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Version 3.18.4 is here! (02/16/24). Click here to view the changelog

Always up to date! Compatible with latest WooCommerce and WordPress versions.

Responsive multipurpose WordPress and WooCommerce theme with incredible user experience

Flatsome is the best-selling WooCommerce theme of all time

Flatsome is that The most used and trusted theme for any type of WooCommerce project. We always support the latest WooCommerce versions, making Flatsome the safest theme for your project.

Main features

Flatsome overview

  • Free Lifetime updates!
  • WordPress 5.9, 6.0 + Ready

  • WooCommerce 4.9, 5.5, 6.9, 7.9, 8.0+ Ready
  • WPML ready (.po files included)
  • SEO optimized

  • Drag and drop Page builder
  • Online documentation – https://docs.uxthemes.com/
  • Supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE8+

  • Catalog mode Option (Hide shopping cart and checkout functionality)
  • Easy updates with the Envato WordPress Toolkit
  • Child topic included

  • Demo content included!
  • PSD files and assets included


* Product images or images used in sliders and banner examples are not included in this topic


--- 3.18.4 (16.02.24) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 8.6 compatibility.

ENHANCEMENT: Added check for global $product object existence in flatsome_sticky_add_to_cart_template function.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved WPML configuration.

FIXED: Improved handling of non-existent attachment images.
FIXED: Shop category header title color with dark content.
FIXED: Undefined array key "limit" PHP warning in some cases.

UPDATED: Google Fonts list.
UPDATED: Language files.

--- 3.18.3 --- (09.01.24)
NEW: WooCommerce 8.5 compatibility.

ENHANCEMENT: Free shipping bar was displayed when only virtual products were in the cart.
ENHANCEMENT: Header newsletter title setting stays now visible if a custom block is chosen.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved mini cart loading state styles.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved shortcode image detection for sitemap.
ENHANCEMENT: Mini cart qty input improvements.
ENHANCEMENT: Sticky add to cart only consider the first visible Add to Cart button as intersection.
ENHANCEMENT: Various CSS improvements.

FIXED: Free shipping threshold currency conversion issue in some cases.

UPDATED: Language files.

--- 3.18.2 --- (28.11.23)
ENHANCEMENT: Mini Cart Quantity: Automatically remove items from the cart when their quantity is reduced to zero.
ENHANCEMENT: Mini Cart Quantity: Validation for user manual input.
ENHANCEMENT: Refined the description of the 'maintenance bypass key' option for better understanding.
ENHANCEMENT: Various CSS improvements.

FIXED: Altered Widget link color and link color hover settings, they no longer target the mini cart widget.
FIXED: AJAX 'Add to Cart': Enhanced compatibility with different plugins to prevent conflicts.
FIXED: Rectified the width issue of Login lightbox with register panel layout.
FIXED: Corrected the improper display of Mobile product sidebar on certain product layouts.
FIXED: Show Page Layout widget in Classic Editor when Block Editor is disabled for pages.

DEV: Added flatsome_is_blog_archive filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_is_shop_archive filter.
DEV: Recommended PHP version 8.1 or higher (8.0 EOL) for better performance and security.

--- 3.18.1 (13.11.23) ---
ENHANCEMENT: Made theme colors available through theme CSS custom properties (see note).
ENHANCEMENT: Various CSS improvements.

FIXED: Ajax add to cart with 'Any...' variation setup.
FIXED: Images weren't imported correctly from Flatsome Studio in some cases.
FIXED: An error occurred in the Page Layout section in the Block Editor in some cases.
FIXED: Mini cart content after Pjax filtering.

UPDATED: Language files.

Note: In certain cases, such as when WP Global styles were disabled by a performance plugin, custom theme colors defaulted to their original values.

--- 3.18.0 (08.11.23) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 8.3 compatibility.
NEW: Debuting tailored Pjax functionality. Facilitates ajax-driven navigation & filtering (optional).
NEW: Shop: AJAX for product category widget, filter widgets & sorting (optional).
NEW: Builder: Color Eyedropper tool for effortless screen color picking.
NEW: Scroll to the top after Pjax navigation option.
NEW: Mini cart: Quantity input (ajax-driven) option.
NEW: Mini cart: Free shipping bar option.
NEW: Mini cart: Empty cart icon & return to shop button.
NEW: Mini cart drawer: Show cross-sells option.
NEW: Mini cart drawer: Sticky footer option.
NEW: Cart: Free shipping bar option.
NEW: Checkout: Free shipping bar option.
NEW: Added advanced menu section 'Content Delivery'.
NEW: Blog pagination type choice (Normal/AJAX).
NEW: WooCommerce pagination type choice (Normal/AJAX/Infinite scroll).
NEW: Blog posts element pagination (pagination links, load more, prev/next) on row, masonry & grid layout.
NEW: Blog posts element pagination alignment.
NEW: Blog posts element pagination ID and Class field.
NEW: Blog posts element pagination position.
NEW: Products element pagination (pagination links, load more, prev/next) on row, masonry & grid layout.
NEW: Products element pagination alignment.
NEW: Products element pagination ID and Class field.
NEW: Products element pagination position.
NEW: FAQ schema support to accordions, for improving SEO and search result visibility (optional).
NEW: Lottie scroll action type option (seek, play, playOnce).
NEW: Single product gallery type option (slide, fade).
NEW: Custom accordion anchor.
NEW: Custom tab anchors.
NEW: Maintenance mode: Body class.
NEW: Maintenance mode: Bypass by key.
NEW: Maintenance mode: Exclude by role (default).
NEW: Option to display WhatsApp among the Header Contact fields.
NEW: Option to set Off-canvas / Drawer width.
NEW: Option to set Off-canvas Cart Drawer width.
NEW: Select theme colors in the Block Editor.
NEW: Shop catalog ordering enable/disable option.
NEW: Shop catalog result count enable/disable option.
NEW: Smoother theme scroll-to animation.
NEW: Title link rel option.
NEW: Title link target option.
NEW: Tooltip color & background color options.
NEW: UX Blocks admin category filter and column.
NEW: Added 2 header block slots.
NEW: Bullet list cross icon.
NEW: X (social media) icon.
NEW: X follow link option.
NEW: X share link option.

PERFORMANCE: Optimized code execution for global Ajax requests.

