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The Pinterest Auto Pin Free Download The plugin is a powerful tool that allows you to streamline and automate the process of pinning content from your browser WordPress Pinterest website. This plugin allows users to effortlessly expand their reach on Pinterest by automatically sharing their site’s content, including images, posts, and products, to their Pinterest boards.

One of the main features of the Pinterest Automatic Pin plugin is its ease of use and simplicity. Users can quickly set up the plugin and configure their pinning settings with just a few clicks, making it accessible to users of all experience levels. The intuitive interface allows users to customize pinning settings, such as: For example, you can select specific categories or tags to pin, set pinning intervals, and set the number of pins per post to tailor the plugin to your individual needs.

The Pinterest Automatic Pin plugin provides flexibility and control over the pinning process, allowing users to define criteria by which content is pinned on Pinterest. Users can automatically pin new posts or specific post types, or even manually select individual posts to pin. Additionally, the plugin supports custom post types, allowing users to pin a wide range of content beyond traditional blog posts, including portfolio items, products, and more.

Another notable feature of the Automatic Pinterest pin deleted Plugin is its support for pinning images directly from the WordPress Media library. Users can select images from their media library and schedule them to pin on Pinterest, eliminating the need to include images in posts or pages to be pinned. This feature is particularly useful for users who want to showcase images separately or promote specific visual content on Pinterest.

The plugin also offers advanced pinning options such as setting custom pin descriptions and hashtags to optimize pins for increased visibility and engagement on Pinterest. Users can customize Pin descriptions to include relevant keywords, calls to action, and other information to grab attention and drive traffic back to their website. Additionally, the plugin supports hashtags, allowing users to include relevant hashtags in their pin descriptions to improve discoverability and reach on Pinterest.

Furthermore, the Automatic pin free download The plugin has robust scheduling features that allow users to schedule pins to be published at specific times and dates. Users can set pinning schedules to coincide with peak engagement times on Pinterest to ensure their pins are seen by their audience when they are most active. This scheduling feature allows users to maintain a consistent pinning strategy without manual intervention, saving time and effort when managing their Pinterest presence.

The automatic Pinterest pin WordPress Plugin is a valuable tool for WordPress Users who want to expand their reach Pinterest. With its ease of use, flexibility and advanced features, the plugin simplifies the process of sharing content from your WordPress website on Pinterest and helps users drive traffic, increase engagement, and grow their audience on the popular visual discovery platform. Whether you are a blogger, business owner or content creator, this Automatic pin deleted Plugin offers a practical and efficient solution to maximize your presence Pinterest and leveraging its potential to increase traffic and engagement on your website.

Pinterest Automatic Pin Change Log

Version 4.17.0 22 January 2024

NEW: Option to set the pin alt text from the image alt text or the post title
Fix: Support for post types that have exclude_from_search enabled 

Version 4.16.0 20 (September 2023)

- NEW: Rank math SEO plugin compatibility, now [post_except] tag gets replaced by the SEO description- 
- Fix: View server IP now works correctly

Version 4.15.1 (20 July 2022)

- Fix: tab char in post description now gets handled, was returning \t error

Version 4.15.0 (5 May 2022)

- New: option to set pin method to either Save from a website or Create a pin

Version 4.14.4 (23 August 2021)

- Fix: Urgent core bug fix, all users must upgrade

Version 4.14.3 (2 May 2021)

- Fix: WPBakery JS composer integration updated 

Version 4.14.2 (14 August 2020)

- Fix: Plugin updated to work with WordPress 5.5

Version 4.14.1 (27 December 2019)

 - Fix: fetch boards now works again without the need to reload the page


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