Free Download (v1.3.2) B2B Registration – SIRET – VAT Number & Automatic Group Module Free Download


The B2B registration – SIRET – VAT number and automatic group module free download process for you Prestashop save? Then our B2B registration module is just right for you. It is designed to make account creation quick, easy and tailored to the specific needs of B2B customers.

Automated SIRET and VAT number verification

With our B2B registration module, we have simplified the verification process for SIRET and VAT numbers. B2B customers can enter their SIRET and VAT numbers when registering and our module will automatically check the accuracy of these numbers. This ensures that only legitimate businesses can register for B2B accounts on your Prestashop store. This gives you peace of mind and reduces the risk of fraudulent registrations.

Automatic group assignment

Our B2B registration module also includes an automatic group assignment function. Depending on the country of registration, B2B customers are automatically assigned to dedicated groups tailored to their specific needs. This ensures B2B customers have access to the right products, prices and features depending on their location, making the shopping experience more efficient and personalized.

Tailored for the B2B market

We know that B2B customers have unique needs and requirements. That’s why our B2B registration module is specifically designed for the B2B market. From automatic verification of SIRET and VAT numbers to automatic group assignment by country, our module offers the features and functionalities that B2B customers expect when registering for an account on your Prestashop store.

Easy integration with Prestashop

B2B registration – SIRET – VAT number and automatic group module deleted The module can be integrated seamlessly Prestashop, making it easier to implement and manage in your business. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, our module is tailored to the needs of Prestashop store owners of all sizes. With simple installation and configuration options, you can get our B2B registration module up and running in your store in no time.

Improved customer experience

By simplifying the B2B registration free download Our B2B registration module improves the process and automates SIRET and VAT number verification and improves the customer experience for B2B customers. With fewer steps required to register an account and automatic assignment to specific groups based on country, B2B customers can quickly and easily access the products and features they need, increasing overall satisfaction and loyalty.

Get started today

B2B registration invalid Module is the perfect solution. With automated SIRET and VAT number verification, automatic group assignment and tailored features for the B2B market, our module makes it easy to offer B2B customers a professional account creation experience. Start today and increase yours Prestashop Store to better serve your B2B customers!


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