ENHANCEMENT: Added 'Manage your licenses' link in the setup wizard register step.
ENHANCEMENT: Added all theme icons in the builder icon value dropdown.
ENHANCEMENT: Added comments template to all page templates.
ENHANCEMENT: AJAX add to cart scroll to notice on notice.
ENHANCEMENT: Changed mini cart heading tag from h4 to span.
ENHANCEMENT: If using lightbox login, notices will now show inside the lightbox login/register form.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved shop swatch reset limited reset logic.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved the theme logo in the backend.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved various customizer options visibility (hiding options that depend on other settings).
ENHANCEMENT: Improved WooCommerce notices on transparent header.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved WPML configuration.
ENHANCEMENT: Quantity button alignment in shop loop products.
ENHANCEMENT: Remove the default sliding animations on off-canvas buttons.
ENHANCEMENT: Removed title attribute from WooCommerce gallery images to prevent the display of image filenames in the native tooltip.
ENHANCEMENT: Sticky add to cart functionality for stacked layouts.
ENHANCEMENT: Support iframed Block Editor.
ENHANCEMENT: Swatches/shop: Improved cache clearance.
ENHANCEMENT: Use custom CSS properties for theme colors.
ENHANCEMENT: Various customizer options are reordered more logically.
ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Improved layout when php notices appear.
ENHANCEMENT: Various CSS improvements.

FIXED: B2B for WooCommerce Ajax add to cart product pricing.
FIXED: Vertical menu dropdown not same height as fly out on Safari.
FIXED: Blog posts excerpt trimming issue to ensure accurate length and avoid duplicate ellipses.
FIXED: Ensure Flickity is initialized before attempting to destroy.
FIXED: Header HTML slots did not render shortcode in preview in some cases.
FIXED: hide-for-small & hide-for-medium classes did not take effect in drawers.
FIXED: List item indentation in UX Block menu dropdown.
FIXED: PHP 8.2 deprecations.
FIXED: Position of slider arrows (circle/outside style) and its reveal animation.
FIXED: Review count on related and upsell products on a single product page.
FIXED: Swatches/shop: out-of-stock class added when only one variation was out of stock.
FIXED: Theme file editor: Prevented false positive syntax error in header cart element template.
FIXED: Updated and renamed old quick view hooks with flatsome prefix.
FIXED: WooCommerce translation domain name was used in portfolio templates on some strings.
FIXED: UX Blocks admin menu item text for adding a new block.
FIXED: Banner: Sticky option did not function.
FIXED: Live search results RTL styling.

CHANGED: Infinite scroll button string changed to 'Load more'.
CHANGED: Infinite scroll settings are moved to 'Content Delivery' section.
CHANGED: Removed noreferrer from rel attributes on blank targets.
CHANGED: Sticky add to cart now utilizes a separate template.

DEV: Added experimental_flatsome_pjax filter.
DEV: Added experimental_flatsome_pjax_enabled filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_after_mini_cart_contents action.
DEV: Added flatsome_after_mini_cart_cross_sells action.
DEV: Added flatsome_after_mini_cart_empty_message action.
DEV: Added flatsome_after_single_product_lightbox action.
DEV: Added flatsome_before_mini_cart_cross_sells action.
DEV: Added flatsome_before_mini_cart_empty_message action.
DEV: Added flatsome_before_mini_cart_total action.
DEV: Added flatsome_before_single_product_lightbox action.
DEV: Added flatsome_html_atts filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_maintenance_mode filter (filterable access mode).
DEV: Added flatsome_relay_classes filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_relay_control_classes filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_relay_pagination_args filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_shipping_free_shipping_threshold filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_show_mini_cart_item_quantity filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_single_product_lightbox_product_gallery action.
DEV: Added flatsome_single_product_lightbox_summary action.
DEV: Added flatsome_swatches_box_display_min_count filter.

Note: Minimum required WP version 5.9.0.
Note: Eyedropper tool operates only in secure 'https' contexts or on localhost, with support for Chrome and Edge browsers.
Note: WooCommerce result count and catalog ordering will display even if removed (by code) in the shop by their old actions. Use the new UI options in the product catalog section to re-disable them if desired.

--- 3.17.7 (12.09.23) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 8.1 compatibility.

ENHANCEMENT: Body overflow prevention.
ENHANCEMENT: Don't lazy-load images with high fetch priority.

FIXED: Attach post when uploading images in UX Builder.
FIXED: Copy as Shortcode on custom product page product elements.
FIXED: Don't auto play sliders on mobile after scrolling if not enabled.
FIXED: Don't redirect to product when clicking on swatches in UX Builder.
FIXED: Image lazy-loading failed in some cases on WordPress 6.3.
FIXED: Non-bullet styled list item indentation in UX Block menu dropdown.
FIXED: Removed padding on text with color inside square and circle Text Box elements.
FIXED: Responsive Stack gap with "0" as value.

CHANGED: Disabled ajax add to cart on composite products.

UPDATED: Language files.

--- 3.17.6 (07.08.23) ---
This release contains an enhanced security measure. We recommend updating your sites promptly for optimal protection.

--- 3.17.5 (04.08.23) ---
FIXED: Resolved an issue where the header cart item element was not updating in some cases.
FIXED: Toggling of sticky-hide-on-scroll active class.
FIXED: Banner zoom long hover style.

UPDATED: Language files.

--- 3.17.4 (11.07.23) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 7.9 compatibility.

ENHANCEMENT: Improved WCML multi-currency support.

FIXED: Google map Pegman & buttons placement.
FIXED: Live search not showing results in some cases.
FIXED: Sticky section on mobile.

CHANGED: Copy as Shortcode: replaced navigator API with a prompt for reliability.

UPDATED: Language files.

--- 3.17.3 (23.06.23) ---
FIXED: Scroll-to link with full URLs not navigating in some cases.
FIXED: Icons alignment in the admin menu dropdown.
FIXED: Apply Coupon button color.

UPDATED: Language files.

--- 3.17.2 (15.06.23) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 7.8 compatibility.

UPDATED: Google Fonts list.
UPDATED: Language files.

--- 3.17.1 (31.05.23) ---
NEW: Lottie link options.
NEW: Swatches/product: Disable deselect option.

ENHANCEMENT: Improved no menu assigned message in Vertical Menu.
ENHANCEMENT: Various CSS improvements.

FIXED: Catalog sidebar sticky mode option visibility.
FIXED: flatsome-header-sticky event triggered more than once.
FIXED: Left and right bounce in animations didn't start in some cases.
FIXED: PHP 8.1 deprecated warning.
FIXED: Scroll-to with numbers only.
FIXED: Scroll-to with special chars.
FIXED: Single product pricing currency in Safari.
FIXED: Swatches/shop: text-right alignment.
FIXED: WP Rocket integration script version.

UPDATED: Language files.

DEV: Added flatsome_admin_menu_items_enabled filter.

