Free Download (v.26 Jan 2024) Facebook Leads integration module for Perfex CRM Free Download


The Facebook Leads integration module for Perfex CRM free download is a powerful tool that makes it easy to seamlessly sync Facebook leads generated from your Facebook Page’s forms with Perfex Leads. This integration uses the oAuth connection mechanism to gain access to your Facebook Pages, allowing leads to be transferred efficiently between Facebook and Perfex CRM. With the ability to sync custom fields, manage multiple pages, and streamline the lead management process, this module is a valuable addition for companies looking to improve their customer relationship management.

Key Features:

  1. oAuth Connect for secure access: The integration module uses oAuth connect to create a secure connection between Perfex CRM and your Facebook pages. This secure authentication mechanism ensures that only authorized users have access to the necessary Facebook data, increasing the overall security of the integration.
  2. Sync Facebook leads with Perfex leads: The main function of the module is to synchronize leads generated through you Facebook Page forms with Perfex Leads. This automation eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures all leads are efficiently transferred to Perfex CRM, allowing your team to focus on nurturing customer relationships rather than data management.
  3. Custom Field Sync: The module’s flexibility extends to synchronizing custom fields between Perfex and Facebook. This feature allows businesses to customize the integration to their specific needs and ensure that all relevant information collected through Facebook forms is seamlessly integrated into Perfex CRM’s custom fields.
  4. Multi-page management: The module is designed for companies that manage multiple Facebook pages. Whether you have separate pages for different products, services, or business units, the integration allows you to sync leads from multiple pages, providing a centralized and efficient lead management solution within Perfex CRM.

Advantages for companies:

  1. Efficiency in lead management: The automation provided by the Facebook Leads integration module for Perfex CRM Nulled streamlines the lead management process. By eliminating manual data entry and ensuring real-time synchronization, companies can respond to leads promptly, reducing the risk of missed opportunities and increasing overall efficiency.
  2. Improved data accuracy: Manual data entry is prone to errors and leads to discrepancies and inaccuracies in customer information. The integration module minimizes the risk of data entry errors by automating the transfer of leads and ensuring that information captured on Facebook is accurately reflected in Perfex CRM.
  3. Adaptation to business needs: The ability to sync custom fields between Perfex and Facebook allows companies to customize the integration to their specific needs. Whether it’s capturing industry-specific data or unique customer preferences, the module ensures that companies can tailor the integration to their individual needs.
  4. Centralized Lead Repository: By managing leads from multiple Facebook Pages in one central location in Perfex CRM, businesses gain a holistic view of their customer interactions. This centralized repository enables comprehensive lead tracking, analysis and reporting.

The Facebook leads to free download is a valuable tool for companies that want to optimize their lead management processes. By automating the synchronization of Facebook runs NulledThe module increases efficiency, accuracy and customization, ultimately contributing to a leaner and more effective customer relationship management strategy. Whether managing a single page or multiple pages, businesses can use this integration to ensure no lead goes unnoticed and all customer interactions are seamlessly captured in Perfex CRM, contributing to improved customer retention and satisfaction.


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