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SimonTaxi is a responsive WordPress theme for Taxi booking, taxi booking, vehicle booking and rental service.

The only WordPress theme with full booking functionality and the modules listed below on ThemeForest

Taxi driver app

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SimonTaxi – test user login

URL: https://wordpresstaxibookingtheme.digisamaritan.com/sign-in/

End user:
Username: customer
Password: password

Username: driver
Password: password

Username: demo admin
Password: admin123

Any questions? Just call Digishelp on Skype.

Available add-ons/plugins (paid)

Check out the features of this Cab Booking WordPress theme on YouTube

SimonTaxi is handcrafted specifically for the rental industry and is packed with amazing features that SimonTaxi brings to the table One-click demo installation.

SimonTaxi – List of modules

  • Vehicle module: The administrator can manage all vehicles here. We can list the vehicles by name, features, type, location, hourly package, deployment date, special rate date, distance price, voucher code and release date. There are robust features when adding vehicles.
  • Function module: This module lists the various functions of vehicles, which can add functions to vehicles.
  • Type module: When we talk about vehicles there are several types or brands say BMW, Honda, Suzuki and several. Admin can add multiple types for vehicles.
  • “Locations” module.: If you want to provide point to point services then it is very important to add our service delivery areas so that admin here can manage multiple locations available for P2P bookings as we say Location X – Location Y.
  • Hourly package module: Here we can create package names for hourly booking service. We can count a few hours for each package. Let’s say: Golden Hours = 10 hour package, Offer Hours = 20 hour package. So that the end user can book any package.
  • Set the date module: This is an excellent feature in the system. Let’s say we have a large inventory. If the admin wants to deactivate a vehicle for a certain period of time, he can do so. If vehicles are damaged or sent for maintenance, the admin cannot block them from appearing in the search list.
  • Special tariff module: We have prepared to implement a special fare increase for a specific day. The administrator can set the value in both numbers and percentages. Let’s say on Christmas you can increase the fare by 10% or decrease it by 10%.
  • Distance pricing module: Set the minimum and maximum distance price. Example: You can keep $10 for 1km – 5km and 5km – 10km, so $20.
  • “Voucher codes” module.: Vouchers are available weapons for business growth. We developed this module to increase conversions. Admin can set coupon code by value or percentile. There is also a provision for the validity period of the voucher.
  • FAQ module for all vehicles: Sometimes we need to answer customers’ questions about vehicles. Therefore, instead of manual answering, we have maintained a dynamic FAQ system where the admin can add FAQs for vehicles.
  • Email template module: We have multiple email notifications that occur on the website for various actions such as payment status, booking cancellation, booking confirmation, booking status, booking success, password reset, new user registration. That’s why we made these templates dynamic so that the admin can add a personalized message.
  • SMS template module: Another great feature is SMS notifications, which allows us to create SMS templates for successful event bookings and cancellations.
  • Testimonials module: Create testimonials and make them appeal to your users.
  • Request Callbacks Module.: The theme has a widget that allows any visitor to request a callback. All these details are stored in the system where the admin can track them manually.
  • Support Requests module.: The registered user can send any support request to the administrator. All of these are recorded and available to the administrator for further investigation.
  • Manage bookings: Admin can manage the bookings on a daily basis. He can view all booking details in this module.
  • Settings module: Settings is another great module where admin can set general things, optional fields, currencies, payment gateways, taxes, additional fees, billing, permissions and much more.

We found that every fleet management company is looking for a wonderful WP theme to showcase their services and finally we have done our best.

SimonTaxi WordPress theme is best suited for travel agencies, taxi services, taxi agencies, auto rickshaw agencies, limousines, radio taxis, car rental agencies, rental carriages, coaches, minicabs agencies, taxi bus services, hybrid taxi providers and transportation services.

The SimonTaxi theme allows the presentation of the taxis and the booking functionality. We can show the availability of taxis, galleries and other related things.