--- 3.17.0 (25.04.23) ---
NEW: Lottie Element (Bodymovin), a powerful and flexible way to integrate Lottie animations.
NEW: AJAX add to cart buttons on single product page & quick view (optional).
NEW: Lazy load Instagram feeds (optional).
NEW: Header element Secondary Menu.
NEW: Implemented native CSS-based sticky columns for enhanced performance.
NEW: Integrated dynamic per-page load offset calculation for optimized scroll-to experience.
NEW: Sticky sidebar/column mode option.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Reset limited swatches option.
NEW: Auto open & scroll to accordion item per URL hash.
NEW: Auto-scroll to tab per URL hash.
NEW: Slider: Responsive slide width.
NEW: Refactored follow links for enhanced customization, addition, and reordering capabilities.
NEW: Refactored share links for enhanced customization, addition, and reordering capabilities.
NEW: Refactored sticky column JavaScript (enhanced & developed in-house).
NEW: Lottie Path: Set the source path or upload a file for your Lottie animation.
NEW: Lottie Animation Speed: Adjust the animation speed to suit your needs.
NEW: Lottie Autoplay: Toggle autoplay for your Lottie animations.
NEW: Lottie Mouse behavior: Set the animation behavior on mouse events.
NEW: Lottie Triggers: Choose from multiple trigger options for your animations: none, on hover, on click, or on scroll.
NEW: Lottie Start at X% Viewport (scroll): Define the animation start point based on the viewport percentage when scrolling.
NEW: Lottie Finish at X% Viewport (scroll): Define the animation end point based on the viewport percentage when scrolling.
NEW: Lottie Play in Reverse: Enable playing the animation in reverse.
NEW: Lottie Start Animation at X%: Set the starting point of the animation.
NEW: Lottie End Animation at X%: Set the ending point of the animation.
NEW: Lottie Player Controls: Provide users with built-in player controls for the Lottie animations.
NEW: Added 'Offset Type' option on scroll-to.
NEW: Added 'Offset Value' option for customizing scroll-to value.
NEW: Yoast & Rank Math: make primary term active category in WooCommerce widget.

ENHANCEMENT: Centering the canvas in UX Builder.
ENHANCEMENT: Combined post date and author into a single string for translation purposes.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved customizer sortable enabled/disabled state style.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved various translation strings.
ENHANCEMENT: Infinite scrolling in conjunction with Facet WP.
ENHANCEMENT: Menu link element can now use mailto:, sms:, ... protocol links.
ENHANCEMENT: Replaced jQuery waypoint with a more efficient method for better performance.
ENHANCEMENT: Separated blog post shortcode links to image and title.
ENHANCEMENT: Scroll hierarchy when dragging over it in UX Builder.
ENHANCEMENT: Swatch flex spacing & added size variables.
ENHANCEMENT: UX Blocks: Hide from nav menus selection.
ENHANCEMENT: Various CSS improvements.

FIXED: Attach events to duplicated elements in UX Builder.
FIXED: Edit with UX Builder button in Gutenberg not visible in some cases.
FIXED: Focus duplicated element correctly in UX Builder.
FIXED: Sorting multi select controls in UX Builder.
FIXED: Multi select controls showing all terms or tags in UX Builder in some cases.
FIXED: Issue where the $.block overlay was appearing over the header in some cases.
FIXED: Mobile logo left positioning in conjunction with desktop center logo positioning.
FIXED: Portfolio tag breadcrumbs going outside of the container.
FIXED: Potential XSS within UX Builder.
FIXED: Prevent native drag on elements in UX Builder.
FIXED: Refined scroll-to positioning for WooCommerce notices (e.g., on the checkout page) for a better user experience.
FIXED: Replaced WooCommerce deprecated methods.
FIXED: Search lightbox and shortcode button dimensions on mobile.
FIXED: Tabs: Lazy load issue in other than the first tab with animated content element.
FIXED: Blog posts href on button element.
FIXED: Unknown format specifier on tab title in some cases.
FIXED: WordPress 6.2 deprecations.

UPDATED: Google Fonts list.
UPDATED: Language files.

DEV: Added flatsome_follow_links filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_share_links filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_shortcode_${tag}_social_links filter.
DEV: Deprecated flatsome_swatches() in favor of swatches().
DEV: Updated Tooltipster to 4.2.8 + migrate.

Note: Minimum required WooCommerce version 4.7.0.
Note: Minimum required WP version 5.4.0.

--- 3.16.8 (30.03.23) ---
NEW: Support for Instagram access tokens (Instagram Basic Display).
NEW: Select connected Instagram account from select list in UX Builder.

CHANGED: Remove old Instagram scrape method.

--- 3.16.7 (23.03.23) ---
FIXED: Issue with quantity buttons on cart not functioning after updating cart on WooCommerce 7.5.

--- 3.16.6 (14.02.23) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 7.4 compatibility.
NEW: Updated Google Fonts list.

ENHANCEMENT: Added localization admin info panel.

FIXED: Integration of woocommerce-tm-extra-product did not load due to class name change.
FIXED: PHP warning in class-wc-product-data-fields.php undefined array key 0.
FIXED: Compatibility issue with YITH WooCommerce Wishlist and UX Builder.
FIXED: Warning in the block editor when the "UX Builder content" block is rendered.
FIXED: Google Maps API deprecated message.

--- 3.16.5 (13.01.23) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 7.3 compatibility.
NEW: Updated Google Fonts list.

FIXED: Cart count was added to the shop icon globally in some cases (fragments).

--- 3.16.4 (20.12.22) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 7.2.1 compatibility.

--- 3.16.3 (14.12.22) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 7.2 compatibility.

ENHANCEMENT: Improved WPML configuration.

FIXED: Viewport accessibility user scalable.
FIXED: Team Members: overlay & shade style not rendering shortcodes in content.
FIXED: Interruption on external product button link navigation if Vimeo or youtube was linked.
FIXED: Background video not auto-playing in some cases.
FIXED: Various typos.

DEV: Recommended PHP version 8.0 or higher.

--- 3.16.2 (04.11.22) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 7.0.1 compatibility.

FIXED: Copy as Shortcode on Safari.
FIXED: Issues with searchable select options in UX Builder.
FIXED: Renamed option: Disable Google Fonts → Disable Fonts.

--- 3.16.1 (28.09.22) ---
FIXED: Toggle tabs in sub menus.
FIXED: JavaScript error in Safari on iOS 13 and below.
FIXED: Standard font-family incorrect CSS value output.
FIXED: Font inherit & initial setting CSS value output.
FIXED: Font styles CSS was generated, if fonts where disabled.
FIXED: UX Builder: Set map latitude and longitude values correctly.
FIXED: Shop sidebar flickering (sticky sidebar in combination with infinite loading).
FIXED: The variation gallery only showed the parent product image if the variation has no images.
FIXED: PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in single-product/product-image-vertical.php.
FIXED: Prevented notices being displayed for a split second in flatsome admin panels.

Note: Console will now notify if reduced motion is enabled on your OS.

