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Tuturn is a WordPress theme for tutoring and tutoring marketplaces. It has been developed after thorough research to meet the needs of people interested in building online tutoring centers and tutoring marketplaces. Students can find available online tutors and unlock any tutor profile to receive online tutoring.

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Email: ava@amentotech.com
Password: Google

Email: adolfo@amentotech.com
Password: Google

College student:
Email: chan@amentotech.com
Password: Google

Email: chapman@amentotech.com
Password: Google

Credit and sources

Pictures are not included in the package. Some of the images/icons may be from

Heading font:
Outfit – https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Outfit

Paragraph font:
Open Sans – https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Open+Sans

Source of symbols:
Fontawesome – https://fontawesome.com/
Feather Icons – https://feathericons.com/

Image source:
Shutterstock – https://www.shutterstock.com/
Bigstock – https://www.bigstockphoto.com/
Unsplash – https://unsplash.com/

Version 2.9 – May 30, 2023

-- Identity CNIC field add on admin side "Identity verification".
-- & symbol issue during brief introduction save. content not saved after & symbol.
-- Add an option to hide uncategorized categories from dropdowns.
-- Add the cron job for expired bookings completed after specific days.
-- Pdf invoice mashup issue resolved for Georgian language.
-- Fixing sorting issues according to low/high price
-- Add dashboard dropdown in case of Elementor header use

Version 2.7 – March 15, 2023

-- Search result page record showing based on the verification issue has been fixed
-- Reset password issue has been fixed
-- Authentication issue has been fixed
-- Complete booking issue has been fixed

Version 2.6 – March 8, 2023

Please back up your database and files before updating as we have made significant improvements to identity verification. Please enable this under Tuturn Settings > User Verification https://amentotech.ticksy.com/article/19464/

-- Tutors and Student ID verification process have been improved
-- Email templates for the ID verification process have been added

Version 2.8 – April 10, 2023

-- Forgot password issue update.
-- Update user name full/short in favorite list.
-- Add option to make phone field required/optional.
-- Issue fixed update review on booking complete.
-- Add profile image height/width validation.

Version 2.5 – March 5, 2023

-- WP Guppy Pro start chat issue has been fixed now
-- Location display on the search pages issue has been fixed
-- The Image upload cropping issue has been fixed
-- Reset password issue has been fixed now
-- Elementor compatibility issues have been fixed
-- WP Authentication issue has been fixed

Version 2.4 – February 23, 2023

-- Search instructor radius search issue has been fixed now
-- Login with username issue has been fixed
-- Display the Profile link in the WordPress user area, if verification is disabled, has been fixed
-- Redirect to the search instructor page if the cart is empty and has been updated with settings
-- Radius changing values issue has been fixed
-- The Appointment listing detail issue has been fixed now
-- Reset password issue has been fixed
-- Delete account option has been added to a user profile
-- An Email template for the admin to delete the account has been added
-- Approve appointment issue has been fixed
-- Country selection WooCommerce settings have been updated

Version 2.3 – February 14, 2023

-- User slugs for the short name issue have been fixed
-- Dompdf updated to the latest version for invoices download

Version 2.2 – January 21, 2023

-- Instagram link in footer contact information has been added
-- ID verification for students' message display issue has been fixed
-- Username settings in registrations have been added
-- Add phone number in the registration and profile settings
-- Short names display settings have been added
-- Link copied message to display on the profile page has been added
-- Search in mile and kilometers issue has been fixed
-- Grammer for view issue has been fixed
-- Tuturn core plugin updated
-- Slider Content in elementor edit mode issue has been fixed

Version 2.1 – January 11, 2023

-- The Video upload issue creating an issue with the search page and also on the detail page has been fixed
-- Listing view button click not showing listing view issue has been fixed
-- Hourly log notification showing the parameter instead of tutor name issue as been fixed
-- Total booking price not showing floating values issue has been fixed
-- Registration improvements
-- Transparent logo display on the specific pages settings has been added
-- Banner background color and image options have been added
-- Email template footer color options have been added
-- Email template content width settings have been added
-- The Image display issue when uploaded only one image or video in listing issue has been fixed
-- Elementor compatibility issue has been fixed

Version 2.0 – December 25, 2022

-- Time slot days order issue has been fixed
-- Add to save button issue has been fixed
-- Bullets display issue has been fixed
-- Color settings have been added in Tuturn Settings
-- Change post type slugs settings has been added in Tuturn Settings
-- Slots saving and reorder issue has been fixed
-- Slugs for instructor and student settings have been added in Settings > Permalinks

Version 1.9 – November 12, 2022

-- Add to save issue has been fixed
-- List style issue has been fixed
-- Days sorting in the time slots have been added

Version 1.8 – October 5, 2022

-- Days availability displayed on the tutor detail page and search pages
-- Search filter by date availability has been added
-- Update student package from back-end have been added
-- Search filter by morning, noon and afternoon has been added
-- Add options to enable the booking with 0 prices for the tutors
-- Packages options for students and instructors have been added from back-end
-- Online/offline tuition place options updated
-- Hours logs detail has been added on the back-end and front-end
-- Hours log start, end date and image thumbnails have been added
-- Parent consent email template has been added when submitting the verification request
-- Linked profile link added in back-end user listing
-- User type added in back-end user listing
-- Ajax improvements

Version 1.7 – September 25, 2022

-- Volunteer hour log module has been added with on/off settings
-- My calendar title option has been added
-- Multiple identity verification log settings have been added
-- Gender field added in personal detail and also in search filters
-- Location field state and city options have been added
-- Online/offline tutoring settings have been updated
-- Contact information more social links have been added
-- Search by subject in search by keyword has been updated
-- Filters on/off options have been added
-- Booking time slot time settings have been added
-- Packages for Students settings have been added
-- Allow viewing tutor information with at-lest one booking setting has been added
-- Design improvements
-- transaction and invoices menu on/off settings have been added

Version 1.6 – August 17, 2022

-- Dashboard access improvements
-- Packages price display improvements
-- Plugin version updated to 1.6 

Version 1.5 – August 15, 2022

-- Approve booking from tutor profile issue has been fixed
-- Rate tutor against the booking issue has been fixed
-- WP Guppy Pro compatibility issue and improvements
-- Chat & booking buttons on the detail showing for his own profile issue has been fixed
-- Default email pulled from registration to the contact details
-- Dashboard access issue has been fixed
-- Identity verification design improvements on back-end

Version 1.4 – June 18, 2022

-- Add booking info from profile settings.
-- Media gallery images loading issue.
-- Tuturn plugin updated

Version 1.3 – June 14, 2022

-- Search student's page template.
-- Instructor package contact information display issue.
-- Available courses shortcode update.
-- Instructor slider shortcode update.
-- Review shortcode update.
-- Instructor's identity verification process
-- Enable/disable booking

Please note here that images are for preview purposes only and will be replaced by placeholders in the package. Please let us know if there is anything unclear.


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