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Dizzy Support Creators Content Script Free Download is an innovative platform that allows content creators from various fields to monetize their work by receiving subscriptions from their most loyal followers or anyone who appreciates their content. Whether you are a YouTuber, Instagrammer, designer, developer, photographer, or in any other creative industry, Dizzy offers a seamless and efficient solution to help you generate income from your content.

At the heart of Dizzy is its user-friendly and versatile platform that allows creators to easily present their content and engage with their audience. The platform offers a range of features and functionalities designed to improve the monetization process and provide developers with the tools they need to succeed.

One of Dizzy’s key features is its subscription-based model, which allows developers to offer exclusive content to their subscribers for a monthly fee. This allows creators to generate a steady income through their most dedicated fans who are willing to continually support their work. By offering exclusive content like behind-the-scenes footage, bonus material, or early access to new projects, creators can encourage their followers to sign up and become paying members of their community.

In addition to subscriptions, Dizzy also offers creators the opportunity to receive one-time payments or donations from their audience. This flexible monetization model allows creators to cater to different types of supporters, whether they prefer to make a one-time contribution or sign up for ongoing access to exclusive content. By offering multiple monetization options, Dizzy ensures creators can maximize their earning potential and cater to their audience’s preferences.

Another important feature of Dizzy Support Creators content script set to zero is the intuitive dashboard that provides creators with valuable insights into their audience and revenue. Creators can easily track their subscription revenue, view subscriber demographics, and analyze engagement metrics to gain a better understanding of their audience and optimize their content strategy accordingly. This data-driven approach allows creators to make informed decisions about their content and better tailor their offerings to the needs and preferences of their audience.

Aside from that, Dizzy free download is designed to be customizable and adaptable to the individual needs of each creator. Creators can personalize their profile and branding, adjust their subscription tiers and prices, and create a tailored experience for their audience. This flexibility allows creators to maintain their brand identity and provide their followers with a cohesive and engaging experience.

Dizzy – Support Creators Content Script is a powerful platform that enables content creators to monetize their work and build a sustainable revenue stream through their most engaged fans. With its subscription-based model, flexible monetization options, intuitive dashboard, and customizable features Dizzy set to zero gives developers everything they need to succeed in today’s competitive online content creation environment. Whether you are a YouTuber, Instagrammer, designer, developer, photographer, or any other type of content creator, Dizzy offers a valuable solution to help you turn your passion into profit.

Dizzy Support Creators Content Script Changelog

16 Jan 2024

IMPROVED Speed increased
ADDED Premimum badge on premium post
ADDED Boosted badge on boosted post
ADDED Creator Profile Type on post
ADDED Premium shipping fee added on post
ADDED Like Heart animation after clicking like button
ADDED UnLike Heart animation after clicking liked button
ADDED Following page added
ADDED Followers page added
ADDED Subscribers page added
ADDED Profile frame system settings added to the admin panel
ADDED Edit Frame
ADDED Activate/Deactivate Frame
ADDED Delete Frame
ADDED Set Frame Price
ADDED Gift Frame
ADDED List of frames available for purchase
ADDED Purchased (gifted) frames
ADDED Change Frame (Only purchased/gifted frames can be used)
ADDED Update Frame button on profile pictures
ADDED Frames added on profile pictures in posts
ADDED Feature added to change some colors on the site
ADDED Ability to change the color on the header section at the top of the site
ADDED Ability to change the colors of SVG icons in the header section
ADDED Ability to change text colors in the left menu
ADDED Ability to change SVG icon colors in the left menu
ADDED Ability to change colors of SVG codes in the post creation section
ADDED Ability to change button colors
ADDED Ability to revert to the main color scheme of the site
ADDED Ability to change live stream button colors
ADDED Ability to change the background color of areas where the background color changes when hovered over with the mouse
ADDED FFMPEG check link
ADDED Added post_max_size, upload_max_filesize, max_execution_time, max_input_vars, max_input_time, memory_limit checker. This way, you can understand why you can't upload large files and configure your server settings.
ADDED Total questions from users notification count in the menu
ADDED Total creator verification request notification count in the menu
ADDED Added 240 Material color options to find the best color combination
ADDED Number of ads to be displayed at once
ADDED Number of suggested users to be displayed at once
ADDED Number of suggested products to be displayed at once
ADDED Feature to invite friends via email. Using this feature,
if invited individuals register, the inviter earns points set by the admin.
ADDED Check if the email to be invited is already registered.
ADDED Display the number of users currently online.
ADDED Trending posts page
ADDED Management panel setting for how long posts will be displayed in the trending list.
This way, the list can display posts with the highest engagement among, for example, 1-month-old, 1-day-old,
 or 100-day-old posts.
ADDED Current Live Streamings in the stories section.
FIXED Errors on the Transactions page resolved.
FIXED Bugs on the All Point Earnings page fixed.
FIXED Auto-approve post issue resolved.
FIXED Purchase counter issue.
UPDATED Creator Verification Request page updated.
UPDATED Awaiting Approval page updated.
UPDATED Stories Area
UPDATED Some styles

22 June 2023 URGENT UPDATE

FIXED Just fixed a major case difference issue in functions.php file.
 Small important update before big update.
05 April 2023
FIXED Reported Wasabi Image Display Issue
FIXED Digital Ocean default video Thumbnail Issue
FIXED Latest Product Image size issue
FIXED Profile Gift Button Click issue
FIXED Send Gift Points from Message PopUp issue
FIXED Locked message click issue
FIXED Live Streaming chat issue
FIXED Live Streaming gift issue
FIXED Re-Share video thumbnail display issue
FIXED Product Payment Issue
FIXED Register Language issue
FIXED Admin activation issue
FIXED Website Social Account issue
FIXED Wasabi Server Type issue
FIXED Announcement issue
ADDED Offline Payment system (Point Purchase)
ADDED Boost Post System
ADDED Boost Post Package
ADDED Create a new Boost Package
ADDED Enable/Disable Boost Feature
ADDED Enable/Disable Boost Package
ADDED Edit/Delete Boost Package
ADDED Boost Post Level icon
ADDED How many use seen your boosted post
ADDED How many people will be shown the boosted post
ADDED Stop/Continue boost post
ADDED Boost Earned from User Admin panel
ADDED All Point Earnings page
ADDED Transactions page
ADDED Manage Subscriptions page
ADDED Manage Boosted Posts
ADDED Total earnings for (Boost Posts, Live Streamings, Premium Posts, Streaming gifts, products, video call, unlock message)
ADDED Approve / Delete Offline payment
ADDED UnSeen message color
ADDED Boosted Posts page (for users)
ADDED Automatic language detection can now be enabled or disabled by the administrator
ADDED Username can now be displayed in posts
ADDED Enabled the right left scroll feature in the Story section
ADDED Online/Offline Status in posts


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