--- 3.16.0 (15.09.22) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 6.9 compatibility.
NEW: Product additional variation images.
NEW: Product gallery grid layouts (stacked).
NEW: UX Builder: Resize handle for banner height.
NEW: UX Builder: Copy as shortcode element context menu item.
NEW: UX Builder: Show all registered image sizes.
NEW: UX Builder: Responsive max width for column.
NEW: Google Fonts served locally instead of CDN. (location: wp-content/fonts/)
NEW: Option to serve Google Fonts from CDN.
NEW: Option to enable or disable sale bubble.
NEW: Option to show product review count in catalog.
NEW: Option to disable single blog post category.
NEW: Option to disable single blog post title.
NEW: Status panel (environment, template overrides, ...).
NEW: Status overview widget.
NEW: Fade-in hover style in element text options.
NEW: Backup and Import: Delete options backup button.
NEW: Swatches: Display value on swatch hover on single product page.
NEW: Swatches: Option to make out-of-stock items inactive.
NEW: Include/exclude out of stock products in Product Flip element.
NEW: Blog posts: filter by multiple post tags.
NEW: Products: filter by multiple product tags.
NEW: Products flipbook: tag filtering.
NEW: Products element order by price.
NEW: Image: Title attribute option.
NEW: Vertical menu opener color option.
NEW: Vertical menu fly-out width option.
NEW: Vertical menu fly-out nav divider option.
NEW: Vertical menu fly-out nav height option.
NEW: Vertical menu fly-out nav color option.
NEW: Vertical menu fly-out nav color:hover option.
NEW: Vertical menu fly-out nav bg color:hover option.
NEW: All in One SEO breadcrumb integration.
NEW: SEOPress PRO breadcrumb integration.

ENHANCEMENT: Reduced CSS by 20%.
ENHANCEMENT: UX Builder: Scrub inputs vertically.
ENHANCEMENT: UX Builder: Improved paste values in inputs.
ENHANCEMENT: UX Builder: Improved responsiveness of scrub inputs.
ENHANCEMENT: UX Builder: Improved resizing of text boxes.
ENHANCEMENT: UX Builder: Reduced navigation animations.
ENHANCEMENT: UX Builder: Removed some interaction appending to browser history.
ENHANCEMENT: Disable some animations when "Reduced motion" is enabled for better accessibility.
ENHANCEMENT: Render open accordion on the server.
ENHANCEMENT: Disabled sticky add to cart on stacked layouts.
ENHANCEMENT: Swatches: Catalog picture tag support.
ENHANCEMENT: Swatches: Ensure variation image on inactive variations.
ENHANCEMENT: Swatches: Disable initially out of stock.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved scrolling performance.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved cache busting compatibility on chunk files.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved tabs accessibility.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved button accessibility.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved accordions accessibility.
ENHANCEMENT: Removed active filter title on the filter button.
ENHANCEMENT: Outline the focused element when pressing the tab key.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved keyboard usage with the main menu.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved WPML configuration.
ENHANCEMENT: Various CSS improvements.

FIXED: PHP Error: must be of type array, string given in ux_instagram_feed.php in some cases.
FIXED: Incorrect google CDN link in combination with 'default Browser Font-Family'.
FIXED: Synchronous DOM mutation listener to a 'DOMNodeInserted' event violation.
FIXED: UX Builder: Re-play animations after moving element to another container.
FIXED: UX Builder: Don't server-side render element after moving to another container.
FIXED: UX Builder: Plugin compatibility issues when editing draft posts.
FIXED: UX Builder: Keep scrubbing when the pointer enters the canvas.
FIXED: UX Builder: Prevent native drag on anchor HTML elements.
FIXED: Resume autoplaying slider on touch devices when touching outside.
FIXED: Exiting full-screen mp4 video navigated the browser back on iOS.
FIXED: PHP notice: undefined offset on menu items class in some cases.
FIXED: Catalog swatches with non ASCII (f.ex: Arabic) attribute slugs.
FIXED: Backslash in Advanced → Custom CSS fields should now be kept.
FIXED: WooCommerce One Page Checkout quantity compatibility.
FIXED: Sticky column when inner height dynamically changed.
FIXED: Italic font variant style did not apply italic.
FIXED: Improved bfcache support on Chrome and Firefox.
FIXED: Backup option double description.

DEV: Updated FB graph API to v14.0.
DEV: Updated devbridgeAutocomplete to 1.4.11.
DEV: Added flatsome_loop_review_count_html filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_icon filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_single_product_thumbnails_classes filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_single_product_thumbnails_render_without_attachments filter.

Note: add_action( 'wp_head', 'flatsome_prefetch_scripts', 5 ); changed to add_filter( 'wp_resource_hints', 'flatsome_prefetch_scripts', 10, 2 );
UX Builder: To scrub and input value (margin, padding, ...) press the mouse key down upon an input, then move the mouse up or down.
Note: Dropping support for IE (new features are no longer tested and are not guaranteed to function optimally for this browser)

--- 3.15.7 (14.07.22) ---
FIXED: Slider dragging & scrolling on iOS 15+.
FIXED: Lazy load not working properly in some cases on Safari.

ENHANCEMENT: Improved Bootstrap compatibility.

--- 3.15.6 (14.06.22) ---
FIXED: WordPress 6.0 CSS conflict.
FIXED: Element style (padding, margin,..) not applying when column is made sticky.

--- 3.15.5 (02.05.22) ---
FIXED: Integration options showed up in Updates tab options.
FIXED: Backup Options increasing wp_options table size when used more than once.
FIXED: PHP notice if no image is set on UX Image attribute.
FIXED: Plugin path issue in Setup Wizard on Amazon Lightsail (bitnami).
FIXED: Pages on the search result page if WooCommerce is not active.
FIXED: WooCommerce Attribute Filter Widget overflow issue.

ENHANCEMENT: PNG support for lightbox images.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved toggle button accessibility.

--- 3.15.4 (15.03.22) ---
NEW: Release channel option (stable/beta).

FIXED: Updated unannounced change of form login text string.
FIXED: PHP notice if no color is set on UX Color attribute.
FIXED: Swatches label center and right alignment on single product.
FIXED: Related product title indent with an increased site container width.
FIXED: Clear cart after payment on simple and focused templates in some cases.
FIXED: Missing return value in swatch preview column content filter.
FIXED: Product box swatch selected variation image in off-canvas.
FIXED: Lightbox tall images intersecting with the viewport.
FIXED: Builder: WCML custom product featured image reset.
FIXED: Typo in Flatsome registration admin notice string.
FIXED: Scroll to in combination with hidden sliders.
FIXED: Equalize product box in off-canvas.

ENHANCEMENT: Vertical Menu dropdown now responds to Container width & Full width menu item design.

