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Ultimate SMS, a bulk SMS marketing application, underwent numerous updates between March 2023 and February 2024 (v3.6.0 – v3.9.0). These updates introduce a significant number of new features in addition to improvements to existing features.

Focus on extended functionality and features (v3.6.0 – v3.9.0):

  • Pricing and customer management:
    • Unit pricing system (v3.9.0): This new system allows prices to be set based on SMS units and may provide more granular price control.
    • Plan-related DLT (v3.9.0): DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) will likely be implemented to manage sender IDs based on specific customer plans.
    • Customer Base Pricing System (v3.7.0): This update enables the definition of customer-specific pricing structures.
    • Customer SMS status and visibility (v3.9.0): Customers can now see basic SMS statuses, while admins still have access to detailed gateway responses.
  • Campaign management and delivery:
    • Campaign feature (v3.7.0): This update introduces a dedicated campaign management system for bulk SMS marketing efforts.
    • Faster campaign speed (v3.8.0): Improved campaign sending speed for faster message delivery.
    • Campaign Status Tracking (v3.8.0): More detailed tracking of campaign status such as queue, dispatch and completion.
    • Assign sending server (v3.8.0 & v3.7.0): The ability to assign specific sending servers based on customer or country potentially enables better delivery rates.
    • Send SMS via file (v3.8.0): This feature allows sending bulk SMS campaigns from a file with recipient information.
  • Additional features and integrations:
    • Announcement module (v3.9.0): A new module for creating and managing announcements, possibly for customer communications.
    • Dynamic SMS Tag Fields (v3.9.0): Personalize SMS messages by inserting dynamic tags populated with customer data.
    • HTTP API (v3.9.0): Allows integration with external applications via an HTTP API.
    • 18+ new broadcast servers (v3.9.0) & 17+ new broadcast servers (v3.8.0): Adding numerous sending servers is likely to improve the reliability and reach of SMS delivery.
    • OTP module (v3.8.0): A special module for sending one-time passwords (OTPs), possibly for customer verification.
    • Viber module (v3.8.0): Although details are lacking, this suggests integration with the Viber messaging platform for broader communication options.
    • Automation module (v3.6.0): Allows automated SMS sending based on triggers such as birthdays.
    • Improved reporting (v3.7.0): Advanced reporting module for better analysis of campaign performance.
    • Quick Send Multiple Numbers (v3.6.0): Quickly send SMS messages to multiple recipients using a special feature.

Limited information about specific changes:

The changelogs provide a good overview of new features, but lack details on some features. For example, the features of the Announcement module, Viber module, and Automation module require further explanation.

In total, Ultimate SMS places great emphasis on offering a feature-rich solution for bulk SMS marketing. The introduction of uniform pricing, custom features, campaign management improvements, and various integrations make it a more versatile platform. However, more detailed changelogs would be beneficial so that users could fully understand the capabilities of each new feature.

The digital age has changed the way companies communicate with their audiences. Amidst the abundance of communication tools, SMS marketing stands out for its effectiveness, reach and immediacy. Input Ultimate SMS deleted – a powerful bulk SMS application tailored to modern marketing needs. Let’s delve into the depths of this promising tool and reveal its potential.

Ultimate SMS is proving to be a beacon in the world of SMS marketing. Built with precision, it provides a comprehensive platform that simplifies mass messaging while amplifying its impact. Understanding the ubiquity of mobile phones and the importance of SMS as a direct communication channel, Ultimate SMS gives businesses an advantage in reaching their target audience immediately and effectively.