Features of SimonTaxi booking theme

  • Latest WordPress compatibility.
  • One-click installation.
  • Responsive theme.
  • Cross-browser compatible.
  • Custom widgets.
  • Social sharing links.
  • SMS and email notifications.
  • High performance.
  • Visual Composer included.
  • Integrated PayPal gateway.
  • 17 integrated modules for booking functionality.
  • Free theme installation.
  • Easy setting.
  • Good documentation.
  • SEO optimized.
  • Advanced footer options.
  • 5 star support
  • Children’s theme included.

Changelog – 2.0.9: September 25, 2018

* Feature: Minimum fare for vehicle
* Feature: Option to restore default email/SMS templates, if they deleted in any way.
* Feature: Neatly prepared invoice header (Settings -> Billing -> User for invoice header). Admin can upload his company logo so that invoice prepared automatically
* Feature: To download PDF invoice for booking (Settings -> Billing -> Show Invoice to User?)
* Feature: To display arrival time (Settings -> Optional Fields -> Display arrival on)
* Feature: To display vehicle how far from pickup location
* Feature: Added new Email settings for 'start ride' and 'ride completed'
* Feature: Added an option to book a vehicle in a different time slots in same day
* Feature: Added an option to send different email templates for different users, booking type and particular vehicle. suppose if template is "booking-confirmed" if you want to send different email template to driver rather than regular template, 
    * if it is (Settings -> Email Settings -> Mail Content (Bookings Confirm) ) "file" 
    then you need to create a file with name "wp-content/plugins/vehicle-booking/templates/booking-confirmed-driver.php" 
    * if it is (Settings -> Email Settings -> Mail Content (Bookings Confirm) ) "post" 
    then you need to create a post with name "booking-confirmed-driver" 
    * Hierarchy (Post)
    * 1. template-user_type-booking_type-vehicle_id (Eg: booking-success-driver-p2p-968)
    * 2. template-user_type-booking_type (Eg: booking-success-driver-p2p)
    * 3. template-user_type (Eg: booking-success-driver)
    * 4. template-booking_type (Eg: booking-success-p2p)
    * 5. template (Eg: booking-success)

    * Hierarchy (File) - "wp-content/plugins/vehicle-booking/templates" 
    * 1. template-user_type-booking_type-vehicle_id (Eg: booking-confirmed-driver-p2p-365.php)
    * 2. template-user_type-booking_type (Eg: booking-confirmed-driver-p2p.php)
    * 3. template-user_type (Eg: booking-confirmed-driver.php)
    * 4. template-booking_type (Eg: booking-confirmed-p2p)
    * 5. template (Eg: booking-confirmed.php)
* Feature: Added an option to send different SMS templates for different users. suppose if template is "sms-booking-confirmed" if you want to send different SMS template to driver rather than regular template, then you need to create a file/post with name "sms-booking-confirmed-driver.php" 
* Feature: Admin can allow users to select more than one country.
* Feature: Option to select particular package (By using $_GET['package'] variable. Here 'package' is package slug)
* Feature: Option to select particular airport (By using $_GET['airport'] variable. Here 'airport' is airport ID)
* Tweak: Fare calculation criteria can be changed at vehicle level so the global value will override.
* Feature: Short code to create multiple registraiton pages for different roles (Eg: Driver, Customer etc.)
* Fix: Few minor issues

