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Element Pack Pro, a popular Elementor page builder add-on, offers a number of updates focused on new features, bug fixes, and security improvements, according to its current changelog (versions 7.7.2 – 7.9.1). This review explores these updates and highlights the benefits they offer web designers and developers.

New features for improved design and functionality (v7.8.0, v7.7.5):

  • Version 7.8.0 introduces valuable widgets such as ACF Gallery and ACF Accordion, expanding the design possibilities for websites based on Advanced Custom Fields. It also adds an SEO monitoring “Wincher” tool that may aid website optimization efforts.
  • Version 7.7.5 adds customization options such as image position responsiveness (rating card widget), content border radius (carousel skin ramble widget), and reCAPTCHA integration (webhook form widget), giving designers more control over the appearance of their creations.

Bug fixes and security issues (all versions):

  • A key focus of all updates is on fixing reported bugs and vulnerabilities. These include issues related to widget display, style, responsiveness, and data processing. Version 7.9.1 specifically addresses a security issue.
  • The updates demonstrate the developer’s commitment to providing users with a stable and secure plugin experience.

Framework update (v7.9.1):

  • Version 7.9.1 updates the underlying UIKit framework and may improve the plugin’s performance and compatibility with other tools.

Deprecated widgets removed (v7.7.2):

  • Version 7.7.2 removes the EDD Grid and bbPress widgets, possibly due to lack of use or compatibility with newer versions of these plugins.

Limited information about core features:

  • The changelog focuses on updates and does not go into detail about Element Pack Pro’s core features, such as the extensive library of existing widgets, customization options, or integration with Elementor. It is recommended to visit the official plugin website for a complete overview of what Element Pack Pro offers.

Consideration of update history:

  • With frequent updates that introduce new features, fix bugs, and prioritize security, Element Pack Pro appears to be under active development. This can be a positive sign for users who value a plugin that is constantly being improved and refined.

In total, Element Pack Pro offers a compelling package for web designers and developers looking to improve their Elementor websites. The frequent updates show the developer’s commitment to providing new features, fixing bugs, and maintaining a secure plugin. If you are looking for an Elementor addon packed with features, customization options, and a focus on continuous improvement, Element Pack Pro is a strong contender that you can explore further on the official website.

The web design and development landscape has seen a shift with the advent of drag-and-drop builders. Elementor has become a dominant force in this space with its user-friendly interface, allowing both beginners and experts to create websites easily. But what if there was a tool that could enhance this experience and give Elementor more firepower? This is where Element Pack Pro comes into play, a premium add-on that aims to expand the features of the Elementor page builder.

Element Pack Pro set to zero is not just a mere extension; It is a holistic suite designed to enrich the Elementor design experience. Bridging the gap between standard and extraordinary, this add-on delivers impressive performance by introducing a variety of widgets, templates, and features to the Elementor toolkit. Whether you’re building a portfolio, a blog, an eCommerce store, or a business website, Element Pack Pro ensures you have a richer range of tools and designs at your disposal, simplifying the creation process while improving the end result .


Extensive widget library

The heart of Element Pack Pro is the extensive collection of widgets. Beyond the traditional Elementor widgets, this add-on offers advanced elements ranging from post grids and sliders to complex animated text, improving the visual appeal and functionality of your pages.

Template library

Why start from scratch when you can get a head start? Element Pack offers a range of professionally designed templates that cover different niches and styles. These can be easily imported and customized, speeding up your design process.

Dynamic content integration

The plugin takes dynamic content display to the next level. Be it the presentation of blog posts, product lists or portfolios; The plugin offers unique and captivating styles to present dynamic content.

Advanced form integrations

While Elementor provides basic form widgets, Element Pack Pro extends them and offers deeper integrations with popular form plugins, improving your website’s interactivity and user engagement.

Interactive elements

Capturing your audience’s attention is of utmost importance. This plugin introduces a range of interactive widgets such as carousels, toggles and tabs, ensuring that your content is not only static but also engaging.

Support for third-party plugins

The add-on goes beyond simply improving Elementor’s core features. It offers seamless integrations with other popular WordPress plugins, ensuring your website is holistic and feature-rich without the need for an excessive number of plugins.