Note: Beta pre releases will from now on now be presented in the WP update panel if enabled. Betas are the
versions of choice for testers in preparation for a theme release. They provide a short-term-stable point
to report bugs against. Grab these to make sure the upcoming release works well on your infrastructure.

--- 3.15.3 (15.01.22) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 6.1 compatibility.

ENHANCEMENT: Auto height for custom-sized vertical menu dropdowns.

FIXED: Open correct image in galleries.
FIXED: Open correct video with multiple video buttons.
FIXED: Toggle accordions when clicking on arrow.
FIXED: Site logo src=(unknown) if logo was not used pre 3.15.
FIXED: Product gallery thumbnail slider arrows for 5 thumbs.
FIXED: Swatches cache when an attribute is updated.
FIXED: Various RTL improvements.

--- 3.15.2 (21.12.21) ---
FIXED: Script file naming compatibility on some servers.
FIXED: Yoast integration options did not show (due to Yoast codebase changes).
FIXED: Slider with parallax enabled.
FIXED: Sidebar sub menu toggle.
FIXED: Page loader logo size.

ENHANCEMENT: Improved WP Rocket compatibility.

Note: Please remember to clear all cache and minification after updating.

--- 3.15.1 (17.12.21) ---
FIXED: Banner responsive values.
FIXED: Use the correct logo URL.
FIXED: Lightbox auto open.
FIXED: Lightbox gallery (combined page gallery).
FIXED: Logo size on simple and focused checkout style.

ENHANCEMENT: Prevent hotspot opening quick view in builder.

--- 3.15 (16.12.21) ---
NEW: Core JavaScript file is now only 56kb (16kb gzipped).
NEW: WooCommerce 6.0 compatibility.
NEW: Header vertical menu element.
NEW: Shape dividers (SVG graphic shapes).
NEW: Improved JS performance (lazy load reduced core modules).
NEW: Header vertical menu enable/disable icon option.
NEW: Header vertical menu height & width.
NEW: Header vertical menu tagline & text options.
NEW: Header vertical menu color & bg color options.
NEW: Header vertical menu fly-out keep open option.
NEW: Header vertical menu fly-out shadow option.
NEW: Header vertical menu fly-out color & bg color options.
NEW: Custom logo link option.
NEW: Sidebar top content option.
NEW: Sidebar tabs option.
NEW: Sidebar tabs text option.
NEW: Builder: Open tabs on hover option.
NEW: Builder: Shape divider color.
NEW: Builder: Shape divider height & width.
NEW: Builder: Shape divider flip option.
NEW: Builder: Shape divider to-front option.
NEW: Paysera and Revolut payment icon.

ENHANCEMENT: Added layout ID and scope classes to custom product page wrapper.
ENHANCEMENT: Set correct alpha for header background color.
ENHANCEMENT: Checkmark swatches in widget items on hover.
ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Hardened security.
ENHANCEMENT: Various CSS improvements.

FIXED: Builder: Render empty paragraphs.
FIXED: Builder: Initial value for conditional options.
FIXED: Open UX Builder correctly on wordpress.com.
FIXED: Set correct site logo width and height attributes.
FIXED: Navigation dropdown display under active menu item.
FIXED: Products: Ensure visibility for custom ID's on other styles than the default.
FIXED: Builder: Custom product reviews selection and sorting in hierarchy panel when empty.
FIXED: Container and full-width dropdown position on the very last menu item on the right.
FIXED: Sticky add to cart is now default disabled on composite product types.
FIXED: Container width dropdown when the main header is hidden when sticky.
FIXED: WooCommerce account page before and after navigation hooks.
FIXED: Terms and conditions lightbox content formatting.
FIXED: Customizer color picker palette styling in RTL.
FIXED: Products: PHP notice on an non existing tag.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.

DEV: Added woocommerce_gallery_image_html_attachment_image_params filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_show_block_edit_tooltip filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_swatches_box_attribute filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_before_sidebar_menu action.
DEV: Added flatsome_before_sidebar_menu_elements action.
DEV: Added flatsome_after_sidebar_menu_elements action.
DEV: Added flatsome_after_sidebar_menu action.
DEV: Updated Angular.

Note: Minimum required WooCommerce version 4.4.0.

--- 3.14.3 --- (07.09.21)
NEW: HTML element in UX Builder.

FIXED: Builder: Render paragraphs correctly for classic editor content.
FIXED: Thank you page content option didn't render shortcodes.
FIXED: Scroll to on mobile navigated incorrectly in some cases.
FIXED: Infinite scroll on masonry catalog layout.

ENHANCEMENT: Improved swatch compatibility for multiple woocommerce extension plugins.
ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Check post existence before going into edit mode.
ENHANCEMENT: Shop sticky sidebar height when infinite scroll items are appended.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved WPML configuration.

REVERT: Builder does not wrap text element content with paragraph anymore. (Use the new HTML element for raw content instead)

--- 3.14.2 --- (22.07.21)
FIXED: Product categories element displayed sub categories.
FIXED: PHP notice product categories variable may not support offset operations.
FIXED: PHP error on a new product previewed in draft mode.
FIXED: Swatches admin image preview sizing.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.

--- 3.14.1 --- (14.07.21)
FIXED: PHP issue with http_headers_useragent pre WP 5.1 3th party filter usage.
FIXED: Swatches incorrectly disabled in some cases.

ENHANCEMENT: Improved swatch caching.

--- 3.14.0 --- (13.07.21)
NEW: Product variation swatches.
NEW: UX Themes License manager.
NEW: WordPress 5.8 compatibility.
NEW: WooCommerce 5.5 compatibility.
NEW: Live search latency option.
NEW: Automatic New badge for products newer then x days.
NEW: Automatic New badge color option.
NEW: Infinitive option for all slide style elements.
NEW: Accordion collapsed product tab style.
NEW: Custom product stacked gallery style.
NEW: Builder: Sticky column option.
NEW: Swatches/attribute: Types (color, image, label).
NEW: Swatches/attribute: Size options.
NEW: Swatches/attribute: Shape options.
NEW: Swatches/attribute: Use variation image.
NEW: Swatches/product: Layout options.
NEW: Swatches/product: Tooltip option.
NEW: Swatches/product: Color selected option.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Show attribute variant swatches.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Layout options.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Size options.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Shape options.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Select event option (desktop).
NEW: Swatches/shop: Color selected option.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Selected swatch behavior option.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Update urls option.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Auto reset selection options.
NEW: Register: Lightbox panel layout options (left/right).
NEW: Register: Lightbox side panel custom UX Block.
NEW: Register: Lightbox side panel bg color option.
NEW: Register: Lightbox side panel bg image option.
NEW: Register: Lightbox side panel bg overlay option.
NEW: Google font-display 'auto' option.
NEW: Telegram share/follow icon.
NEW: Twitch follow icon.
NEW: Discord follow icon.
NEW: Updated Google Fonts list.

