Free Download StreamTube v3.0.2 Nulled + (Addons) Video Streaming WordPress Theme


StreamTube, a feature-rich WordPress Theme with powerful video streaming features, has received numerous updates in the last few months. Let’s dive into the latest and greatest:

March 2024 Updates:

  • BuddyPress Power (v3.0.0): StreamTube delves into the world of social interaction with extensive BuddyPress compatibility. Enjoy features like activity streams, notifications, private messages, user groups and more – fostering a vibrant community around your videos.
  • Mobile mania (v3.0.0): Enhance your mobile viewers’ experience with a sleek mobile bottom menu for easy navigation and an auto-hide header for an immersive viewing experience.
  • Engagement arsenal (v3.0.0):
    • Automated notifications: Keep users up to date on new posts with automatic notifications to post authors, followers, and friends after moderation.
    • Shortcode powerhouse: Introduce video upload, embed, and live forms directly to your pages using shortcodes.
  • Socially savvy (v3.0.0): StreamTube includes Twitch and WhatsApp with dedicated social icons for greater reach.
  • An optimized experience (multiple versions):
    • Minor CSS fixes ensure an elegant appearance on all devices.
    • Improved compatibility with Paid Memberships Pro for a seamless membership experience (although updating PMPro to version 3.0 is not yet recommended).
    • Advanced search functionality with an “Any” search term for more comprehensive video recognition.
    • Optimized player performance for a smoother viewing experience.
    • Automated video sync from Cloudflare Stream to WordPress for efficient management.
    • Hidden player and user IDs in myCred reward logs for greater privacy.

Previous updates (January and December 2023):

  • StreamTube 2.7.29 and StreamTube Core 2.11.35: StreamTube continues to refine its core features through various improvements and bug fixes. In particular, improved compatibility with the “OG – Better Share on Social Media” plugin for greater social reach.
  • Cloudflare Stream gets a boost (v1.1.2):
    • Simulcast performance: Stream live on multiple platforms simultaneously and reach a wider audience on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and more! (Up to 50 targets!)
    • Signed URL Security: Tighten control over video playback by restricting access to authorized websites.
    • Effortless Bulk Updates: Efficiently update video settings across your entire library.
  • Upcoming video feature (v2.7.27): Create excitement with scheduled video release and an eye-catching countdown timer.

In total, StreamTube’s recent updates demonstrate its commitment to building a robust and engaging video streaming platform. From powerful social features to enhanced mobile experiences and content management improvements, StreamTube offers a feature-rich solution for video creators and streamers of all levels.

StreamTube features an innovative and comprehensive WordPress theme specifically designed for streaming and sharing videos. Whether you are a vlogger, a news agency, a gaming site, an e-learning platform or an e-commerce company, StreamTube theme set to zero meets a wide range of video needs with its sleek design and powerful features.

In the digital age, video content reigns supreme. StreamTube is tailored to this demand, offering a platform that not only presents videos beautifully but also increases functionality and user engagement. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to create a professional and efficient video platform, from individual content creators to multi-author sites.

StreamTube turns any WordPress website into a dynamic video hub. It seamlessly integrates with advanced streaming services like and Cloudflare Stream APIs for fast, efficient video uploads and deliveries. The theme’s design is clean and responsive, ensuring a great viewing experience on all devices, while its feature set makes it incredibly versatile.

If you are looking for an alternative, here is the best one: Streamit Nulled Video Streaming WordPress Theme + RTL


  • Cloudflare and API integration: Simplifies the process of uploading and delivering videos, ensuring efficiency and low costs.
  • Live streaming: Provides live streaming capabilities for real-time video content sharing.
  • Automated video processing: Includes features such as automatic thumbnail generation, animations, and real-time video status detection.
  • Automatic publishing and notifications: Automatically publishes videos after encoding and sends notifications to authors when they complete or fail.
  • Diverse layout options: Comes with full-width and boxed layouts, eight pre-built homepages, and three individual video templates.
  • Advanced video player: Leverages Video.js for a modern, high-performance video player that is cross-browser compatible.
  • Advertising opportunities: Supports various advertising formats, including VAST tags and Google Ad Manager, to monetize video content.
  • YouTube importer: Allows you to easily import YouTube videos, increasing content diversity on your platform.
  • Responsive and RTL ready: Ensures your website is mobile-friendly and supports right-to-left languages.
  • Elementor page builder: Easily create stunning layouts with the popular drag-and-drop page builder.
  • WooCommerce and bbPress integration: Seamless integration with WooCommerce for selling video content and bbPress for community engagement.
  • Google Analytics reports: Provides built-in analytics to track user engagement.
  • Content restrictions and myCred compatibility: Manage access to content and integrate a points-based reward system.
  • Translation ready with W3C validation: Ensures global accessibility and web standards compliance.