Regular updates

The digital realm is constantly evolving. Staying current ensures longevity and relevance. There is a team behind Element Pack Pro that regularly rolls out updates, introduces new features, and ensures compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and Elementor.

Optimized performance

More features does not mean lower performance. This plugin is carefully coded to ensure that despite its wide range of widgets and features, it remains lightweight and your website speed remains uncompromised.

Responsive design

In today’s multi-device world, responsiveness is non-negotiable. Every widget and feature introduced by Element Pack Pro is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring a seamless viewing experience across all devices.

Download Element Pack Pro plugin

In the vast world of web design tools, a few stand out and have a significant impact. Element Pack Pro shines in this category. It combines functionality, design aesthetics and optimal performance with Elementor fabric. In today’s digital space, websites are more than just platforms; They are a way to tell stories. Therefore, tools that attract and retain attention are crucial. Element Pack Pro Free Download captures this spirit. It doesn’t just complement Elementor; it improves the overall user experience.

The goal here is simple: to inspire creativity and push the boundaries of what is possible. Whether you are an experienced designer or a newbie, this plugin is invaluable. It offers a richer design palette and enables the creation of fascinating, unique websites. As the digital world becomes increasingly competitive, tools like Element Pack Pro will make your websites stand out. Essentially, with this add-on, your websites don’t just blend in; They shine brilliantly and set new standards in the digital sector.


5 Mar, 2024

Version 7.9.1 Released

Security issue fixed
Ajax query terms issue fixed in Search Widget
Image overflow issue fixed in Scroll Image widget (Thanks to Angelique Norman)
Load more duplicate items issue fixed in post grid widget
Translate issue fixed
Uikit CSS 404 error fixed
UIKit framework updated
29 Jan, 2024

Version 7.8.0 Released

New Feature
ACF Gallery widget added
ACF Accordion widget added
Wincher tool for track your keyword positions & monitor your SEO feature added
Title hover color added in timeline widget
Auto height option added in testimonial slider widget
Title color issue fixed in timeline widget (Thanks to Nick Weirens)
Error fixed in Table widget (Thanks to Michael Esguerra)
Translations issue fixed in WC mini cart widget (Thanks to Ivan Polák)
Text cropped issue fixed in comparison list widget
Code Radius fixed in QR Code widget (Thanks to Marco Barbera)
Unclose tag issue fixed in Post Grid widget (Thanks to Peter Ganster)
Device slider widget cropping issue fixed
Lightbox issue fixed in custom carousel widget
15 Jan, 2024

Version 7.7.5 Released

New Feature
reCAPTCHA feature added in Webhook form widget
Image position responsive option added in review card widget
Content border radius added in carousel skin ramble widget
Content overlay spacing added in carousel skin ramble widget
Content Padding option added in custom gallery widget
Link Error fixed in device slider widget (Thanks to Joshua)
Marker content initial image loading issue fixed in advanced google map widget (Thanks to Michał Marcjanik)
Link to widget option fixed in switcher widget (Thanks to Gabriel Sirbu)
Uikit print css issue fixed
Submit button Justified issue fixed in webhook form widget
Responsive mode badge style controls not working issue fixed in mega menu widget
6 Jan, 2024

Version 7.7.4 Released

Duplicator Critical issue fixed
4 Jan, 

2024Version 7.7.3 

ReleasedNew FeatureImprovementFixAddedBadge horizontal o
ffset & hover border color options added in sub menu widget Fixed
Duplicator issue fixed
URL issue fixed in Advanced Button widget (Thanks to David Gilfillan)
Image height issue fixed in Slider widget (Thanks to Ray Clark)

21 Dec, 2023Version 7.7.2 

ReleasedFixFixedInput fields style issue fixed in gravity forms widget 
(Thanks to Matt)Swiper carousel hidden item opacity issue fixedTitle, 
Button Link Error fixed in Hover Box widget 
(Thanks to Hakan Yılmaz)Hover issue fixed in Advanced Icon Box widget 
(Thanks to Gregor Kramberger) Deleted
Deprecated EDD Grid widget deleted
Deprecated bbPress widget deleted


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