ENHANCEMENT: Auto open mini cart refactored to work on all add to cart buttons.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved accordion item toggle arrow position when opened.
ENHANCEMENT: Sale label and percentage formatting options can now contain HTML.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved variation summarize details in mini cart, cart and checkout.
ENHANCEMENT: Portfolio: Distinguish tag and category names from WordPress once.
ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Text font and line option with smaller increments.
ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Custom product element thumbnails.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved accessibility on various elements.
ENHANCEMENT: Flatsome icon font versioning.
ENHANCEMENT: Optimized content processing.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved CLS on sliders.

FIXED: Possible undefined variable in tabs element.
FIXED: Placement of wp_footer output on maintenance template.
FIXED: Accordion: Slider incorrect rendered in some cases.
FIXED: Body was scrollable when lightbox or off-canvas was opened.
FIXED: Single product review link did not navigate on accordion tab style.
FIXED: Custom product gallery style could not be chosen if global template was stacked gallery.
FIXED: Custom sale label text was not used as fallback with percentage option enabled.
FIXED: WooCommerce Setup Wizard button link displayed at the end of the Flatsome Setup Wizard.
FIXED: Wishlist button now only gets 'added' class to items that are actually in the wishlist.
FIXED: Shop filter not available on mobile search results page with custom Shop Page Content.
FIXED: Portfolio: Filter problem with the categories that may contain the same string.
FIXED: Product categories element did not show cats on PHP 8 if no Ids specified.
FIXED: Portfolio: Thumbnails missing on portfolio admin thumbnail column.
FIXED: UX Block edit link displayed on a deleted block reference.
FIXED: Maps: Incorrect height value in mobile devices.
FIXED: Slider: Missing closing bracket of embedded css.
FIXED: Menu item options confirmation after saving.
FIXED: Infinite scroll window title update.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.

CHANGED: Builder does not wrap text element content with paragraph anymore.
CHANGED: Login style setting moved to Header → Account.
CHANGED: Register Flatsome with a purchase code.

DEV: Hook priority flatsome_add_icons_css changed from 10 → 150.
DEV: Added new flatsome_product_attribute_term_fields action.
DEV: Added new flatsome_new_flash_html filter.
DEV: Added new flatsome_swatch_html filter.
DEV: Added new flatsome_swatch_image_size filter.
DEV: Added new flatsome_swatches_cache_time filter.
DEV: Removed 'Inc' in namespaces.

Note: Minimum required WooCommerce version 4.0.0.

--- 3.13.3 --- (30.03.21)
FIXED: ContactForm7 progress spinner.
FIXED: Team Members: Displayed follow icons by default.
FIXED: Page Header: Background color for featured and normal style.
FIXED: Live search not yielding results for post/pages if its option and WC both are deactivated.
FIXED: Slider responsive margin.
FIXED: Builder: PHP 8 error in some cases.
FIXED: Builder: PHP warning 'Trying to get property 'post_type' of non-object' due WC on boarding task.

ENHANCEMENT: Author bio can now contain HTML.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved browser back button cache support.

DEV: Added new flatsome_author_bio_avatar_size filter.

--- 3.13.2 --- (25.02.21)
NEW: Option to disable sale badge in catalog mode.
NEW: Slovenian translation added.

FIXED: Builder: Post multi select sorting.
FIXED: Builder: Reveal options on custom post Ids clearance.
FIXED: Builder: Gutenberg HTML blocks now show up as WP content blocks.
FIXED: Builder: Image placeholder position when added in mobile/tablet mode.
FIXED: Plugin integrated breadcrumbs did not show when WooCommerce not active.
FIXED: Portfolio filter stayed visible despite visibility option selection.
FIXED: Share links on shop and blog archive pages.
FIXED: Text box element parent styling issues.
FIXED: Wishlist whatsapp share (mobile).
FIXED: Cross-sells column amount filtering.
FIXED: Sticky header on tablet/mobile when admin bar is hidden.
FIXED: Google map not rendering sometimes on FF & Safari.
FIXED: Slider not properly shown on custom dropdowns.
FIXED: Some menu item options did not save in some cases.
FIXED: Corrected WooCommerce address translation string.
FIXED: WP-CLI profiler outputted HTML in some cases.
FIXED: Divider left alignment in image box.
FIXED: Builder: PHP error on PHP 7.0.x.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.
FIXED: Various PHP notices.

ENHANCEMENT: Follow element now shows global follow links if non is individually set by default.
ENHANCEMENT: Equal image heights setting now also affects upsells and related products.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved Flatsome Studio loading performance.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved support for decimal product quantities.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved WPML configuration.

DEV: Added new flatsome_header_account_username filter.
DEV: Added new flatsome_sale_bubble_percentage_cache_enabled filter.

--- 3.13.1 --- (16.12.20)
NEW: PHP 8 support.

FIXED: Menu element active link.
FIXED: Menu element dark divider color.
FIXED: Sticky header when top bar is enabled.
FIXED: Custom menu item class did not output when an icon was selected.
FIXED: Builder option styling in latest FireFox.
FIXED: UX Builder edit button in Gutenberg.
FIXED: Various PHP notices.

ENHANCEMENT: Clarified register with token feedback messages.
ENHANCEMENT: Support jQuery 3.5 without migrate.
ENHANCEMENT: Increased max for layout width options.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved sticky header with WP admin bar.
ENHANCEMENT: Text element color option now colors direct child HTML tags.

--- 3.13.0 --- (26.11.20)
NEW: WordPress 5.6 compatibility.
NEW: WooCommerce 4.8.0 compatibility.
NEW: Mega Menus - Create fully customizable dropdowns with UX Builder.
NEW: Menu element for building custom dropdowns and footer links.
NEW: Templates for UX Builder - Save any element or page as reusable template.
NEW: Register/activate theme with token support.
NEW: Responsive styling for Text element.
NEW: Menu icons media picker or markup.
NEW: Menu dropdown design/size options (Full Width, Container).
NEW: Menu dropdown reveal option hover or click.
NEW: Nav dropdown shadow option.
NEW: Nav dropdown border option.
NEW: Background overlay on nav hover/click per header position.
NEW: Improved Instagram account connection flow.
NEW: Instagram clear cache button.
NEW: Gutenberg: builder placeholder block (previously plain HTML).
NEW: Column background radius option from row.
NEW: Top Bar navigation uppercase/lowercase option.
NEW: Top Bar navigation height option.
NEW: Header button bevel and gloss styles.
NEW: Beacon powered "Search Documentation" (on admin panels).
NEW: Venmo payment icon.