Why StreamTube is ideal for your video website

  1. Versatile use cases: Suitable for various types of video websites, from e-learning to gaming.
  2. Efficient video management: Streamlines the process of uploading and managing videos.
  3. Monetization features: Provides multiple ways to monetize video content.
  4. User engagement tools: Improves user interaction with features like live chat and social login.
  5. Comprehensive customization: Allows extensive customization to fit your brand.

Conclusion: StreamTube – Revolutionizing video content sharing on WordPress

In summary, StreamTube is an exceptional WordPress theme that revolutionizes the way videos are shared and streamed online. The combination of advanced features, user-friendly design, and integration options makes it an essential tool for anyone looking to build a professional and engaging video platform. Whether your goal is to share personal content, run a multi-author video site, or integrate e-learning and e-commerce elements, StreamTube theme free download offers the versatility and functionality to meet and exceed your needs. Using StreamTube means entering a world of enhanced digital storytelling, user engagement and content monetization.

09 March 2024

Updated: StreamTube theme - 3.0.2
Updated: StreamTube Core plugin - 3.0.2
Fixed: Minor issue with "Header 1 - Fullwidth" on extra-small mobile devices.
Fixed: BuddyPress Global Notice wasn't appearing on the user dashboard.
Fixed: Minor CSS
06 March 2024

Updated: StreamTube theme - 3.0.1
Updated: StreamTube Core plugn - 3.0.1
Added: Paid Memberships Pro - Affiliates Add On compatibility
Fixed: Minor CSS.
05 March 2024

Updated: StreamTube theme - 3.0.0
Updated: StreamTube Core plugn - 3.0.0
Updated: WP Post Location plugin - 1.0.9
Updated: WP User Follow plugin - 1.3.2
Updated: WP Cloudflare Stream plugin - 2.0
Updated: WP Video Encoder plugin - 1.2
BuddyPress compatibility and integration
-- Activity Streams
-- Notifications
-- Private Messages
-- User Groups
-- Friend Connections
-- User Mentions
-- User Follow
-- Etc ...
Documented at
Added: Automatically Hide Header on Scroll
Added: [form_upload] shortcode
Added: [form_embed] shortcode
Added: [form_golive] shortcode
Added: Twitch social icon and WhatsApp social button.
Added: Mobile Bottom Menu
Added: Auto notify post author after post has been moderated
Added: Auto notify followers and friends on new posts
Fixed: Broken bbPress template.
Fixed: Term Grid widget
Fixed: Search Form
Improved: Paid Membership Pro 3 is compatible,
however, updating the PMPro plugin is not recommended at the moment, as it is still under development
Improved: Thumbnail animated hover on mobile.
Improved: Conceal Player and User IDs in myCred reward log content.
Improved: Auto-responsive oEmbed HTML
-- Added: Auto sync videos from Cloudflare Stream to WP
Improved: Search form
-- Added: "Any" search term
Improved: Player, smarter and smoother.
Updated: POT language file.
Substantial enhancements to CSS, JS, and code, along with numerous improvements
02 Jan 2024

Updated: StreamTube theme - version 2.7.29
Updated: StreamTube Core plugin - Version 2.11.35
Updated: WP Cloudflare Stream plugin - 1.1.2
Updated: POT language files.
Improved: Major enhancements and bug fixes.
Compatibility: "OG — Better Share on Social Media" plugin
WP Cloudflare Stream
- Added: Simulcast - Now you can forward your live stream to third-party platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Simulcast to up to 50 concurrent destinations from each live input
- Added: Signed URL - Enables you to strongly control how your videos are viewed, preventing the signed URL from being hosted on unknown sites
- Added: "Bulk Update" feature - Empowers you to perform bulk updates on all existing videos when any settings have been modified.
10 Dec 2023

Updated: StreamTube theme - version 2.7.27
Updated: StreamTube Core plugin - Version 2.11.30
Updated: WP Cloudflare Stream plugin - 1.0.45
Added: Upcoming Video feature
-- Allows you to schedule videos with an eye-catching countdown.
-- Demo
Improved: minor improvements
Improved: Minor CSS


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