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Today, in the dynamic world of event management, staying organized and efficient is critical to success. Whether you’re managing class schedules, business meetings, personal travel routes, or other events, a powerful calendar tool can make all the difference. Input GravityCalendar set to zero – a robust WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates with Gravity Forms and allows you to display your form entries in a simple yet powerful calendar. GravityCalendar allows you to easily interact with your users, customize your calendar layout, and manage events without the need for complex coding.

Overview: Convert gravity form entries into dynamic calendars

GravityCalendar is more than just a calendar plugin – it’s a versatile tool that simplifies event management for businesses, organizations and individuals alike. By harnessing the power of gravity forms, Gravity calendar free download allows you to view class schedules, business events, personal travel routes and more in an intuitive calendar format. Whether you’re a small business, an educational institution, or a busy professional, GravityCalendar offers the flexibility and functionality you need to stay organized and efficient.

Features of GravityCalendar

Interact with your users:

Add an interactive calendar to your website and interact with your users in a whole new way. GravityCalendar allows users to submit events via a public form, eliminating the need for user login. Event submissions can be easily approved on the backend, reducing effort and streamlining the process.

Point and click configuration:

GravityCalendar makes setting up a new calendar feed a breeze. All you need is a Gravity form with a date field and you can create a calendar feed in minutes. Pre-filter events based on conditional logic to show only the events that matter most to your audience.

Responsive drag-and-drop editing:

GravityCalendar offers responsive drag-and-drop functionality that allows you to edit date and time of events directly from the frontend. This intuitive feature makes it easy to make changes on the fly and ensures your calendar stays up to date.

Advanced functionality:

Impress your customers and users with advanced features. Create custom calendar apps to view events, manage projects, track meetings, and more. Subscribe to Gravity Forms calendar feeds from your Google or Apple calendar and view events in different layouts – by day, week or month.

Create calendars for different use cases:

Whether you manage a business plan, a class schedule, or a personal agenda, GravityCalendar allows you to create unlimited calendars, each with different information and configurations. This flexibility ensures you can tailor your calendars to your specific needs.

Integration with popular calendar applications:

GravityCalendar integrates seamlessly with other popular calendar applications, allowing you to sync your events across platforms. Whether you use Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or other apps, GravityCalendar keeps your events in sync.

Easy setting:

Get started with GravityCalendar in minutes. Simply install the plugin, configure the calendar feed with Gravity Forms and embed your new calendar via a shortcode, Gutenberg block or widget. The intuitive setup process makes it easy to create and customize your calendars.

Light and fast:

GravityCalendar is designed to be lightweight to ensure your website doesn’t slow down. Even if you have hundreds or thousands of events, GravityCalendar only loads the events that are displayed, optimizing performance.

Extensive developer hooks:

For developers, GravityCalendar offers extensive actions and filters that make it easy to customize every aspect of the calendar output. Whether you’re changing the layout, colors, or event information, GravityCalendar provides the hooks you need for seamless customization.

No code needed:

Perhaps one of GravityCalendar’s most attractive features is its user-friendly interface that does not require complex programming. Customize the calendar layout, colors, event information, and more using the intuitive options panel. Before publishing, preview your calendar to make sure it looks exactly how you want.

Conclusion: Increase your event management with GravityCalendar

In summary, Gravity Calendar is a powerful and versatile WordPress plugin that converts Gravity Forms entries into dynamic and interactive calendars. Whether you’re managing class schedules, business events, personal itineraries, or any other type of event, GravityCalendar provides the tools and flexibility you need to stay organized and efficient.

Interact with your users by allowing them to submit events via a public form and easily approve them in the backend. Easily customize your calendar’s layout, colors, and event information without the need for complex programming. With GravityCalendar you can create custom calendars for various use cases, integrate with popular calendar applications, and enjoy lightning-fast performance.

Impress your customers, users and visitors with advanced features, responsive design and intuitive editing features. Stay organized, streamline your event management process, and enhance your website with GravityCalendar. Whether you are a business, educational institution or individual, GravityCalendar allows you to present your events in style and professionally.

Experience the convenience and power of GravityCalendar today and take your event management to a new level. Streamline your workflow, engage with your audience, and create stunning calendars that engage and inform. Boost your event management with GravityCalendar – the perfect solution for displaying Gravity Forms entries in a simple yet powerful calendar.


2.6.1 on February 29, 2024

This release fixes a critical bug when creating new calendar feeds, fixes issues with event time updates during move or resize, and updates internal components for improved performance and compatibility.

🐛 Fixed

  • The time is now updated when moving and resizing an event.
  • Creating a new calendar feed no longer returns an error.

🔧 Updated

  • Foundation to version 1.2.9.
    • Already installed GravityKit products can now be activated without a valid license.
    • Fixed PHP warning messages displayed when deactivating the last active product with Foundation installed.


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