Chanelog – 2.0.8: May – 2018

    * New Feature : Registration activation with email
    * New Feature : Sending promotion code in registraiton email to encourage users to book vehicle (For this admin need to create a coupon with name "promotion")
    *  New Feature : Dashboard widget for quick summary
    *  New Feature : Template customization for developers
    *  New Feature : Option to land in particular booking type (By using $_GET["booking_type"] variable)
    *  New Feature : Admin can create separate booking page as per his needs with different booking types by using short codes
    *  New Feature : Option to choose the position of sidebar at front end (Left OR Right)
    *  New Feature : Option to procede booking from a vehicle to reduce booking steps (By using $_GET["selected_vehicle"] variable)
    *  New Feature: Added time restriction optional feature for admin. Eg: If someone book particular vehicle on particular time, Let us say vehicle1 is booked for 12/04/2018 at 12 pm, Other customers should not be able to book the same vehicle at the same time to avoid clashes.
    *  New Feature: Added number of seat restriction on individual vehicle. Eg: If a customer booking a vehicle for 5 people and the selected vehicle contains 4 seats only, we need to restrict based on admin settings
    *  New Feature: Option to choose time display format (Standard - 12 Hrs Format OR Military - 24 Hrs Format)
    *  New Feature: Option to prefix or postfix booking reference
    *  New Feature : Option to select the vehicle to book for different types of bookings. Admin can specify the particular vehicle available for booking type.
    *  New Feature : Option to enable Garage to Garage Fare Calculation
    *  New Feature : Option to choose between Email OR SMS template between post OR File to support multi lingual Email OR SMS Templates
    *  New Feature : special fare is for selected vehicles only, not for all. People are opting to charge extra fare for selected vehicles only
    *  New Feature : Option to set Minimum Distance for a vehicle to handle booking. Eg: If the booking is 400KM away from garage address (base address) then admin can set wheather the vehicle is available for booking
    *  Fix : Settings page freeze in admin
    *  Fix : Few minor issues

    * Feature: To send user registration email
    * Feature: Send additional information in booking success email
    * Feature: Option for admin to alert the user for each change in admin

Changelog – 2.0.6 – Release date: December 30, 2017

* Feature: Option to add additional Luggage (ex: 2 Large+1 Small)
* Feature: Minimum distance applicable
* Feature: Quick Settings Link on Plugin Page
* Feature: Option to get Flight Arrival time from customer
* Feature: Option to work the system based on number of persons
* Feature: Option to edit payment details in admin
* Feature: Option to edit booking details in admin
* Tweak: Predefined Charges issue fixed. If customer travelled more than what admin specifies then we are calculating the additional price based on unit price
* Tweak: Option to enter distance in float numbers
* Tweak: No. of vehicles in a category in featured vehicles
* Tweak: mobile field required validations not showing (*)
* Fix: Sidebar options Error
* Fix: Wrong calculation if the system is in 'miles'
* Fix: Luggage Symbol Issue(Symbol Not Showing on Front End, Showing Text (Small, Large, Kilogramme))
* Fix: If disable the P2P transfer, it is Still showing on the front end. It is Not going away.
* Fix: String Translation issues in Booking Form (Tabs & breadcrumbs)
* Fix: Fixed float amount issue
* Fix: Few minor issues

Changelog – September 6, 2017

    Support for external payment gateways - Stripe Payment Gateway, PayPal and PayuIndia.
    Catch the powerful Sessions.
    Added the support for pickup and drop-off locations google or predefined.
    Added new feature to restrict the region
    Extensions for the Vehicle Booking Plugin (Vehicles->Manage Extensions) (Stripe gateway as an extension to Plugin, Drivers Plugin, Auto updater Plugin)
    Region Restriction
    Number of vehicles restriction
    Pickup and Drop-off Restriction
    Permissions extended for each role
    Implementation of actions for developers in mind
    Provision for future expansion

Changelog – August 16, 2018 :: GOOGLE LOCATION API UPDATES

Just to provide additional info. For people that want to use all locations of a large area or country and therefore would be too time consuming to enter every single address and town combination, I have found that Google Premium API does, in fact, offer up to 25000 map request and 75000 auto-complete location requests (per day I think) as free credit and you only have to pay after that, which is great news for this theme.  Please note DigiSamaritan to inform your future customers. The only thing is that the Google Maps plugin is not working on our site. We have contacted you on Skype for support with that so thanks in advance. 


Skype: Digishelp

Email: digisamaritan@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +91 93921 79164

Support portal link: https://support.digisamaritan.com/


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