Free Download WorkDo Dash SaaS v3.6 (Free Download) Open Source ERP with Multi-Workspace


The ever-evolving landscape of business management demands efficient, flexible, and scalable solutions is paramount. WorkDo Dash SaaS Nulled presents an innovative answer to this demand, offering a comprehensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system with a unique twist: the Multi-Workspace function. This groundbreaking feature allows organizations to create and manage multiple workspaces within the ERP, tailoring each environment to specific teams or departments. With a cloud-based SaaS model, WorkDo Dash eliminates the need for local installations, ensuring easy scalability and accessibility. This platform also supports multi-addons, empowering users to personalize the system with extra modules, enhancing adaptability to diverse business needs. By fostering seamless collaboration, streamlined data management, and optimized processes, WorkDo Dash SaaS contributes to heightened productivity and improved operational efficiency for organizations.

Overview: WorkDo Dash SaaS – Streamline Your Business Operations

WorkDo Dash SaaS is not just another ERP system; it’s a dynamic and customizable platform designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. Developed with a focus on user experience and functionality, WorkDo Dash SaaS Free Download offers a robust set of features to streamline business operations. Whether you’re managing projects, handling accounting tasks, or overseeing HR functions, WorkDo Dash SaaS provides the tools to enhance efficiency and productivity.

One of the key highlights of WorkDo Dash SaaS is its Multi-Workspace function. This innovative feature allows organizations to create separate workspaces within the ERP system, each tailored to a specific team or department. Whether it’s accounting, HR, sales, or project management, teams can collaborate within their designated workspace, ensuring organized data management and efficient communication.



The Multi-Workspace feature of WorkDo Dash SaaS enables users to create and manage multiple workspaces within the ERP system. Each workspace functions as a distinct environment where specific teams or departments can collaborate and work on their respective tasks. This feature promotes organized data management and efficient communication across different parts of the organization.


WorkDo Dash SaaS supports multiple add-ons or extensions, allowing users to enhance the core ERP system’s functionality. Add-ons are additional modules that can be integrated with the ERP to cater to specific business requirements. This flexibility enables users to customize their system and add features as needed, ensuring scalability and adaptability.

Core SaaS Product:

WorkDo Dash SaaS provides the core functionality of a SaaS product, including features such as project management, accounting, HRM, CRM, and more. This ensures that users have access to essential tools for managing various aspects of their business operations.

Add-on Selection and Subscription:

Companies using WorkDo Dash SaaS can browse and select add-ons they wish to include in their subscriptions. Each add-on comes with a clear description and pricing information set by the Super Admin. Companies can choose specific add-ons based on their business requirements and subscribe to them along with the core product.

Subscription Tiers:

WorkDo Dash SaaS offers multiple subscription tiers with pricing options for its basic package. Additionally, it provides pricing plans for add-ons, available on a monthly or yearly basis. The Super Admin has the flexibility to adjust pricing as needed, ensuring customization and cost management to meet business requirements.

Subscription Plan:

The subscription plan feature of WorkDo Dash SaaS allows users to manage subscription details and add or remove add-ons. When purchasing add-ons, the company selects the number of users for each add-on, creating users regardless of whether they are clients, staff, or vendors.


WorkDo Dash SaaS simplifies dashboard management based on subscribed add-ons within the company. Each add-on, such as “Project,” “Accounting,” “HRM,” “CRM,” “POS,” “Support Tickets,” “Sales,” and “Rotas,” has dedicated dashboards displaying relevant details. The active add-on determines the visible dashboard, allowing businesses to focus on specific information and functionalities they require.

Specific Setups in Add-ons:

Upon purchasing add-ons like “Project,” “HRM,” “CRM,” “Support Ticket,” and “Sales,” users can access system setup within each add-on. This enables quick configuration of essential elements such as branches, departments, leads, account types, and more, aligning with the specific features and functionalities offered by each module. These setup options streamline the initial configuration process, allowing users to customize the system swiftly to meet organizational requirements within the respective add-on modules.

