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Responsive Prestashop theme by Leo Mavies is a wonderful theme with 5 different homepages. It is designed for diversified raw materials as Mobile Store, Hitech Store, Headphone Store and several stores. Leo Mavies is suitable for all eCommerce websites. Leo Mavies is fully responsive and therefore fully adaptable to all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile). The Prestashop theme is highly customizable.

Firstly, Leo Mavies responsive Prestashop theme with both Light background and a clear layout make your products stand out. It also has Full width slider And Attractive banners to present hot trend products or new products and address customers directly. Social networks are clearly displayed to the consumer so that he can track the store’s information such as discount or promotional activities.

Secondly, Leo Mavies was built with the best Prestashop framework and modules Ap Page BuilderThis powerful module allowed the customer to create multiple profiles with multiple headers and footers. The owner can create as many profiles as he needs for marketing campaigns. Leo Mavies has integrated such wonderful features as Swipe, animation and owl carouselAll these elements give a smooth sense to the entire theme.

Finally, it also supports Css3, Html 5, RTL language layout and Bootstrap Framework that help create refined websites with semantic accuracy and a highly customizable Prestashop theme. Leo Mavies Responsive Prestashop Theme has many built-in features including a powerful admin panel that will help you Manage your website better and customize it more easily.
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Update Prestashop

  • Designed and finished with 7 layout styles for the product detail page
  • For Prestashop 1.7 theme, our Leo Feature module has been updated with the latest features Standard wagon and fly wagon (Only applies to version These features help customers shop more conveniently and save time.
  • Update Prestashop’s default RTL: You can use Leotheme’s RTL or the default RTL (Note: Standard RTL only for version onwards)

The animation effect is flexible, the front end is displayed smoothly. Also, other modules will be updated to adapt to version 1.7, such as Megamenu, Slideshow, Live Theme Editor, Blog, etc. In particular Leo feature module with wish list, comparison, rating, Flycart (Add only for version 1.7.2.x and later) & Default shopping cart provides the best experience to the user.

Template features

  • This template is compatible with Prestashop 1.7.2.x
  • This template is designed for desktops, all tablets and mobile devices
  • Support for color themes (yellow, blue, pink…) and multiple header styles
  • Template support for Jquery effects, CSS 3. Built-in template with multiple module suffixes for module styling.
  • Impressive integrated content style.
  • Supports multiple layout options that can be configured in the back office.
  • Easily add a custom HTML module, a dedicated new home feature via the Leo Manage Widget module
  • Easily change color and template width via Leo Theme Control Panel module.
  • Native language file translation support.
  • We translate the template into 10 languages.
  • Fully compatible with IE10+, Firefox 2+, Firefox 3, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.
  • Video Leo Framework
  • Leo Snapmall Prestashop Theme Guide for PrestaShop 1.7

Update Prestashop 1.7.x

Update Prestashop

  • Page builder module: drag and drop, short code, landing page builder, custom field for product and category.
  • Product list builder on homepage and category page.
  • Product detail builder and supports 7+ product layouts.
    • Product image with thumbs down
    • Product image thumb left
    • Product image, thumb right
    • Product image without thumb
    • Product image without middle of thumb
    • Full width product image without thumb
    • Product image gallery
  • Live Edit Theme: Change background, text color, header and footer style
  • Mega menu module, blog module, responsive slideshow, video slideshow.
  • Fly Cart, Wishlist, Add to Compare, Product Tab, Ajax Search.
  • CSS3 and SVG icons used.
  • Product slider/grid homepage and category page
  • Lookbook module, product gallery module
  • Social block: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Maximum loading speed for Google speed, SEO optimization.
  • RTL and multi-language support


Version (January 21, 2019)

