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Hub, a responsive multi-purpose hub WordPress Built with Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder, the theme has a number of updates focused on introducing new features, improving functionalities and fixing bugs (versions 4.2.1 – 4.2.5). This review will explore these updates and highlight the benefits they offer web designers and website owners.

Advanced design flexibility and control (all versions):

  • Hub regularly introduces new features and improvements across updates, giving users more control over the design. These include:
    • New customization options for masked images, page block animations, custom cursors, newsletter GDPR compliance and section flow (v4.2.5).
    • Advanced functionalities for submenus, team member widgets, accessibility, Mailchimp integration, and icon fields (v4.2.5).
    • Improved responsiveness for various elements on mobile devices (v4.2.3, v4.2.4).
    • Integration with Bootstrap 5 js for modern web development practices (v4.2.1).

Address user needs and resolve issues (all versions):

  • All versions contain bug fixes to address various user-reported issues such as:
    • Functional issues with menus, carousels, accordions, post types and WooCommerce templates (v4.2.2 – v4.2.5).
    • Compatibility issues with third-party plugins (v4.2.1).
    • Visual inconsistencies across devices (v4.2.3, v4.2.4).

Focus on mobile experience (multiple versions):

  • Specific fixes in versions 4.2.3 and 4.2.4 target mobile navigation and menu responsiveness, ensuring a smoother user experience on handheld devices.

Limited information about core features:

  • The changelog focuses on updates and does not go into detail about Hub’s core features, such as pre-built layouts, page builder compatibility, customization options beyond the mentioned updates, or theme features. It is recommended to visit the official website of the hub theme to get a complete overview of its features.

Consideration of update history:

  • The frequent updates with new features, improvements and bug fixes indicate a continuous commitment to improvement. This can be a positive sign for users who value a theme that is constantly being refined and developed.

In total, Hub appears to be a compelling choice for web designers and site owners looking for a feature-rich, responsive device WordPress Theme with a focus on customization and a growing library of options. The updates demonstrate a commitment to improving design flexibility, user experience, and resolving compatibility issues. If you are looking for a versatile WordPress theme with a variety of customization options and a focus on responsiveness, Hub is a strong contender for the official website to get a comprehensive understanding of its functionalities.

In the digital age, the appearance and design of a website play a crucial role in the success of a website. Whether you’re an aspiring blogger, a seasoned entrepreneur or an innovative startup, having a responsive and versatile website is of utmost importance. Here is the Hub – Responsive multipurpose WordPress theme comes into the picture. While WordPress themes are constantly evolving, few can truly boast of being a one-stop solution for all web design needs like the Hub Theme. This post takes an in-depth look at what makes Hub the theme of choice for thousands and how its countless features can benefit your website.

Undoubtedly, the hub theme has been carefully crafted with great attention to detail. Therefore, it is no surprise that it seamlessly covers a wide range of website niches. For example, if you’re planning to launch a personal portfolio, an ambitious e-commerce store, a sophisticated business website, or even your own niche blog, Hub is tailored specifically to your needs. However, it doesn’t stop there. In addition to being a theme, this theme represents a powerful design tool that boasts unparalleled flexibility. Furthermore, the elegant and intuitive interface ensures that every user, from beginners to experts, can take full advantage of the features.


Responsive design

With mobile internet usage exceeding that of desktop, it is crucial for websites to be mobile friendly. Hub has a responsive design that ensures your website looks flawless on all devices, be it a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Visual Composer integration

Say goodbye to coding! With Hub you get the power of the renowned Visual Composer, allowing you to drag and drop your way to a stunning website.

Pre-built demos

Don’t know where to start? The theme comes with numerous pre-built demos covering various niches, allowing you to set up a professional-looking website in minutes.

E-commerce ready

Are you thinking about selling online? Hub integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, making setting up an online store a breeze.

Unlimited customization options

A comprehensive theme options panel lets you customize colors, fonts, layouts, and more. Make your website your own.

Retina ready

Thanks to its retina-ready capabilities, razor-sharp and clear images are a given with this theme.

SEO optimized

Hub is out-of-the-box and SEO friendly so your website will rank well in search engines.

Speed ​​optimized

Nobody likes a slow website. The theme is designed for speed to ensure your visitors don’t bounce due to slow loading times.

Multilingual and RTL support

Go international? Hub supports multiple languages ​​and even RTL scripts and is aimed at a global audience.

Regular updates and support

The developers behind this theme are committed to its excellence. Regular updates ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and timely support ensures you are never let down.

Download Hub WordPress Theme

In summary it can be said that Hub – Responsive multipurpose WordPress theme free is not just another topic in the huge digital market. On the contrary, it serves as a comprehensive solution tailored to different web design needs. With its impressive feature set and constant updates, Hub undoubtedly stands out from the crowd of WordPress themes. Additionally, Hub promises an intuitive and seamless experience whether you are an experienced developer or a newbie just getting started with web design. So why wait? Dive in and you will soon discover the unparalleled distinctiveness of the Hub theme. Undoubtedly, your website deserves the excellence that Hub offers.



6 March 2023
NEWMasked Image custom shape options
NEWPage blocks animation speed option
NEWCustom Cursor Explore when hovering blog items
NEWNewsletter GDPR option
NEWSection Flow reverse direction option
NEWIconbox content color option (wpbakery)
ENHANCEMENTSubmenu expander position
ENHANCEMENTTeam member widget responsiveness
ENHANCEMENTPHP 8.2 compatibility
ENHANCEMENTMailchimp translation
FIXEDCollapsible mobile menu not working
FIXEDAdd to cart spinner arrows missing
FIXEDAsymmetric Slider in rtl
FIXEDCarousel in rtl
FIXEDCarousel items width issue
FIXEDProcess box svg icons size and color issues
FIXEDWPBakery not working with 3rd pary plugins


20 Nov 2023
ENHANCEMENTMegamenu slide
ENHANCEMENTVertical menu & Mobile menu
ENHANCEMENTUpdated WooCommerce templates
FIXEDCustom menu dropdown issue
FIXEDFullscreen project not working
FIXEDPost types
FIXEDAccordion & Tab Widgets not working


13 Nov 2023
FIXEDMobile modern nav colors
FIXEDResponsive header & menu issues
FIXEDAccordion not working
FIXEDPortfolio external link and attribute not working


7 Nov 2023
FIXEDBootstrap v5 issue
FIXEDMenu items align issue
FIXEDTabs not working


6 Nov 2023
NEWBootstrap 5 js support
NEWHub Booking Plugin: Email templates option
ENHANCEMENTClose mobile nav on click when page blocks enabled
ENHANCEMENTEnabled section flow on tablet
ENHANCEMENTIconbox Widget image alt-text from attachment
ENHANCEMENTMenu click toggle
ENHANCEMENTNewsletter opt-in
ENHANCEMENTPortfolio custom footer support
ENHANCEMENTPortfolio gallery format not working
ENHANCEMENTRemoved accordion outline on focus
ENHANCEMENTSlideshow Widget title font-size
FIXEDAccordion Widget - svg icon is not rendering
FIXEDAnimated frame numbers alignment
FIXEDElementor templates page is blank
FIXEDElementor widget gap issue
FIXEDLogo link target issue
FIXEDMasonry layout when it's in a modal
FIXEDMobile menu expander position
FIXEDMobile submenu expander
FIXEDSticky custom menu offset


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