Assign Roles to Each Staff:

WorkDo Dash SaaS allows users to assign roles to clients, staff, and vendors. This enables management of permissions and control over access to specific parameters, ensuring streamlined and secure collaboration within the system.

Product and Service Add-on:

WorkDo Dash SaaS’s product and service module offers comprehensive insight into procured products and services, including warehouse details. A standout feature enables effortless import of product and service data through a .csv file. These details are readily accessible and presented in user-friendly lists and grid views, providing a clear snapshot of available offerings. Within this module, users can create, update, and remove categories while selecting distinctive colors for “Product & Services Category,” “Invoice/Proposal/Revenue Category,” “Tax,” and “Unit.” Specific categories are automatically incorporated upon add-on acquisition and feature inclusion.

Proposal Module with QR Code:

The Proposal Module in WorkDo Dash SaaS helps create special offers or suggestions for customers. It provides a detailed plan showing offerings, costs, and important details, making it easier to organize and communicate deals. The QR code feature adds a special code to proposals for easy access.

Invoice Module with QR Code:

WorkDo Dash SaaS’s invoice module creates, manages, and tracks invoices accurately. It generates invoices from proposals or sales orders, with itemized details and payment terms. This module streamlines invoicing workflow, reduces errors, provides financial analysis reports, improves billing process efficiency, and ensures accurate record-keeping.


Utilize WorkDo Dash SaaS’s project module to start projects, assign teams, and invite collaborators and clients. Manage client access with adaptable permissions, set budgets, and milestones for clarity. Track project activities and progress in real-time via a dedicated tab and graphical representation. Updating milestone progress is convenient with dropdown menus.

Create Your Custom Domain with Dash SaaS:

WorkDo Dash SaaS allows users to set up a custom domain, boosting online brand presence. Configure domain settings directly within the workspace for a seamless, branded experience. This feature enables control of online identity and stands out in the digital realm with easy-to-use custom domain functionality.

Customize Currency Settings:

With Dash SaaS’s Currency Settings feature, users can tailor Decimal Format, Default Currency, and separators to business needs. Customize currency symbol space, position, and display according to preferences. Adapt currency settings to regional conventions or branding requirements effortlessly, ensuring accurate and consistent currency representation across the platform.


WorkDo Dash SaaS streamlines accounting processes, offering efficient management of customers and vendors. Generate individualized email addresses for each client for easy login access to invoice statuses and transaction particulars. Maintain comprehensive records of shipping and billing addresses for enhanced trade convenience. Vendors can access their bills and transaction records through designated email addresses, ensuring a streamlined trade experience. The system facilitates effortless account creation, enabling updates to essential information such as account holder’s name, bank name, account number, opening balance, and contact number. Facilitate fund transfers between bank accounts using various methods, with simplified options for searching specific transfers to enhance transaction tracking. Efficiently log newly generated revenue with creation of new revenue entries, allowing modification of revenue source and inclusion of relevant references for comprehensive documentation. Manage bills seamlessly by adding payments, downloading, printing, resending bills, and monitoring payment statuses. Vendors benefit from multiple payment methods, including convenient QR code scanning.


WorkDo Dash SaaS streamlines employee management with comprehensive employee profiles covering personal information, company details, essential documents, and bank account particulars. Assign employees to specific branches, departments, roles, and designations, and manage vital documents such as joining letters, experience certificates, and NOCs. Tailor payslips effortlessly by adding components like allowances, commissions, overtime, and miscellaneous payments, while accounting for deductions such as saturation and loans. Instantly generate monthly payslips and efficiently process bulk payments with simple clicks. Modify payslip statuses conveniently using intuitive Call-to-Action buttons. Track and maintain leave data by creating new leave records, providing insights into leave types, reasons, and durations. Manage employee attendance effectively with the attendance module, allowing precise monitoring of attendance for numerous employees within seconds. Simplify attendance tracking for individual employees or groups with the Bulk Attendance Module, seamlessly adding and updating clock-in and clock-out timings in bulk. HR Admin options, including Awards, Transfers, Resignations, Trips, Promotions, Complaints, Warnings, Terminations, and Announcements, are all under the company’s purview, along with creation and management of documents and company policies. Assign employees and departments to event reminders for upcoming events, and access detailed monthly attendance and leave reports.


