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The Consulting theme changelog (v6.5.14 – v6.5.18) shows that the focus is mainly on fixing bugs and improving the functionalities of the Consulting Elementor Widgets plugin. Although there are no groundbreaking new features, the updates aim to improve the user experience and stability of the theme.

Widget improvements (multiple versions):

  • The Consulting Elementor Widgets plugin receives several updates (v1.2.7 – v1.2.9).
  • The Icon Box widget gets new styles (Standard, Box Variants, Tabbed) and a setting to change button text (v6.5.17 and v6.5.18).
  • The Testimonials widget gets new color selection options for company and name colors (v6.5.18).

Bug fixes (multiple versions):

  • A significant portion of the updates fix reported bugs, including:
    • Issues with icon display in Icon Box and Testimonials widgets (v6.5.18 and v6.5.16).
    • Text color setting doesn’t work in Testimonials widget (v6.5.18).
    • Asterisks appear in contact information widget layouts (v6.5.18).
    • Issues with avatar display in the testimonials widget (v6.5.18).
    • Sticky header functionality in Elementor Header & Footer plugin (v6.5.18).
    • Issues with template display in Elementor (v6.5.16).
    • Loading speed issues (v6.5.15).
    • Incorrect loading of icons due to Elementor settings (v6.5.15).
    • Various other minor fixes to the design elements (multiple versions).

Plugin updates (multiple versions):

  • The changelog mentions updates for several plugins bundled with the theme:
    • STM template library plugin (v6.5.16).
    • STM importer plugin (v6.5.15 and v6.5.14).
    • WPBakery Page Builder plugin (v6.5.17 & v6.5.15).
    • Slider Revolution plugin (v6.5.15).
    • STM configuration plugin (v6.5.14).
  • These updates are likely to address compatibility issues and introduce bug fixes in the respective plugins.

Limited information about core features:

  • The changelog focuses on updates and does not go into detail about the core functionality of the consulting theme itself. It is recommended to visit the official theme website for a complete overview, such as: E.g.:
    • Compatibility with drag-and-drop page builders (WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor).
    • Ready-made website templates and demos for consulting companies.
    • Header and footer customization options.
    • Responsive design for mobile-friendly websites.
    • Other features relevant to creating websites for consulting companies.

Consideration of update history:

  • The frequent updates suggest an active development process.
  • Although there are no major feature enhancements, the focus on bug fixes and widget improvements is critical to design stability and user experience.

In total, The advisory topic appears to be actively maintained, with a focus on improving the functionality of the bundled widgets and fixing reported bugs. Recent updates show efforts to improve the user experience, especially when using the Consulting Elementor Widgets plugin. It is recommended to explore the official consulting theme website to get a comprehensive understanding of the features, pricing (there may be free or premium versions), and suitability for your consulting firm’s website.

Digital boundaries are expanding at an unprecedented rate and maintaining a robust online presence is no longer optional for businesses. Whether you’re in finance, consulting, or another business-oriented niche, the aesthetics, functionality, and responsiveness of your website are extremely important. Keyword in Consulting – Business, Finance WordPress Theme deleteda game-changer for professionals and businesses looking to build an impressive digital presence.

Available on the popular ThemeForest platform, the consulting theme quickly gained attention and recognition among users. It’s not just another WordPress theme; It is a dedicated solution specifically tailored to the intricacies of the business and financial sectors. It combines aesthetic charm with functional performance, ensuring that websites not only look good but also deliver optimal performance.

Key Features

Demo layouts galore

The consulting theme offers a number of demo layouts. Whether you’re a startup or an established financial giant, there’s a layout that fits your brand identity. The convenience of importing a demo with a single click further enhances the user experience.

Real-time WP customizer

The real-time customizer makes optimizing the look and feel of your website a breeze. This feature allows users to see changes in real time, eliminating the hassle of checking back and forth after each optimization.

Intuitive drag and drop builder

No programming knowledge? No worries! The theme is integrated with a drag-and-drop page builder that allows even non-technical users to create beautiful pages.

Multilocation on Google Maps

Companies with multiple offices will love this feature. This allows users to view multiple office locations directly on Google Maps, helping potential clients or partners find you.

Slider revolution

A captivating slider can increase the visual appeal of any website. With the Slider Revolution plugin that comes with the theme, creating these sliders becomes a breeze.

WooCommerce compatibility

Are you planning to open a shop? The consulting theme is WooCommerce ready, ensuring seamless integration with the world’s most popular eCommerce solution.