#448 merged Pull Requests (vs 210 in 1.7.3 and 260 in 1.7.4)
#2903 files changed (164812 insertions, 129497 deletions)
#2079 commits merged
#114 issues fixed
#75 people contributed!
SEO improvements in category page:
#The first page no longer has a duplicate URL with &page=1
#The category block is no longer displayed after the first page
#Improved default URLs for brands & suppliers (now are /brand/123-somebrand and /supplier/123-mysupplier instead of /123_somebrand and /123__mysupplier)
#Helper card in SEO & URL page
Product page
#Specific prices can now be edited
# SEO section now displays a preview so that you can see how your page would be shown in Google results
#When a product is taken offline, by default visitors will be redirected to the product’s main category, instead of a “Not found” page.
#A “stock location” field has been added
Module management
#UX improvements on Module pages
#New module manager page with new categorization (Addons categories) and ability to manage modules by last use
New & fixed native modules
#The google sitemap module is now available for PrestaShop 1.7
#Favicon notifications in Back Office
#Buy Button Lite
#Cross selling module
#Viewed products
#During install, if there is a more recent stable version of PrestaShop available, it will suggest and allow downloading and installing the latest instead
#New languages in installer:Hindi, Bosnian, Mexican Spanish, Latvian, Galician, Arabic
Bugs fixes
#10638 - Undefined $urls index in ajax rendered template
#9942 - Add new referer error
#9916 - Viewed products don’t work on fresh installed PS1.7
#9883 - Error in Chrome when hit back from product to category
#9697 - Unable to translate some strings in bank wire payment module
Symfony migration: Newly migrated pages
#Orders -> Delivery slips
#Orders -> Invoices
#Design -> Theme Catalog
#Design -> Positions
#Shipping -> Preferences
#Payment -> Payment Methods
#Payment -> Preferences
#International -> Localization -> Localization
#International -> Localization -> Localization
#International -> Translations (Page 1 out of 2)
#Shop Parameters -> Order Settings -> Order Settings
#Shop parameters > Traffic & SEO > SEO & URLs
#Advanced Parameters -> Database -> DB Backup
#Advanced Parameters > Webservice (hidden, because the page “Advanced Parameters > Webservice -> Add key” has not been migrated and it does not make UX sense to have only one of them)
#Advanced Parameters -> Logs
#Advanced parameters -> Email
Components and dependencies
#New Grid component
#Compatibility with Twig 2
#Improved compatibility with PHP 7.2
#The core theme is now built using Webpack 4 and includes jQuery 2.2.4
#Modules can now declare modern (symfony-based) Back Office controllers and use the UI kit
#Modules can now declare and use Symfony commands
#Read about possible module regressions
New hooks


Back Office:
#9311: Apply shop context in configuration
Bug fix:
#9299: Fix error while duplicating a product when catalog specific price rules are stored
#9297: Fix display when a module uses $this->bootstrap = false;
#9261: Update Controller name for link generation to modules catalog
#9268: Added .htaccess to var folder
Front Office:
Bug fix:
#9315: Fix not visible category display
#9295: Fix free shipping display on cart
#9270: Apache 2.4 configuration
#9252: Add combinations in cart summary
Bug fix:
#9288: Fix Cart::isVirtualCart() method when cart is empty
#9298: Fix/remove mbo from tests
#9220: Ability to use widget block from specific hook
#9269: Update ps_themecusto to version 1.0.6
#9237: Fixed bug with friendly URLs and Media Servers
#9101: Fix have cart rule today
#9302: Reduce the number of ajax calls if the fixtures are not too larges and if there’s enough memory available
Bug fix:
#9271: Catch more exceptions during install & display the error intead of a JS error
#9258: Limit subquery results in upgrade sql


Back Office:
#8834: Adds missing Persian translations for data and samples
Bug fix:
#8752: Check product availability before validating orders
#8975: Fix broken “you must first create a new language” link in BO Translations
#8965: Fix theme install with prestatrust modules
#8517: Fixed bug when using 2 swap in 1 form
#8948: Fixed update of combinations
#8762: Specific price created for a cart is displayed in the front end as the product price
Front Office:
#8835: Replace Noto Sans font with Vazir font for Farsi in Classic theme
Bug fix:
#9005: Fix cannot order oos product even if it’s allowed
#8951: Fix error display on cart quantity edition
#8946: Fix button show password height on Safari
#8940: Check product availability in order step
#8931: Out of stock message display only if customer can order the product
Bug fix:
#8973: Fixed undefined class constant
#8850: Fix profile permission array construction
#8679: Catch Throwable errors on CLI install and check Theme instance in context
#8843: Minor install improvements
Bug fix:
#8949: Remove addition of . folder in release archives
#8832: Update Iran tax rate


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