Free Download Kadence Simple Share (v1.2.11) Free Download


Kadence Simple Share Free Download is light and user-friendly WordPress Plugin that simplifies the process of adding social sharing icons to your website’s posts, pages and products. With its minimalist approach, Kadence Simple Share offers a clean and intuitive solution for website owners who want to integrate social sharing features without the need for complex configurations or additional APIs.

Key Features:

  1. Simple and Clean Design: Kadence Simple Share features a simple and clean design that fits seamlessly into your website’s design aesthetic. The plugin offers a minimalist approach to social sharing, ensuring that the sharing icons fit seamlessly into your content without compromising the overall user experience.
  2. Easy Integration: With Kadence Simple Share, adding social sharing icons to your website is quick and effortless. The plugin offers easy integration options that allow you to display sharing icons on posts, pages, and products in just a few clicks. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced WordPress user, Kadence Simple Share makes it easy to enhance your website with social sharing features.
  3. Lightweight and Fast: Kadence Simple Share is designed to be lightweight and fast, ensuring optimal performance and minimal impact on your website loading speed. The plugin was intentionally built without share counts or additional APIs to load, resulting in an optimized user experience for both website visitors and administrators.
  4. Customization options: During Kadence Simple Share set to zero emphasizes simplicity and also offers some customization options that allow you to customize the appearance of the share icons to suit your preferences. The plugin allows you to choose from a range of icon styles and sizes, as well as customize the positioning and orientation of share icons on your website.
  5. GDPR Compliance: In compliance with GDPR regulations, Kadence Simple Share does not collect or store user data, ensuring the privacy and security of your website visitors. The plugin prioritizes user privacy and transparency, making it a safe and reliable choice for adding social sharing features to your website.
  6. Compatibility: Kadence Simple Share is compatible with a wide range of WordPress Themes and plugins that ensure seamless integration into your existing website setup. Whether you’re using a custom theme or a popular WordPress theme framework, Kadence Simple Share is designed to work smoothly with your website’s design and functionality.
  7. Regular updates and support: Kadence free download is actively maintained and regularly updated by the Kadence Themes team to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and best practices. The plugin also offers dedicated support to help users with any questions or issues they may encounter while using the plugin.

Cadence set to zero is a straightforward and effective solution for adding social sharing icons to your WordPress Website. With its simple design, easy integration, low performance, and GDPR compliance, Kadence Simple Share offers a hassle-free way to add social sharing capabilities to your website.

Kadence Simple Share Changelog

Version: 1.2.11

Type: Product TypeWordpress Plugin
Sub Type: Addon Plugin ( for Kadence )
Category: Product CategoryKadence WP
Developer: Kadence WP
Updated On: January 25, 2024


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