FIXED: Instagram hashtag requests & URL scheme.
FIXED: Customizer option framework version constant.
FIXED: Filter button on product tag pages with custom shop page content.
FIXED: Main header height defaults.
FIXED: Transparent header height defaults.
FIXED: Product video button link when pasted with extra space.
FIXED: Global button radius affected quantity button inner radius.
FIXED: woocommerce_template_loop_product_title filter did not take place.
FIXED: Incorrect nested tag in cart-shipping.php template.
FIXED: Builder: Arrows on number input on FF.
FIXED: Builder: Incorrect + button position on option change in some cases.
FIXED: Builder: Some element presets did not render correctly before applying.
FIXED: Main nav and nav hover color affected the bottom bar navs.
FIXED: Gallery: Multi gallery in tabs did not have numbering and navigation.

ENHANCEMENT: Improved loading speed of inline SVG's.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved accessibility on various elements.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved WPML configuration.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved support for uncommon theme directory names.
ENHANCEMENT: Increases maximum for navigation height setting.
ENHANCEMENT: Increases max/min for col margins.
ENHANCEMENT: Single variation listing now has sale bubble percentage value.

DEV: Added new 'flatsome_sticky_add_to_cart_enabled' filter.
DEV: Added the 'woocommerce_checkout_before_order_review_heading' filter.
DEV: Updated FB graph API to v8.0.

Note: Minimum required WooCommerce version 3.6.0.
Note: Mega Menu requires WP 5.4 or higher.

--- 3.12.3 --- (27.10.20)
FIXED: Instagram API change affecting images from certain posts.

--- 3.12.2 --- (14.08.20)
FIXED: Countdown background color.
FIXED: Older admin assets could remain in browser cache (Advanced Options).
FIXED: HTML not rendering in product title (reverted WC 4.4 template change).

--- 3.12.1 --- (11.08.20)
NEW: WordPress 5.5 compatibility.
NEW: WooCommerce 4.4 compatibility.
NEW: Updated Google Fonts list.

FIXED: Custom product layout, global overruled category in some cases.
FIXED: Off-canvas sidebar not scrollable with mobile slide menu activated.
FIXED: Countdown responsive size when large is default.
FIXED: Product Flip was only able to show max. 10 custom id's.
FIXED: Image column link showed on mobile menu with slide effect.
FIXED: Builder: Icon Box preview when changing icon position.
FIXED: Custom portfolio items 404 after certain plugin updates.
FIXED: Site Loader and 404 Block option not able to save in some cases.
FIXED: packery JS error in customizer preview in some cases.
FIXED: Wording of default cookie notice message.
FIXED: Cookies banner accept button href anchor.
FIXED: Cookies banner cookie duration.

ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Preserve open hierarchy items when leaving element options.
ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Scroll preview frame when dragging elements in side panel.

DEV: Added the 'woocommerce_product_upsells_products_heading' filter.
DEV: Updated customizer option framework.

Change: Cookie banner settings moved to new 'Notifications' section.

--- 3.12.0 (08.07.20) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 4.3 compatibility.
NEW: Custom product layout per category and product.
NEW: Stack element for UX Builder (Powered by Flexbox).
NEW: Slide effect for Off-canvas / Mobile Menu (Amazon style).
NEW: Sticky sidebar option for shop page.
NEW: Sticky sidebar option for blog page.
NEW: Responsive margin and padding for Columns.
NEW: Cookie banner (GDPR).
NEW: Rank Math breadcrumbs integration.
NEW: Rank Math primary category integration.
NEW: Portfolio archive sorting options.
NEW: Portfolio archive styling options.
NEW: Blog Posts element order & order by options.
NEW: Mobile Menu parent menu item behavior option.
NEW: Navigation color options for header top bar.
NEW: Builder: Close add element & text editor with esc key.
NEW: Single product related/upsells responsive product per row options.
NEW: Spanish (Argentina) translation added.
NEW: Updated Google Fonts list.
NEW: New catalog filter icon.

FIXED: Posts and shop pages header when the default template is light.
FIXED: Excerpt for posts (grid) after thumbnail size did not show.
FIXED: Instagram gallery posts now have an image.
FIXED: Portfolio page incorrect image height for 2:1 (Tall).
FIXED: PHP notice if product has only gallery items.
FIXED: PHP notice Undefined variable: declaration_str.
FIXED: Page Header responsive background overlay.
FIXED: Improved scrolling performance (Chrome).
FIXED: Improved image sizes in grid element.
FIXED: WP-CLI HTML output in maintenance mode.
FIXED: Various rendering issues on iOS 13.5.
FIXED: Various CSS and RTL improvements.

TWEAK: Disabled overflow x on body by default.
TWEAK: Quick View image reset when hidden by variation selection.
TWEAK: Improved output of media queries.
TWEAK: Improved layout option controls.

Change: Removed "WooSidebars" from included plugins.

DEV: New flatsome_product_block filter.
DEV: New flatsome_before_single_product_custom action.

--- 3.11.3 (26.04.20) ---
FIXED: Custom portfolio archive page title and template selection.
FIXED: Lightbox (auto open) placement when off canvas sidebar is open.

--- 3.11.2 (22.04.20) ---
FIXED: Terms in permalink separated by comma in some cases.

--- 3.11.1 (21.04.20) ---
Security release!
This release contains a fix to harden security, we encourage you to update your sites as soon as possible.

NEW: WooCommerce 4.1 compatibility.

FIXED: Improved security in UX Builder.
FIXED: Custom portfolio slug in site map.
FIXED: Wishlist button on infinite scroll items.
FIXED: Review pagination when having extra tabs.
FIXED: Account icon live refresh in mobile preview.
FIXED: Equalize items for cross-sells after cart update.
FIXED: Slider: banner background video playback if placed in row.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.

TWEAK: Improved rating stars alignment.
TWEAK: Product thumbnail reset when hidden by variation selection.

UPDATED: Spanish translation (Posted on).

--- 3.11.0 (13.03.20) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 4.0 compatibility.
NEW: Added tons of new Google Fonts.
NEW: My Account title color, align, background options.
NEW: Option to disable blog date badges globally.
NEW: Options to change regular and sale price color.
NEW: Blog post layout type option row/masonry.
NEW: Text align to top for different elements.
NEW: Column background radius options.
NEW: Column border options.
NEW: Option to remove jQuery Migrate.
NEW: TikTok added to Follow Icons.
NEW: Lightbox 'show once' versioning.
NEW: Featured posts image size option.
NEW: Image lightbox caption option.
NEW: Logo element image size option.
NEW: Button element padding option.
NEW: Payment icons element for UX Builder.
NEW: 10+ new payment icons.

