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ICO landing page HTML5 template

Cryptlight is perfect for ICO agencies and cryptocurrency investment companies looking to launch a new ICO to raise funds. Cryptlight’s outstanding features allow you to present reasons why investors should choose your ICO, benefits they will receive, and important documents they need to read to convince them to buy your new ICO.

Cryptlight – ICO Landing Page HTML5 Template – 1
Cryptlight – ICO Landing Page HTML5 Template – 2
Cryptlight – ICO Landing Page HTML5 Template – 3

Cryptlight – ICO landing page WordPress theme

The most important features of the Cryptlight ICO landing page

Countdown timer

With this feature you can see when the project starts and ends, how much time is left until the end of the sale and finally shows that the sale is over.

Team function

Team experience and skills are considered an important factor that users consider when thinking about purchasing tokens in an ICO. Therefore, our theme allows you to highlight your team and advisors with name, position and social links.


Here investors can read all the important documents that interest them, such as whitepapers, onepage, terms and guidelines

Roadmap and schedule

This feature allows you to show potential investors in detail where you currently stand with your project, what important milestones you have achieved in the past, and what milestones you are setting for the future.

Token sale

This feature not only allows you to present the information about the token sale, but also stokes the fear of missing out. This will push potential investors to buy your ICO sooner.


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