Feature highlights: Ultimate SMS at a glance

  • Broadband messaging: Send mass messages and ensure that promotional content, updates or notifications reach a large audience at the same time.
  • Interactive campaigns: Design and execute SMS campaigns that resonate. Plan campaigns, segment recipients and monitor performance in real-time.
  • Multilingual support: Overcome language barriers. Write and send messages in different languages ​​to reach a diverse and global audience.
  • Detailed analysis: Measure the success and impact of your campaigns. Access insightful metrics such as delivery rates, click-through rates and audience engagement.
  • Personalized messages: Tailor your messages to specific audiences. Use dynamic tags to personalize content to improve user engagement and relevance.
  • Robust API integration: Seamlessly integrate Ultimate SMS with other tools and platforms. Improve features, retrieve data, and maintain a cohesive digital ecosystem.
  • Safe area: Prioritize data integrity and security. Ultimate SMS employs strict security measures to protect user data and ensure the reliability of the platform.
  • Automated responses: Engage users even when they’re not there. Set automated responses for specific triggers or keywords to ensure uninterrupted communication.
  • Contact management: Organize and manage your contact lists effortlessly. Segment contacts, maintain detailed profiles and ensure your messages reach the right audience.
  • Reseller panel: Expand your business horizons. The script offers a dedicated panel for resellers, facilitating business growth and diversification.
  • Opt-in/opt-out features: Empower your audience. Give them the freedom to choose their communication preferences, increasing trust and compliance.
  • Accessibility for multiple devices: Stay connected even on the go. Ultimate SMS features a responsive design that ensures smooth operation on all devices – be it mobile, tablet or desktop.

Conclusion: Ultimate SMS – The future of SMS marketing

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Ultimate SMS stands out as a tool that combines tradition with innovation. While SMS as a medium has been around for decades, Ultimate SMS pushes it into the future and ensures it remains relevant, impactful and effective.

The countless features it offers are not just technical improvements; They reflect an understanding of contemporary marketing dynamics. From personalization to analytics, each feature adds a dimension to the message, ensuring businesses can create strategies that resonate, engage and convert.

Additionally, the emphasis on security and user autonomy, as evidenced by the opt-in/opt-out features, underlines the commitment to ethical marketing. It’s not just about reaching out; It’s about taking the right path.

In conclusion: Ultimate Free SMS Download is more than just a bulk SMS application. This is a testament to the potential of SMS marketing when equipped with the right tools. As companies look for innovative ways to connect, engage and grow, The Script is proving to be a perfect ally, promising not only reach but meaningful connections. For businesses looking to improve their SMS marketing, Ultimate SMS is the definite choice.


Version 3.9.0 / (27.02.2024)

[New] - Add Unit Pricing system. Set your price based on sms unit
[New] - Add SMS Type based sending server.
[New] - Add Announcements Module
[New] - Plan wise DLT
[New] - Add lots of statistics & charts on Admin portal
[New] - Add lots of statistics & charts on Customer portal
[New] - Manage announcements on customer portal
[New] - Add customer sms status. You customer only see 8 types of sms status. Admin can see the sms gateway api response.
[New] - Dynamic sms tag fields.
[New] - Add HTTP API
[New] - Add 18+ New Sending Servers
[Update] - Email and SMS alert for all types of customer notifications
and many more…
To update Version 3.8.0 To Version 3.9.0 visit this link.

Version 3.8.0 / (16.10.2023)

[New] - Assign Sending Server By Customer wise
[New] - Add Send SMS Using File
[New] - Add Viber Module
[New] - Add OTP Module
[New] - Add 17+ New Sending Servers
[Update] - Make Faster the Campaign Speed
[Update] - Change Campaign Status, Now it works with Queuing, Queued, Sending,Done, etc.
[Update] - Allocate distinct API URLs for Verious modules
[Update] - Update Ultimate SMS API documentation
and many more…
To update Version 3.7.0 To Version 3.8.0 visit this link.

Version 3.7.0 / (06.06.2023)

[New] - Assign Sending Server By Country wise
[New] - Change full Application pricing Unit to Balance
[New] - Add Customer Base Pricing System
[New] - User Can See All Pricing From Customer Portal
[New] - Add Campaing Feature on Admin
[New] - Add 12+ New Sending Servers
[Update] - Update Full Reports Module
[Fixed] - Fixed Contact Imports with Statistics
and many more…
To update Version 3.6.0 To Version 3.7.0 visit this link.

Version 3.6.0 / (18.03.2023)

[New] - Update Plan Speed Limit
[New] - Add Automations Module. Now you can send Birthday Message.
[New] - Add Send Message to Multiple Numbers using Quick Send
[New] - Add 31+ New Sending Servers
[Update] - Update DLT For Indian Customer
[Fixed] - Templates tags rendering issues.
and many more…
To update Version 3.5.0 To Version 3.6.0 visit this link.


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