FIXED: Catalog filter button did not show on mobile category pages with custom shop content.
FIXED: Password meter loaded when generate password option is enabled.
FIXED: Single Page Nav as default template affected WC and blog pages.
FIXED: Header buttons outline/underline color setting.
FIXED: Header HTML 1 not displaying without saving.
FIXED: Product review tab activation on pagination.
FIXED: Single product page currency position in RTL.
FIXED: Various PHP 7.4 notices.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.
FIXED: Various RTL improvements.

TWEAK: Improved scrollbars in customizer in FF.
TWEAK: Product variation results in search now depend on parent visibility.

DEV: Updated customizer option framework.
DEV: Updated Walkers.

--- 3.10.4 (07.02.20) ---
FIXED: Builder: Banner child elements hiding on some cases in preview.
FIXED: Redundant quote in team members link.
FIXED: Gap responsive height in frontend.
FIXED: Social login pop up redirect.

TWEAK: Increased newsletter auto pop timer setting maximum.
TWEAK: Corrected builder slider unit position.

--- 3.10.3 (24.01.20) ---
FIXED: Single product gallery image size.

--- 3.10.2 (23.01.20) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 3.9.0 compatibility.

FIXED: Custom color for rating stars did not apply to rating form stars.
FIXED: Demo content import step delay after importing forms.
FIXED: Slider dragging inside tabs and accordions.
FIXED: YITH Wishlist Mobile styling.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.

--- 3.10.1 (17.12.19) ---
NEW: YITH Wishlist 3.0 compatibility.

FIXED: Gap height when left on default value.
FIXED: Admin styling issues introduced by WP 5.3.
FIXED: Search result style option not visible.
FIXED: Builder: Product hover in section element.
FIXED: Swiping from upon a button on mobile devices.
FIXED: PHP warning on non existing blocks in WP 5.3.1.
FIXED: Checkout breadcrumb step custom secondary color.
FIXED: section_inner shortcode in frontend (section within a section).
FIXED: Better compatibility with WC Composites plugin (Quantity buttons).
FIXED: Prevented reset of WC thumbnail sizes on theme deactivation and reactivation.

TWEAK: Improved WPML configuration.

--- 3.10.0 (07.11.19) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 3.8.0 compatibility.
NEW: Terms and conditions lightbox accept button.
NEW: Option to set equal heights on product boxes.
NEW: Various new options for products boxes.
NEW: Gap element responsive height setting.
NEW: WP block image lightbox support.
NEW: Official WhatsApp icon.
NEW: Column admin label.
NEW: Twint payment icon.
NEW: Builder: Queue for sequencing page content AJAX requests.
NEW: Builder: Edit product layout button with translated blocks.
NEW: Builder: Enriched support for different language domains.

FIXED: Dark navigation/logo on dark header.
FIXED: Slider swiping on some Android devices.
FIXED: Slider swiping on some devices with iOS13.
FIXED: Builder: Rel option for same window links.
FIXED: Builder: Edit button in Gutenberg for editor role.
FIXED: Builder: Some items could not be moved inside hierarchy panel.
FIXED: Tabs: Masonry or grid element styled items overlapping inside tab.
FIXED: Accordion: Masonry or grid element styled items overlapping inside tab.
FIXED: Instagram: Some accounts could not be disconnected.
FIXED: Instagram: Incorrect image alignment in column with center/right align.
FIXED: Top bar stayed visible on desktop when it only had elements for mobile.
FIXED: Prevented from applying old setting value as default global page template.
FIXED: Accordion item in lightbox opened and closed immediately.
FIXED: Image alt attribute on sticky add to cart thumbnail.
FIXED: Payment icons shortcode link attribute.
FIXED: 'Call us' translation string.

DEV: Added missing flatsome_after_page hook on page-blank-title-center template.
DEV: Added support for wp_body_open hook.

--- 3.9.0 (17.09.19) ---
NEW: Improved lazy loading.
NEW: Instagram Graph API connection.
NEW: Lazy Loading inline fallback image.
NEW: Cart/Checkout steps number (optional).
NEW: Page preloading. Preload pages right before a user clicks on it (optional).
NEW: Form style 'minimal' for product add to cart and cart quantity.
NEW: Separate lightbox gallery elements on same page (optional).
NEW: Hide sticky header when scrolling down (optional).
NEW: Google Fonts font-display loading type option.
NEW: Terms and conditions link option (tab, lightbox).
NEW: Builder: Option to change lightbox image size.
NEW: Option to show/hide category product count on shop page.
NEW: Option to change letter case for Cart/Checkout steps.
NEW: Option to change font size for Cart/Checkout steps.
NEW: Option to remove default WP Block library css.
NEW: Option to enable parallax on mobile devices.
NEW: Option to enable/disable page top excerpt.
NEW: Option to remove theme style.css.
NEW: Option to remove WP emoji script.
NEW: Added pagination on pages support.
NEW: Portfolio: Order by title.
NEW: Google Pay payment icon.

FIXED: Posts Layout option for blog archives with left and no sidebar layout.
FIXED: Builder: Accordion items glitch when a title is entered in preview.
FIXED: Builder: Products Custom element column and count setting.
FIXED: Builder: Incorrect video button size in preview.
FIXED: woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link filter missing $args.
FIXED: UX Blocks: Shop Manager role unable to go in edit mode.
FIXED: UX Blocks: Edit block from frontend on blog page.
FIXED: Element image radius in Safari on some styles.
FIXED: Menu dropdown toggle on overlay menu in RTL.
FIXED: Default page template selection option.
FIXED: Wishlist: Share on Facebook.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.

TWEAK: Improved lightbox close button with SVG icon.
TWEAK: Improved accessibility on various elements.
TWEAK: Viewport is now scalable on mobile devices.
TWEAK: Removed Google+ functionality.

DEV: New flatsome_payment_icons filter.
DEV: New flatsome_viewport_meta filter.
DEV: New flatsome_lightbox_close_button filter.
DEV: New flatsome_lightbox_close_btn_inside filter.

Note: Performance related options can now be found under the Advanced → Performance tab.
Note: Minimum required WooCommerce version 3.3.0.
--- 3.8.4 (12.08.19) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 3.7 compatibility.

FIXED: Builder: Bottom of text editor not visible with lots of content (chrome).
FIXED: Builder: Improved element refreshing on option changes.
FIXED: Accordion and accordion-item custom class output.
FIXED: Instagram: Video thumbnails not squared.
FIXED: Infinite Scroll: Preventing non-archive products from loading in.
FIXED: Rating stars overlay issue when body font weight has changed.
FIXED: Negative space above address field in mobile view.
FIXED: Custom URL on attachment opened lightbox.
FIXED: Image: Link in caption breaks markup.
FIXED: Arrow on Continue Shopping button in RTL.
FIXED: Various translation strings.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.

TWEAK: Improved YITH wishlist premium check condition.

--- 3.8.3 (18.04.19) ---
FIXED: Category element images went missing
For full change log check the Theme zip file.


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