product options on the invoice, delivery slips, and order confirmation mail.
Allow customers to add different option values for the same product in cart.
New product option Textarea type added
Set product options as pre-selected
Make the option selection mandatory.
Configuration added for color picker
 Fixed some minor issues
Fixed UI and validations issue

Version 4.0.0 - 5/9/2022

PrestaShop compatibility: -
Create different types of options using dropdown, checkbox, image, radio button, and text fields.
Define price impact of each option.


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