WorkDo Dash SaaS’s CRM module offers efficient lead and deal management, with Kanban and List views for leads and deals. Establish pipelines, assign stages, and manage lead information comprehensively. Deals management includes insights into deal performance over specific periods, task allocation, product and user management, and discussions. Comprehensive reports shed light on lead and deal conversion, conversion sources, and monthly trends. The Form Builder allows creation of customized forms for gathering customer or lead information.


WorkDo Dash SaaS offers streamlined warehouse and sales management, simplifying product and service management. Efficient sales via Point of Sale (POS) management system, catering to existing and walk-in customers, ensuring seamless transactions. Track inventory, manage barcodes, and simplify day-to-day operations.


The Messenger Module in WorkDo Dash SaaS facilitates direct and consistent communication with users and clients, fostering seamless and immediate interaction.

Email Templates Managed by Super Admin:

Simplify communication with pre-defined or personalized email layouts, reducing effort for repetitive email composition. Customize email templates to match diverse needs, improving efficiency and professionalism in communication.

Integration of Cloud Data Storage:

WorkDo Dash SaaS integrates with third-party authenticated Cloud Data Storage providers like Local, AWS, and Wasabi, safeguarding data from hacking and offering cost-efficient storage options.

AI Module:

WorkDo Dash SaaS’s AI module integrates artificial intelligence capabilities across various modules, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. Predictive analytics, automation, and intelligent insights empower data-driven decisions, automation of processes, and adaptability to changing scenarios.

Userlogged Details Module:

Track and manage user login activities, including time, date, user’s IP address, and relevant information, for monitoring user activity and ensuring secure system access.

Complimentary Add-ons

  • Product Service: Manage products and services effortlessly with an intuitive Add-on.
  • CMS: Simplify content management with a versatile CMS Add-on.
  • Project: Streamline Project Management and Collaboration with task assignments, milestone tracking, and team productivity enhancement.
  • Accounting: Simplify Accounting, Inventory, and Billing with ease, streamlining financial management, inventory control, and billing automation.
  • HRM: Effortlessly Manage HR Needs with employee management, recruitment streamlining, and payroll handling.
  • POS: Simplify Sales Management with an all-in-one POS solution that streamlines sales, inventory tracking, and operations.
  • CRM: Efficiently Manage Leads and Deals, streamline lead and deal management, and make informed decisions with CRM capabilities.

Conclusion: WorkDo Dash SaaS – Revolutionizing Business Efficiency

In conclusion, WorkDo Dash SaaS is not just an ERP system; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. With its innovative Multi-Workspace function, organizations can create tailored environments for different teams, ensuring organized data management and efficient collaboration. The platform’s support for multi-addons allows for customization and scalability, empowering users to enhance the core ERP system’s functionality.

From project management to accounting, HRM, CRM, and beyond, WorkDo Dash SaaS offers a robust set of features to streamline business operations. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, WorkDo Dash SaaS provides the tools needed to improve productivity, efficiency, and collaboration within your organization.

With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive modules, and AI integration, WorkDo Dash SaaS is poised to revolutionize ERP systems. The platform’s commitment to innovation, flexibility, and usability makes it a standout choice for businesses looking to elevate their operations. Experience the power of WorkDo Dash SaaS and unlock a new level of efficiency and productivity for your organization.


3.6 February 26th 2024

  • Add-on : Medical Lab Management Added
  • Add-on : Catering Management Added
  • Add-on : QuickBooks Added
  • Add-on : Repair Management System Added
  • Add-on : Pharmacy Management Added
  • Add-on : Car Dealership Added
  • Add-on : Freight Management Added
  • Add-on : Rental Management Added
  • Add-on : Xero Added
  • Add-on : Sage Added
  • functionality added Notification Template, Email Setting and Currency Setting Added
  • Improvement in POS, Product & Service, API, Webhook, Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Workflow Automation,Spreadsheet, Custom Field, Slack, Telegram, Twilio, Whatsapp, WhatsAppAPIImproved


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