Excellent support

A standout feature that is often praised is the dedicated support of the topic. Questions, troubleshooting needs, or guidance, the support team is here to help users.

Carefully crafted design

The topic of consulting exudes professionalism. Its design elements are specifically aimed at the business and financial sectors, ensuring websites look sophisticated and trustworthy.

SEO ready

In today’s digital age, SEO is not just a bonus; it is a necessity. This theme is SEO ready and ensures that your website has a better chance of ranking higher in search results.

Multilingual and WPML compatible

Target a global audience? The theme is WPML compatible and supports multilingual websites, helping businesses reach customers across language barriers.

AMP ready

Speed ​​and mobile optimization are crucial. With AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) support, the Consulting theme ensures that mobile users get a fast loading experience and a smooth experience.

GDPR compliance

At a time when data protection is of utmost importance, a GDPR-compliant topic like “Advice” creates trust among visitors.

Who benefits from the advisory topic?

  • Consulting company: From HR consultants to corporate strategy consultants, this theme reflects the professional atmosphere of consulting firms.
  • Financial institutions: Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions can benefit from the theme’s special design elements tailored to the financial sector.
  • Freelance consultants: Individual consultants can create a professional digital identity without spending hours on website development.
  • Start up Company: New businesses can build a compelling digital presence from the start and make an unforgettable first impression.

The “Consulting – Business, Finance” WordPress theme is not just about the aesthetics; It is a holistic solution that understands the intricacies of the business and financial sectors. By combining visual elegance with robust functionality, it paves the way for companies to create a digital identity that aligns with their core values ​​and professionalism. In a digital landscape full of common topics, consulting stands out and offers tailored solutions that put companies on the path to online success. Whether you are a young startup or a financial giant, adopting the consulting theme can be the first step to an impressive, effective and memorable online presence.



March 4, 2024
Enhancements: Added a setting to change the button text in the Icon Box widget in WPBakery and Elementor.
Enhancements: Added new settings for color selection in the Testimonials widget: Company Color and Name Color.
Update: Consulting Elementor Widgets plugin is updated to v1.2.9.
Fix: The uploaded icon in the Icon box widget is not displayed on the page.
Fix: The Text Color setting did not work in the Testimonials widget.
Fix: When adding the Consulting Contact Info widget for Elementor, asterisks appear in London, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Zurich and Mumbai layouts.
Fix: Avatars are displayed incorrectly in the Testimonials widget.
Fix: The sticky header of the Elementor Header & Footer Plugin does not work in the Boxed style.
Fix: Minor bug fix.


February 21, 2024
Enhancement: Updated and added new styles to the Icon Box widget: Standard, Boxed Top Icon, Boxed Side Icon, Boxed Double Icon, With Tabs.
Update: Consulting Elementor Widgets plugin is updated to v1.2.8.
Update: WPBakery Page Builder plugin is updated to v7.4.


January 17, 2024
Update: STM Templates library plugin is updated to v1.4.
Fix: Templates are not shown in Elementor when creating pages.
Fix: Minor bug fixes.


January 15, 2024
Enhancement: Reduced loading speed of all layouts.
Update: STM Importer plugin is updated to v6.1.2.
Update: Consulting Elementor Widgets plugin is updated to v1.2.7.
Update: WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated to 7.3.
Update: Slider Revolution plugin is updated to v6.6.20.
Fix: When the Transparent Title Box is enabled, the Custom Background Image is cropped.
Fix: Font Awesome icons are not loading.
Fix: Masonry and Tiles styles in the Works widget are showing incorrect quantities.
Fix: Icons are not loading correctly due to Elementor's new beta settings.
Fix: AddToAny plugin scripts appear on pages where this plugin should not be used.


December 7, 2023
Update: STM Configurations plugin is updated to v3.8.2.
Update: STM Importer plugin is updated to v6.1.1.
Fixed: The dark logo is displayed instead of the Default logo in Header Style 8.
Fixed: On pages with gray backgrounds with a Transparent title box, the title is not displayed.
Fixed: The menu does not accept active link colors for custom links and post typos if menu colors are set in the Theme option.
Fixed: If you turn off the Title box settings in Theme options Title box will keep displaying.
Fixed: Custom colors are not applied if you enable Contact information in the Header in Theme Options.
Fixed: Images are not displaying correctly when the Timeline widget is newly imported.
Fixed: The title box with the Custom image is cropped in Elementor layouts and has excessive indentation in WPBakery layouts.
Fixed: Removed extra indentation in WPBakery and Elementor layouts near the header.


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