Free Download (v3.3.9) One Page Checkout for Prestashop v1.7-v8x by PrestaSmart Free Download


The One Page Checkout for Prestashop from PrestaSmart free download is a revolutionary module that streamlines the checkout process and provides an intuitive, powerful, customizable and responsive solution for both merchants and customers. This module is designed to improve user experience and improve conversion rates. It consolidates the entire checkout process into a single, user-friendly page, eliminating unnecessary steps and simplifying the path to purchase.

One of the key features of One Page Checkout for Prestashop is its intuitive design that seamlessly guides customers through the checkout process. Instead of navigating through multiple pages to enter their shipping, billing and payment information, customers can complete their entire purchase on a single page, reducing friction and improving the user experience. The intuitive layout and design of the one-page checkout makes it easy for customers to understand and complete their purchase quickly and efficiently.

In addition to its intuitive design, One Page Checkout for Prestashop is also powerful and offers merchants numerous customization options to tailor the checkout process to their specific needs. Merchants can customize the fields and sections displayed on the checkout page, allowing them to collect necessary information from customers while minimizing distractions and unnecessary steps. This flexibility ensures that the checkout process is optimized for each individual store, maximizing conversions and reducing cart abandonment.

Furthermore, the One-page checkout for Prestashop from PrestaSmart is fully customizable and allows merchants to customize the appearance of the checkout page to match their store’s branding and design. Merchants can customize the colors, fonts, and layout of the checkout page, ensuring a seamless and cohesive shopping experience for customers. In addition, the module is responsive, i.e. optimized for mobile devices, so customers can easily complete their purchase on any device, whether they are shopping on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

One of the outstanding features of the One Page Checkout for Prestashop Free Download is its compatibility with Presta shop 1.7 to ensure that merchants using the latest version of Prestashop can take advantage of one-page checkout. Whether dealers use Presta shop 1.6 or 1.7, they can implement the One-Page Checkout module to streamline the checkout process and improve the overall shopping experience for their customers.

The One-page checkout for Prestashop has been deleted is a groundbreaking module that provides an intuitive, powerful, customizable and responsive solution for merchants looking to streamline the checkout process and improve conversion rates. With its intuitive design, powerful customization options and compatibility with Presta shop 1.7, the One Page Checkout module is an essential tool for any Prestashop store that wants to improve user experience and increase sales.

One-page checkout for Prestashop

Version 3.3.8 - 2/26/2023

PrestaShop compatibility: - 8.0.4

[feature] Anvanto's an_productfields module support (modify also template! cart-detailed-product-line.tpl)
[fix-payment] wallee support
[fix-payment] Stripe_official v2.5.0
[fix-shipping] Update JS's prestashop.customer.addresses used by DHL module
[feature] New config options - I am business / private also in delivery address
[fix-shipping] mondialrelay - changing delivery address (reload) fix
+ read more

Version 3.3.5 - 9/21/2022

PrestaShop compatibility: -

[fix-payment] Paypal express checkout shall not show as popup payment type, if there are multiple Paypal options
[fix-payment] Prestashop Checkout v2.20.1 support
[fix] Add validation for customer first/last name
[fix] New Google Identity sign-in
[fix-shipping] shipmondo pickup point validation enforced even for virtual product
[fix-shipping] upsservice dropdown point selector support
[fix] Improved virtual cart support (see views/js/examples.txt, example no.3)
[feature] Added total-weight display to the cart (hidden by default)
[fix] _getExtraAccountParams() did not consider status of checkbox
[fix-payment] multisafepay module fix ($kernel not started)
[fix-payment] blik payment (paynow module), incorrect redirection in no-button mode
[fix-shipping] inpostshipping - choose paczkomat warning was displayed even on non-paczkomat shipping option
[fix-payment] payplug v3.6.3, integration notice update (changed file path)
[fix-shipping] vp_omniva and vp_smartpost support (validation of se
+ read more

Version 3.3.4 - 4/6/2022

PrestaShop compatibility: -
[fix-payment] improved support for paypal v5.5.0
[fix] bug - "Payment options on separate page" payment step was unreachable when shipping address was not visible


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