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Dashtar – Respond Ecommerce Admin Template. This is an eCommerce admin template built with React Js and Tailwindcss with Rest API integration. This template backend is ready and built with Node, Express and Mongoose schema validation and uses MongoDB for the database. Actually, it is a complete MERN (MongoDB, Express, React and Node) project, but you can use it as per your need or any type of eCommerce site admin template.

I'm looking for a React eCommerce template

Technology we use:

  • React.js
    Admin template built with React Js.
  • Tailwindcss
    Dashtar admin theme with tailwindcss. A utility-first CSS framework.
  • Express.js
    The backend is built using the node.js framework express.js for Rest API routes.
  • MongoDB

    Used MongoDB as database with Mongoose schema validation.

Key Features – Admin Template:

  • Complete full-stack project with backend integration.
  • Dynamic translation on all dynamic data such as products, categories, attributes and coupons.
  • Product attributes and combination.
  • Staff creates, updates and deletes options with required validation.
  • The product creates, updates and deletes options with required validation.
  • The category creates, updates and deletes options with required validation.
  • The coupon creates, updates and deletes options with amount and time validation.
  • Setting to control admin and store.
  • All registered customers list and view all of their orders individually.
  • Added PWA
  • And much more. A demo is worth a thousand words, so check out the demo.

Note :: In the admin dashboard all changes (CRUD operation) are working properly, but in the demo the CRUD operation is disabled and now only a notification is shown.

Files included:

  • Admin template files
  • Backend files



CSS library

Js library


Note: It is not a WordPress theme. Demo images are not included in the main downloadable file. Images, graphics and illustrations come from free sources. It is used for preview purposes only.


v4.8.1 – February 20, 2024
- Added dynamic notification for orders
v4.6.0 – Oct 28, 2023

 <h5>v4.8.0 – 26th Nov 2023</h5>
- Added store settings.
- Updated store customization section.
- Fixed issues on translation and updated all submit hooks.
 <h5>v4.6.0 – 28th Oct 2023</h5>
- Added store customization section to control store static pages with dynamic translation.
- Fixed some design issues.
- Split code for showing date time and number format
<h5>v4.5.0 – 14th Aug 2023</h5>
- Added Vite
-Updated PWA (Now it will run without internet, although dynamic data will not
-Updated all necessary packages with latest version.
-Fixed issue on translation, also added automatic translation for all enabled

<h5>v4.0.1 – 3rd June 2023</h5>
- Fixed translation issue.

<h5>v4.0.0 – 18th April 2023</h5>
- Added attributes and combinations for the product.
- Added dynamic and static translation for all dynamic and static data.
- Added multiple nested category CRUD.
- Added Basic setting for controlling admin.
- Added language, currency CRUD operation
- Added Bulk Action for CRUD operation.
- Updated Cloudinary image upload.
- Updated design and Split all code.
- Updated dashboard.

<h5>v3.0.0 – 03rd Sep, 2022</h5>
- Updated dashboard with dynamic chart data
-  Added Backend pagination for products table, also products query updated. (Now can easily show a large amount of products data)
- Added Backend pagination for orders table, also order query updated. (Now can easily show a large amount of orders data)
-  Updated Staff table and drawer
-  Added submenu demo in sidebar
-  Update some necessary packages

<h5>v2.5.0 – 14th May, 2022</h5>
- Updated design
- Updated some packages
- Fixed bug on installation

<h5>v2.0.0 – 16th February, 2022</h5>
- Updated design
- Added Forget password option
- Added daily, monthly, and total order options
- Added multiple product upload and download options
- Updated invoice download option

  <h5>v1.8.0 – 19th December, 2021</h5>
- Added PWA
- Added product details page
- Added product and category show/hide option
- Notification design improved
- Fixed bug on header dropdown
  <h5>v1.5.0 – 3rd December, 2021</h5>
  <pre>- Fixed admin profile updated option
  <h5>v1.1.0 – 19th November, 2021</h5>
  <pre>- Fixed real-time data showed after the update.


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